SubProject Item

A SubProject item is used to add a project defined in another file as a sub-project to the surrounding project:

SubProject {
    filePath: "subdir/project.qbs"
    Properties {
        name: "A sub-project"

If you don't need to set any properties on the sub-project, you can also use the references property, the same way you would do for a product:

references: "subdir/project.qbs"

It is also possible to nest Project items directly in the same file.

SubProject Properties

filePathpathemptyThe file path of the project to add as a sub-project. If the top-level item in this file is a Product, it gets wrapped automatically in a new project.
inheritPropertiesbooltrueWhether the sub-project should inherit the properties of the surrounding project. You can use this feature to share "global" settings between (sub-)projects.

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