Emulating Storage Devices

One or several secure digital (SD) memory cards can be added to target devices to increase the available storage space. Devices may also have internal non-removable memory cards or internal mass storage. That is, multiple drives are supported.

You can create SD cards and insert them to the device image in the Storage view. Your application can then use the cards to store data.

"Storage settings"

To create an SD card, select Create. Give the card a name and specify its size. You can create as many cards as you like. The cards appear in the SD Card list.

To insert an SD card to the emulated device, select Insert. An icon appears next to the card name that indicates that the card can be used by applications.

To remove an SD card from the emulated device, double-click an inserted card, or select a card, and then select Remove. The data is preserved on removed cards and you can reinsert them later.

To delete an SD card, select a card, and then select Delete. The card is removed from the SD Card list.

Applications can use the QSystemStorageInfo class to check how much space is available in a particular storage.

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