List of Language Items

Qbs provides the following built-in QML items to define projects. These are the primitives upon which all other Qbs items are built.

Artifact Item

Describes a file produced by a Rule.

Depends Item

Represents dependencies between products and modules.

Export Item

Exports dependencies and properties to other products.

FileTagger Item

Assigns file tags to files.

Group Item

Groups files in a product.

Module Item

Represents a collection of properties and items that can be loaded into a product.

Parameter Item

Declares a dependency parameter.

Parameters Item

Defines default values for dependency parameters within Export items.

Probe Item

Locates files outside the project.

Product Item

Represents the result of a build process.

Profile Item

Creates a profile within the project

Project Item

Represents a collection of products and properties.

Properties Item

Provides conditional setting of properties.

PropertyOptions Item

Provides inline documentation for properties within product and module items.

Rule Item

Creates transformers for input tags.

Scanner Item

Creates custom dependency scanners in modules.

SubProject Item

Adds a project from a different file.

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