Fixing G13071FE error

If building Qt for MCUs based application results in an error message like this:

error G13071FE8: STL1000: Unexpected compiler version, expected Clang 11.0.0 or newer.

It means that the Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler (MSVC) version installed on your host environment is not supported. Note that Qt for MCUs 2.1 is compatible with version v14.16 up to v14.28.

Installing supported version of MSVC

To fix this, install one of the supported versions of MSVC. This can be done by launching Visual Studio installer or downloading Build Tools for Visual Studio. Follow instructions provided on this Microsoft C++ Team Blog: Side-by-side Minor Version MSVC Toolsets in Visual Studio 2019. Make sure that at least one of the supported versions is selected:

Note: Due to the bug in CMake, you need to uninstall all MSVC toolsets versions that are newer than v14.28.

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