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Detailed Description

The Qt.qml module provides support for the Qt QML module, which contains classes for QML and JavaScript languages.

Note: If the current value of qbs.architecture is not supported by qmlcachegen, the QML cache file generator rule is disabled.

Relevant File Tags

TagAuto-tagged File NamesSinceDescription
"qt.qml.js"*.js1.10QML companion JavaScript files. Source files with this tag serve as input for the QML cache file generator.
"qt.qml.qml"*.qml1.8Source files with this tag serve as inputs to the QML plugin scanner.

See also Qt.quick and Qt.declarative.

Property Documentation

cacheFilesInstallDir : string

The path to the directory where the cache files are installed.

If this property is set, QML cache files are automatically installed.

Default: Undefined

[read-only] cachingEnabled : bool

This property is true if generateCacheFiles is true and the platform supports QML cache generation.

Default: false

generateCacheFiles : bool

Whether QML cache files are generated.

Default: false

qmlCacheGenPath : string

The absolute path to the qmlcachegen executable.

Default: Determined by setup-qt.

qmlImportScannerName : string

The base name of the QML import scanner.

Set this value if your system uses a name different from the default value.

Default: "qmlimportscanner"

qmlPath : string

The absolute path to the directory where Qt's QML files are installed.

Default: Determined by setup-qt.

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