Emulating Multipoint Touch

In the Multipoint-touch view, you can select an input mode for your screens:

  • Mouse input mode sends mouse events. For more information, see Qt Mouse Events.
  • Touch input mode sends touch events. The touch event sends just one touch point at a time.
  • Multipoint-touch input mode sends touch events that contain multiple touch points.

All the input modes are supported on all screens.

In the multipoint touch input mode, you can add as many touch points as needed by clicking on the screen with your mouse and perform a gesture afterwards. For example, you can create a swipe or a pinch gesture:

  • When you click the mouse left button and drag one of the placed touch point markers, you perform a swipe gesture by moving all the the points together.
  • When you click the mouse right button and drag one of the placed touch points, you perform a pinch gesture around the average center of all the touch points.

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