Emulating Device Use

"Device Info"

You can use the emulator to test applications that use the QSystemDeviceInfo class to access general information from mobile devices. Mobile devices have been designed for use when mobile. Keep the characteristics of mobile devices in mind when you create applications for them. Use the emulator to emulate the behavior of applications in different conditions:

Accessing Services

The basis for access security is the effective identification of the users and the equipment they are using. The device can be protected with a lock code, while the SIM card, memory card, and applications can have their own PIN codes and passwords. For enterprise applications, this can mean that only a specific user with a specific application, device, memory card, and SIM card can access the corporate data.

Devices are identified by their unique device ID. Change the Unique ID in the Device Info view to test access security for applications.

Identifying Devices

You can specify the Manufacturer, Model, and Product name to allow applications to identify the device. You can write any values in the fields.

Emulating Thermal State

Thermal zone devices (sensors) measure the thermal state of the processor, graphics accelerator, and so on. If more than one thermal zone devices are available, the state of the most critical one is reported.

You can change the value in the Thermal state field to test how the application behaves when the thermal state becomes Alert, for example.

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