What's New in 1.3

Changes in 1.3

New features

Source compatibility breaks

  • Moved StaticText and ColorizedImage QML types to the Qt Quick Ultralite Extras QML module. You must now add the "import QtQuickUltralite.Extras" statement to your QML files to use these types.
  • Disallowed using "pragma Singleton" QML types that are not imported as part of a QML module. This is done to improve compatibility with Qt QML.
  • Dropped support for "depends" commands in the qmldir files. Use the "import <uri>" statements instead.
  • Modified the Keys.onPressed and Keys.onReleased signal handlers. They no longer use an integral key parameter, but use an event parameter of KeyEvent type instead. This improves QML compatibility with Qt 5.15.
  • Modified QML models that are defined as arrays containing object literals. Such models no longer have roles for the object properties. Use the modelData role to access the object literal value.
  • Removed the red(), green(), blue(), and alpha() functions from color. Use the new r, g, b, and a properties instead. This improves QML compatibility with Qt 5.15.
  • The import statement for the QULCharts module changed from QtQuick.Charts to QtCharts to align with the Qt Charts module of Qt.

Other changes

  • The minimum required version of CMake changed to version 3.15, from version 3.13.

Fixed issues

New APIs

New QML Types

New QML Properties

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