Intent QML Type

This type represents an Intent definition on the System-UI side. More...

Import Statement: import QtApplicationManager.SystemUI 2.0


Detailed Description

This is a QML gadget class representing a single Intent definition for a specific application. It is not creatable from QML code and all properties are read-only. Only functions and properties of IntentServer will return instances of this class.

Property Documentation

[read-only] applicationId : string

The id of the application that is handling this intent.

[read-only] intentId : string

The id of the intent.

[read-only] parameterMatch : var

A handling application can limit what parameter values it accepts. One example would be an open-mime-type intent that is implemented by many applications: there would be a mimeType parameter and each application could limit the requests it wants to receive by setting a parameterMatch on this mimeType parameter, e.g. { mimeType: "^image/.*\.png$" }

[read-only] requiredCapabilities : list<string>

An application requesting this intent needs to have all of the given capabilities.

See also ApplicationObject::capabilities.

[read-only] valid : bool

Set to true, if this instance reprensents a valid intent, or false otherwise.

[read-only] visibility : Intent.Visibility

The visibility of this intent for other applications.

  • Intent.Public - Any application can request this intent.
  • Intent.Private - Only the handling application can request this intent (this will be more useful once application background services have been implemented).

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