List of Command-line Tools

In addition to the qbs command itself, a number of auxiliary tools are provided. Their file names follow the pattern qbs-<tool name>, and they can be invoked either using that file name or as qbs <tool name>.

This page is intended to give a short overview of these tools. For the supported parameters, see the respective help screen, which you get by calling qbs help <tool name>.


Manages Qbs settings like preferences and profiles.


Creates a Qbs project from an existing set of source files.


Like config, but with a graphical user interface.


Dumps information about the QML types supplied by Qbs. This is not intended as documentation for users, but as tooling support.


Creates Qbs profiles for Android SDK and NDK installations.


Creates Qbs profiles for Qt installations.


Creates Qbs profiles for toolchains like GCC or MSVC.

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