List of Modules

These are the modules shipped with Qbs.

Module Android.ndk

Provides support for building native Android libraries.

Module Android.sdk

Provides support for building Android packages.

Module archiver

Provides support for building archives.

Module bundle

Provides Core Foundation bundle support.

Module cpp

Provides C/C++ support.

Module cpufeatures

Provides support for fine-tuning CPU features

Module dmg

Provides support for building Apple Disk Images

Module ib

Provides support for Apple Interface Builder and related tools and file types.

Module innosetup

Provides Inno Setup support.

Module java

Provides Java support.

Module lex_yacc

Provides support for the lex and yacc tools.

Module nodejs

Provides Node.js support.

Module nsis

Provides Nullsoft Scriptable Install System support.

Module qbs

Comprises general properties.

Module qnx

Provides support for building QNX applications using the QNX SDK.

Module typescript

Provides TypeScript support.

Module vcs

Provides support for version control systems

Module wix

Provides Windows Installer XML Toolset support.

Module xcode

Provides Xcode support.

Qt Modules

Provide Qt support.

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