Intel NUC Guide

Use Flashing Wizard to flash the image to your Intel NUC:

  • Connect your USB flash drive to the development host. Make sure that the USB flash drive size is at least 2 GB.
  • Launch Qt Creator.
  • Select Tools > Flash Boot to Qt Device, and follow the instructions in Flashing Wizard.

After you have flashed the device, you need to set up a wired or wireless network for configuring Qt Creator.

Configuring a Device Kit in Qt Creator

Intel NUC hardware does not support client connections via USB. You need to set up a wired or wireless network in order to use this device.

After you have prepared the hardware, you must set up the development tools in Qt Creator for your device. Connect your device to the network via an Ethernet cable and launch Qt Creator. In Qt Creator:

  1. Select Tools > Options > Devices > Add.
  2. Select Boot2Qt Device > Start Wizard.
  3. Enter the device name and network address (IPv4). You can check the device address in the Launcher Settings when the device is running the Boot to Qt demo.
  4. Select Finish.

You also have to configure the correct device to be used for each build and run kit:

  1. Select Tools > Options > Build & Run > Kits.
  2. Select one of the predefined kits starting with Boot to Qt... that matches the type of your device.
  3. Select the correct device in the Device field.
  4. Select OK.

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