Qt Quick Ultralite Automotive Cluster Demo

/* Module      = dr7f701461_0.h                                              */
/* Version     = V1.20                                                       */
/*               extracted from device file dr7f701461.dvf                   */
/*               generated by DeFiXRH850                             */
/*                                  COPYRIGHT                                */
/* Copyright (c) 2018 by Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH,                    */
/*               a company of the Renesas Electronics Corporation            */
/* Purpose:      Declarations of I/O Registers                               */
/*                                                                           */
/*                                                                           */
/* Warranty Disclaimer                                                       */
/*                                                                           */
/* Because the Product(s) is licensed free of charge, there is no warranty   */
/* of any kind whatsoever and expressly disclaimed and excluded by Renesas,  */
/* either expressed or implied, including but not limited to those for       */
/* non-infringement of intellectual property, merchantability and/or         */
/* fitness for the particular purpose.                                       */
/* Renesas shall not have any obligation to maintain, service or provide bug */
/* fixes for the supplied Product(s) and/or the Application.                 */
/*                                                                           */
/* Each User is solely responsible for determining the appropriateness of    */
/* using the Product(s) and assumes all risks associated with its exercise   */
/* of rights under this Agreement, including, but not limited to the risks   */
/* and costs of program errors, compliance with applicable laws, damage to   */
/* or loss of data, programs or equipment, and unavailability or             */
/* interruption of operations.                                               */
/*                                                                           */
/* Limitation of Liability                                                   */
/*                                                                           */
/* In no event shall Renesas be liable to the User for any incidental,       */
/* consequential, indirect, or punitive damage (including but not limited    */
/* to lost profits) regardless of whether such liability is based on breach  */
/* of contract, tort, strict liability, breach of warranties, failure of     */
/* essential purpose or otherwise and even if advised of the possibility of  */
/* such damages. Renesas shall not be liable for any services or products    */
/* provided by third party vendors, developers or consultants identified or  */
/* referred to the User by Renesas in connection with the Product(s) and/or  */
/* the Application.                                                          */
/*                                                                           */
/* Environment:                                                              */
/*              Device:         R7F701461                                    */
/*              IDE:            GHS Multi for V800  V6.xx or later           */

#ifndef __R7F701461_H
#define __R7F701461_H

#include <io_macros_v2.h>

/* I/O register */

__IOREG( VOWE0CR                                                        , 0xf2000008UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0SR                                                        , 0xf200000cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0SRCR                                                      , 0xf2000010UL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0ICR                                                       , 0xf2000014UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0IMR                                                       , 0xf2000018UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0DLPR                                                      , 0xf2000020UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0DLSAR                                                     , 0xf2000030UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0DSAR                                                      , 0xf2000034UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0DSTR                                                      , 0xf200003cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0DSAR2                                                     , 0xf2000048UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0TRIMR                                                     , 0xf2000060UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0TRIMSR                                                    , 0xf2000064UL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0TRIMCR                                                    , 0xf2000068UL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0TRICR                                                     , 0xf200006cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0UVDPOR                                                    , 0xf2000070UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0SUSR                                                      , 0xf2000074UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0SVSR                                                      , 0xf2000078UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0XMINR                                                     , 0xf2000080UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0YMINR                                                     , 0xf2000084UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0XMAXR                                                     , 0xf2000088UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0YMAXR                                                     , 0xf200008cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0AMXSR                                                     , 0xf2000090UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0AMYSR                                                     , 0xf2000094UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0AMXOR                                                     , 0xf2000098UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0AMYOR                                                     , 0xf200009cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0MACR1                                                     , 0xf20000a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0LSPR                                                      , 0xf2000a00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0LEPR                                                      , 0xf2000a04UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VOWE0LMSR                                                      , 0xf2000a08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VODDR0SYSCNT                                                   , 0xf2001000UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VODDR0CLKDIV                                                   , 0xf2001004UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VODDR0TIMCNT1                                                  , 0xf200100cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OLDI0CR0                                                       , 0xf2002000UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OLDI0CR1                                                       , 0xf2002004UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OLDI0CTRCR                                                     , 0xf200200cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OLDI0CHCR                                                      , 0xf2002010UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OLDI0SKEWCTR                                                   , 0xf2002070UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL                                              , 0xf2004000UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_1                                            , 0xf2004004UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_2                                            , 0xf2004008UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_3                                            , 0xf200400cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_4                                            , 0xf2004010UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_5                                            , 0xf2004014UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_6                                            , 0xf2004018UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_7                                            , 0xf200401cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_8                                            , 0xf2004020UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_9                                            , 0xf2004024UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_10                                           , 0xf2004028UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_11                                           , 0xf200402cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_12                                           , 0xf2004030UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_13                                           , 0xf2004034UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_14                                           , 0xf2004038UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_15                                           , 0xf200403cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_16                                           , 0xf2004040UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_17                                           , 0xf2004044UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_18                                           , 0xf2004048UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_19                                           , 0xf200404cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_20                                           , 0xf2004050UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_21                                           , 0xf2004054UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_22                                           , 0xf2004058UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_23                                           , 0xf200405cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_24                                           , 0xf2004060UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_25                                           , 0xf2004064UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_26                                           , 0xf2004068UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_27                                           , 0xf200406cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_28                                           , 0xf2004070UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_29                                           , 0xf2004074UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_30                                           , 0xf2004078UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_31                                           , 0xf200407cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_32                                           , 0xf2004080UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_33                                           , 0xf2004084UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_34                                           , 0xf2004088UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_35                                           , 0xf200408cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_36                                           , 0xf2004090UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_37                                           , 0xf2004094UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_38                                           , 0xf2004098UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_39                                           , 0xf200409cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_40                                           , 0xf20040a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_41                                           , 0xf20040a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_42                                           , 0xf20040a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_43                                           , 0xf20040acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_44                                           , 0xf20040b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_45                                           , 0xf20040b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_46                                           , 0xf20040b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_47                                           , 0xf20040bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_48                                           , 0xf20040c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_49                                           , 0xf20040c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_50                                           , 0xf20040c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_51                                           , 0xf20040ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_52                                           , 0xf20040d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_53                                           , 0xf20040d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_54                                           , 0xf20040d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_55                                           , 0xf20040dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_56                                           , 0xf20040e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_57                                           , 0xf20040e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_58                                           , 0xf20040e8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_59                                           , 0xf20040ecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_60                                           , 0xf20040f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_61                                           , 0xf20040f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_62                                           , 0xf20040f8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_63                                           , 0xf20040fcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_64                                           , 0xf2004100UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_65                                           , 0xf2004104UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_66                                           , 0xf2004108UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_67                                           , 0xf200410cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_68                                           , 0xf2004110UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_69                                           , 0xf2004114UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_70                                           , 0xf2004118UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_71                                           , 0xf200411cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_72                                           , 0xf2004120UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_73                                           , 0xf2004124UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_74                                           , 0xf2004128UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_75                                           , 0xf200412cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_76                                           , 0xf2004130UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_77                                           , 0xf2004134UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_78                                           , 0xf2004138UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_79                                           , 0xf200413cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_80                                           , 0xf2004140UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_81                                           , 0xf2004144UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_82                                           , 0xf2004148UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_83                                           , 0xf200414cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_84                                           , 0xf2004150UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_85                                           , 0xf2004154UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_86                                           , 0xf2004158UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_87                                           , 0xf200415cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_88                                           , 0xf2004160UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_89                                           , 0xf2004164UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_90                                           , 0xf2004168UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_91                                           , 0xf200416cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_92                                           , 0xf2004170UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_93                                           , 0xf2004174UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_94                                           , 0xf2004178UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_95                                           , 0xf200417cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_96                                           , 0xf2004180UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_97                                           , 0xf2004184UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_98                                           , 0xf2004188UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_99                                           , 0xf200418cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_100                                          , 0xf2004190UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_101                                          , 0xf2004194UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_102                                          , 0xf2004198UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_103                                          , 0xf200419cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_104                                          , 0xf20041a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_105                                          , 0xf20041a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_106                                          , 0xf20041a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_107                                          , 0xf20041acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_108                                          , 0xf20041b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_109                                          , 0xf20041b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_110                                          , 0xf20041b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_111                                          , 0xf20041bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_112                                          , 0xf20041c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_113                                          , 0xf20041c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_114                                          , 0xf20041c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_115                                          , 0xf20041ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_116                                          , 0xf20041d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_117                                          , 0xf20041d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_118                                          , 0xf20041d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_119                                          , 0xf20041dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_120                                          , 0xf20041e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_121                                          , 0xf20041e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_122                                          , 0xf20041e8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_123                                          , 0xf20041ecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_124                                          , 0xf20041f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_125                                          , 0xf20041f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_126                                          , 0xf20041f8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_127                                          , 0xf20041fcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_128                                          , 0xf2004200UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_129                                          , 0xf2004204UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_130                                          , 0xf2004208UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_131                                          , 0xf200420cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_132                                          , 0xf2004210UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_133                                          , 0xf2004214UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_134                                          , 0xf2004218UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_135                                          , 0xf200421cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_136                                          , 0xf2004220UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_137                                          , 0xf2004224UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_138                                          , 0xf2004228UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_139                                          , 0xf200422cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_140                                          , 0xf2004230UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_141                                          , 0xf2004234UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_142                                          , 0xf2004238UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_143                                          , 0xf200423cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_144                                          , 0xf2004240UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_145                                          , 0xf2004244UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_146                                          , 0xf2004248UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_147                                          , 0xf200424cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_148                                          , 0xf2004250UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_149                                          , 0xf2004254UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_150                                          , 0xf2004258UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_151                                          , 0xf200425cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_152                                          , 0xf2004260UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_153                                          , 0xf2004264UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_154                                          , 0xf2004268UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_155                                          , 0xf200426cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_156                                          , 0xf2004270UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_157                                          , 0xf2004274UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_158                                          , 0xf2004278UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_159                                          , 0xf200427cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_160                                          , 0xf2004280UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_161                                          , 0xf2004284UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_162                                          , 0xf2004288UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_163                                          , 0xf200428cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_164                                          , 0xf2004290UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_165                                          , 0xf2004294UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_166                                          , 0xf2004298UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_167                                          , 0xf200429cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_168                                          , 0xf20042a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_169                                          , 0xf20042a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_170                                          , 0xf20042a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_171                                          , 0xf20042acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_172                                          , 0xf20042b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_173                                          , 0xf20042b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_174                                          , 0xf20042b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_175                                          , 0xf20042bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_176                                          , 0xf20042c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_177                                          , 0xf20042c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_178                                          , 0xf20042c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_179                                          , 0xf20042ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_180                                          , 0xf20042d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_181                                          , 0xf20042d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_182                                          , 0xf20042d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_183                                          , 0xf20042dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_184                                          , 0xf20042e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_185                                          , 0xf20042e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_186                                          , 0xf20042e8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_187                                          , 0xf20042ecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_188                                          , 0xf20042f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_189                                          , 0xf20042f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_190                                          , 0xf20042f8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_191                                          , 0xf20042fcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_192                                          , 0xf2004300UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_193                                          , 0xf2004304UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_194                                          , 0xf2004308UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_195                                          , 0xf200430cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_196                                          , 0xf2004310UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_197                                          , 0xf2004314UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_198                                          , 0xf2004318UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_199                                          , 0xf200431cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_200                                          , 0xf2004320UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_201                                          , 0xf2004324UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_202                                          , 0xf2004328UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_203                                          , 0xf200432cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_204                                          , 0xf2004330UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_205                                          , 0xf2004334UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_206                                          , 0xf2004338UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_207                                          , 0xf200433cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_208                                          , 0xf2004340UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_209                                          , 0xf2004344UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_210                                          , 0xf2004348UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_211                                          , 0xf200434cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_212                                          , 0xf2004350UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_213                                          , 0xf2004354UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_214                                          , 0xf2004358UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_215                                          , 0xf200435cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_216                                          , 0xf2004360UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_217                                          , 0xf2004364UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_218                                          , 0xf2004368UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_219                                          , 0xf200436cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_220                                          , 0xf2004370UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_221                                          , 0xf2004374UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_222                                          , 0xf2004378UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_223                                          , 0xf200437cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_224                                          , 0xf2004380UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_225                                          , 0xf2004384UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_226                                          , 0xf2004388UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_227                                          , 0xf200438cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_228                                          , 0xf2004390UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_229                                          , 0xf2004394UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_230                                          , 0xf2004398UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_231                                          , 0xf200439cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_232                                          , 0xf20043a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_233                                          , 0xf20043a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_234                                          , 0xf20043a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_235                                          , 0xf20043acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_236                                          , 0xf20043b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_237                                          , 0xf20043b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_238                                          , 0xf20043b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_239                                          , 0xf20043bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_240                                          , 0xf20043c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_241                                          , 0xf20043c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_242                                          , 0xf20043c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_243                                          , 0xf20043ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_244                                          , 0xf20043d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_245                                          , 0xf20043d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_246                                          , 0xf20043d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_247                                          , 0xf20043dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_248                                          , 0xf20043e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_249                                          , 0xf20043e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_250                                          , 0xf20043e8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_251                                          , 0xf20043ecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_252                                          , 0xf20043f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_253                                          , 0xf20043f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_254                                          , 0xf20043f8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT_TBL_255                                          , 0xf20043fcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL                                              , 0xf2004400UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_1                                            , 0xf2004404UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_2                                            , 0xf2004408UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_3                                            , 0xf200440cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_4                                            , 0xf2004410UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_5                                            , 0xf2004414UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_6                                            , 0xf2004418UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_7                                            , 0xf200441cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_8                                            , 0xf2004420UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_9                                            , 0xf2004424UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_10                                           , 0xf2004428UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_11                                           , 0xf200442cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_12                                           , 0xf2004430UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_13                                           , 0xf2004434UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_14                                           , 0xf2004438UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_15                                           , 0xf200443cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_16                                           , 0xf2004440UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_17                                           , 0xf2004444UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_18                                           , 0xf2004448UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_19                                           , 0xf200444cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_20                                           , 0xf2004450UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_21                                           , 0xf2004454UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_22                                           , 0xf2004458UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_23                                           , 0xf200445cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_24                                           , 0xf2004460UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_25                                           , 0xf2004464UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_26                                           , 0xf2004468UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_27                                           , 0xf200446cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_28                                           , 0xf2004470UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_29                                           , 0xf2004474UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_30                                           , 0xf2004478UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_31                                           , 0xf200447cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_32                                           , 0xf2004480UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_33                                           , 0xf2004484UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_34                                           , 0xf2004488UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_35                                           , 0xf200448cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_36                                           , 0xf2004490UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_37                                           , 0xf2004494UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_38                                           , 0xf2004498UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_39                                           , 0xf200449cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_40                                           , 0xf20044a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_41                                           , 0xf20044a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_42                                           , 0xf20044a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_43                                           , 0xf20044acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_44                                           , 0xf20044b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_45                                           , 0xf20044b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_46                                           , 0xf20044b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_47                                           , 0xf20044bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_48                                           , 0xf20044c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_49                                           , 0xf20044c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_50                                           , 0xf20044c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_51                                           , 0xf20044ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_52                                           , 0xf20044d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_53                                           , 0xf20044d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_54                                           , 0xf20044d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_55                                           , 0xf20044dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_56                                           , 0xf20044e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_57                                           , 0xf20044e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_58                                           , 0xf20044e8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_59                                           , 0xf20044ecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_60                                           , 0xf20044f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_61                                           , 0xf20044f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_62                                           , 0xf20044f8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_63                                           , 0xf20044fcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_64                                           , 0xf2004500UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_65                                           , 0xf2004504UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_66                                           , 0xf2004508UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_67                                           , 0xf200450cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_68                                           , 0xf2004510UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_69                                           , 0xf2004514UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_70                                           , 0xf2004518UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_71                                           , 0xf200451cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_72                                           , 0xf2004520UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_73                                           , 0xf2004524UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_74                                           , 0xf2004528UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_75                                           , 0xf200452cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_76                                           , 0xf2004530UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_77                                           , 0xf2004534UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_78                                           , 0xf2004538UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_79                                           , 0xf200453cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_80                                           , 0xf2004540UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_81                                           , 0xf2004544UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_82                                           , 0xf2004548UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_83                                           , 0xf200454cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_84                                           , 0xf2004550UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_85                                           , 0xf2004554UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_86                                           , 0xf2004558UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_87                                           , 0xf200455cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_88                                           , 0xf2004560UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_89                                           , 0xf2004564UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_90                                           , 0xf2004568UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_91                                           , 0xf200456cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_92                                           , 0xf2004570UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_93                                           , 0xf2004574UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_94                                           , 0xf2004578UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_95                                           , 0xf200457cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_96                                           , 0xf2004580UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_97                                           , 0xf2004584UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_98                                           , 0xf2004588UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_99                                           , 0xf200458cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_100                                          , 0xf2004590UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_101                                          , 0xf2004594UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_102                                          , 0xf2004598UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_103                                          , 0xf200459cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_104                                          , 0xf20045a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_105                                          , 0xf20045a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_106                                          , 0xf20045a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_107                                          , 0xf20045acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_108                                          , 0xf20045b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_109                                          , 0xf20045b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_110                                          , 0xf20045b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_111                                          , 0xf20045bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_112                                          , 0xf20045c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_113                                          , 0xf20045c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_114                                          , 0xf20045c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_115                                          , 0xf20045ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_116                                          , 0xf20045d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_117                                          , 0xf20045d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_118                                          , 0xf20045d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_119                                          , 0xf20045dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_120                                          , 0xf20045e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_121                                          , 0xf20045e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_122                                          , 0xf20045e8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_123                                          , 0xf20045ecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_124                                          , 0xf20045f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_125                                          , 0xf20045f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_126                                          , 0xf20045f8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_127                                          , 0xf20045fcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_128                                          , 0xf2004600UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_129                                          , 0xf2004604UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_130                                          , 0xf2004608UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_131                                          , 0xf200460cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_132                                          , 0xf2004610UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_133                                          , 0xf2004614UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_134                                          , 0xf2004618UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_135                                          , 0xf200461cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_136                                          , 0xf2004620UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_137                                          , 0xf2004624UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_138                                          , 0xf2004628UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_139                                          , 0xf200462cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_140                                          , 0xf2004630UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_141                                          , 0xf2004634UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_142                                          , 0xf2004638UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_143                                          , 0xf200463cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_144                                          , 0xf2004640UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_145                                          , 0xf2004644UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_146                                          , 0xf2004648UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_147                                          , 0xf200464cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_148                                          , 0xf2004650UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_149                                          , 0xf2004654UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_150                                          , 0xf2004658UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_151                                          , 0xf200465cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_152                                          , 0xf2004660UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_153                                          , 0xf2004664UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_154                                          , 0xf2004668UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_155                                          , 0xf200466cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_156                                          , 0xf2004670UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_157                                          , 0xf2004674UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_158                                          , 0xf2004678UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_159                                          , 0xf200467cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_160                                          , 0xf2004680UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_161                                          , 0xf2004684UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_162                                          , 0xf2004688UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_163                                          , 0xf200468cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_164                                          , 0xf2004690UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_165                                          , 0xf2004694UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_166                                          , 0xf2004698UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_167                                          , 0xf200469cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_168                                          , 0xf20046a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_169                                          , 0xf20046a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_170                                          , 0xf20046a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_171                                          , 0xf20046acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_172                                          , 0xf20046b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_173                                          , 0xf20046b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_174                                          , 0xf20046b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_175                                          , 0xf20046bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_176                                          , 0xf20046c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_177                                          , 0xf20046c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_178                                          , 0xf20046c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_179                                          , 0xf20046ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_180                                          , 0xf20046d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_181                                          , 0xf20046d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_182                                          , 0xf20046d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_183                                          , 0xf20046dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_184                                          , 0xf20046e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_185                                          , 0xf20046e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_186                                          , 0xf20046e8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_187                                          , 0xf20046ecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_188                                          , 0xf20046f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_189                                          , 0xf20046f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_190                                          , 0xf20046f8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_191                                          , 0xf20046fcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_192                                          , 0xf2004700UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_193                                          , 0xf2004704UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_194                                          , 0xf2004708UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_195                                          , 0xf200470cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_196                                          , 0xf2004710UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_197                                          , 0xf2004714UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_198                                          , 0xf2004718UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_199                                          , 0xf200471cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_200                                          , 0xf2004720UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_201                                          , 0xf2004724UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_202                                          , 0xf2004728UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_203                                          , 0xf200472cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_204                                          , 0xf2004730UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_205                                          , 0xf2004734UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_206                                          , 0xf2004738UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_207                                          , 0xf200473cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_208                                          , 0xf2004740UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_209                                          , 0xf2004744UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_210                                          , 0xf2004748UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_211                                          , 0xf200474cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_212                                          , 0xf2004750UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_213                                          , 0xf2004754UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_214                                          , 0xf2004758UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_215                                          , 0xf200475cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_216                                          , 0xf2004760UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_217                                          , 0xf2004764UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_218                                          , 0xf2004768UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_219                                          , 0xf200476cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_220                                          , 0xf2004770UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_221                                          , 0xf2004774UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_222                                          , 0xf2004778UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_223                                          , 0xf200477cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_224                                          , 0xf2004780UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_225                                          , 0xf2004784UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_226                                          , 0xf2004788UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_227                                          , 0xf200478cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_228                                          , 0xf2004790UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_229                                          , 0xf2004794UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_230                                          , 0xf2004798UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_231                                          , 0xf200479cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_232                                          , 0xf20047a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_233                                          , 0xf20047a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_234                                          , 0xf20047a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_235                                          , 0xf20047acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_236                                          , 0xf20047b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_237                                          , 0xf20047b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_238                                          , 0xf20047b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_239                                          , 0xf20047bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_240                                          , 0xf20047c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_241                                          , 0xf20047c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_242                                          , 0xf20047c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_243                                          , 0xf20047ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_244                                          , 0xf20047d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_245                                          , 0xf20047d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_246                                          , 0xf20047d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_247                                          , 0xf20047dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_248                                          , 0xf20047e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_249                                          , 0xf20047e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_250                                          , 0xf20047e8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_251                                          , 0xf20047ecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_252                                          , 0xf20047f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_253                                          , 0xf20047f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_254                                          , 0xf20047f8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT_TBL_255                                          , 0xf20047fcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL                                              , 0xf2004800UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_1                                            , 0xf2004804UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_2                                            , 0xf2004808UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_3                                            , 0xf200480cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_4                                            , 0xf2004810UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_5                                            , 0xf2004814UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_6                                            , 0xf2004818UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_7                                            , 0xf200481cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_8                                            , 0xf2004820UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_9                                            , 0xf2004824UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_10                                           , 0xf2004828UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_11                                           , 0xf200482cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_12                                           , 0xf2004830UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_13                                           , 0xf2004834UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_14                                           , 0xf2004838UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_15                                           , 0xf200483cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_16                                           , 0xf2004840UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_17                                           , 0xf2004844UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_18                                           , 0xf2004848UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_19                                           , 0xf200484cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_20                                           , 0xf2004850UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_21                                           , 0xf2004854UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_22                                           , 0xf2004858UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_23                                           , 0xf200485cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_24                                           , 0xf2004860UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_25                                           , 0xf2004864UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_26                                           , 0xf2004868UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_27                                           , 0xf200486cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_28                                           , 0xf2004870UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_29                                           , 0xf2004874UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_30                                           , 0xf2004878UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_31                                           , 0xf200487cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_32                                           , 0xf2004880UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_33                                           , 0xf2004884UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_34                                           , 0xf2004888UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_35                                           , 0xf200488cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_36                                           , 0xf2004890UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_37                                           , 0xf2004894UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_38                                           , 0xf2004898UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_39                                           , 0xf200489cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_40                                           , 0xf20048a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_41                                           , 0xf20048a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_42                                           , 0xf20048a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_43                                           , 0xf20048acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_44                                           , 0xf20048b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_45                                           , 0xf20048b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_46                                           , 0xf20048b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_47                                           , 0xf20048bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_48                                           , 0xf20048c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_49                                           , 0xf20048c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_50                                           , 0xf20048c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_51                                           , 0xf20048ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_52                                           , 0xf20048d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_53                                           , 0xf20048d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_54                                           , 0xf20048d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_55                                           , 0xf20048dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_56                                           , 0xf20048e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_57                                           , 0xf20048e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_58                                           , 0xf20048e8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_59                                           , 0xf20048ecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_60                                           , 0xf20048f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_61                                           , 0xf20048f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_62                                           , 0xf20048f8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_63                                           , 0xf20048fcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_64                                           , 0xf2004900UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_65                                           , 0xf2004904UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_66                                           , 0xf2004908UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_67                                           , 0xf200490cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_68                                           , 0xf2004910UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_69                                           , 0xf2004914UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_70                                           , 0xf2004918UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_71                                           , 0xf200491cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_72                                           , 0xf2004920UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_73                                           , 0xf2004924UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_74                                           , 0xf2004928UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_75                                           , 0xf200492cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_76                                           , 0xf2004930UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_77                                           , 0xf2004934UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_78                                           , 0xf2004938UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_79                                           , 0xf200493cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_80                                           , 0xf2004940UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_81                                           , 0xf2004944UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_82                                           , 0xf2004948UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_83                                           , 0xf200494cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_84                                           , 0xf2004950UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_85                                           , 0xf2004954UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_86                                           , 0xf2004958UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_87                                           , 0xf200495cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_88                                           , 0xf2004960UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_89                                           , 0xf2004964UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_90                                           , 0xf2004968UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_91                                           , 0xf200496cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_92                                           , 0xf2004970UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_93                                           , 0xf2004974UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_94                                           , 0xf2004978UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_95                                           , 0xf200497cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_96                                           , 0xf2004980UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_97                                           , 0xf2004984UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_98                                           , 0xf2004988UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_99                                           , 0xf200498cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_100                                          , 0xf2004990UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_101                                          , 0xf2004994UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_102                                          , 0xf2004998UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_103                                          , 0xf200499cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_104                                          , 0xf20049a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_105                                          , 0xf20049a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_106                                          , 0xf20049a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_107                                          , 0xf20049acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_108                                          , 0xf20049b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_109                                          , 0xf20049b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_110                                          , 0xf20049b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_111                                          , 0xf20049bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_112                                          , 0xf20049c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_113                                          , 0xf20049c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_114                                          , 0xf20049c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_115                                          , 0xf20049ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_116                                          , 0xf20049d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_117                                          , 0xf20049d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_118                                          , 0xf20049d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_119                                          , 0xf20049dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_120                                          , 0xf20049e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_121                                          , 0xf20049e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_122                                          , 0xf20049e8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_123                                          , 0xf20049ecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_124                                          , 0xf20049f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_125                                          , 0xf20049f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_126                                          , 0xf20049f8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_127                                          , 0xf20049fcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_128                                          , 0xf2004a00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_129                                          , 0xf2004a04UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_130                                          , 0xf2004a08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_131                                          , 0xf2004a0cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_132                                          , 0xf2004a10UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_133                                          , 0xf2004a14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_134                                          , 0xf2004a18UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_135                                          , 0xf2004a1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_136                                          , 0xf2004a20UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_137                                          , 0xf2004a24UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_138                                          , 0xf2004a28UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_139                                          , 0xf2004a2cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_140                                          , 0xf2004a30UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_141                                          , 0xf2004a34UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_142                                          , 0xf2004a38UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_143                                          , 0xf2004a3cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_144                                          , 0xf2004a40UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_145                                          , 0xf2004a44UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_146                                          , 0xf2004a48UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_147                                          , 0xf2004a4cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_148                                          , 0xf2004a50UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_149                                          , 0xf2004a54UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_150                                          , 0xf2004a58UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_151                                          , 0xf2004a5cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_152                                          , 0xf2004a60UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_153                                          , 0xf2004a64UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_154                                          , 0xf2004a68UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_155                                          , 0xf2004a6cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_156                                          , 0xf2004a70UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_157                                          , 0xf2004a74UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_158                                          , 0xf2004a78UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_159                                          , 0xf2004a7cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_160                                          , 0xf2004a80UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_161                                          , 0xf2004a84UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_162                                          , 0xf2004a88UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_163                                          , 0xf2004a8cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_164                                          , 0xf2004a90UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_165                                          , 0xf2004a94UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_166                                          , 0xf2004a98UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_167                                          , 0xf2004a9cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_168                                          , 0xf2004aa0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_169                                          , 0xf2004aa4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_170                                          , 0xf2004aa8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_171                                          , 0xf2004aacUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_172                                          , 0xf2004ab0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_173                                          , 0xf2004ab4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_174                                          , 0xf2004ab8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_175                                          , 0xf2004abcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_176                                          , 0xf2004ac0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_177                                          , 0xf2004ac4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_178                                          , 0xf2004ac8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_179                                          , 0xf2004accUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_180                                          , 0xf2004ad0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_181                                          , 0xf2004ad4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_182                                          , 0xf2004ad8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_183                                          , 0xf2004adcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_184                                          , 0xf2004ae0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_185                                          , 0xf2004ae4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_186                                          , 0xf2004ae8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_187                                          , 0xf2004aecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_188                                          , 0xf2004af0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_189                                          , 0xf2004af4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_190                                          , 0xf2004af8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_191                                          , 0xf2004afcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_192                                          , 0xf2004b00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_193                                          , 0xf2004b04UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_194                                          , 0xf2004b08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_195                                          , 0xf2004b0cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_196                                          , 0xf2004b10UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_197                                          , 0xf2004b14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_198                                          , 0xf2004b18UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_199                                          , 0xf2004b1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_200                                          , 0xf2004b20UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_201                                          , 0xf2004b24UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_202                                          , 0xf2004b28UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_203                                          , 0xf2004b2cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_204                                          , 0xf2004b30UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_205                                          , 0xf2004b34UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_206                                          , 0xf2004b38UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_207                                          , 0xf2004b3cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_208                                          , 0xf2004b40UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_209                                          , 0xf2004b44UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_210                                          , 0xf2004b48UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_211                                          , 0xf2004b4cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_212                                          , 0xf2004b50UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_213                                          , 0xf2004b54UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_214                                          , 0xf2004b58UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_215                                          , 0xf2004b5cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_216                                          , 0xf2004b60UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_217                                          , 0xf2004b64UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_218                                          , 0xf2004b68UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_219                                          , 0xf2004b6cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_220                                          , 0xf2004b70UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_221                                          , 0xf2004b74UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_222                                          , 0xf2004b78UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_223                                          , 0xf2004b7cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_224                                          , 0xf2004b80UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_225                                          , 0xf2004b84UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_226                                          , 0xf2004b88UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_227                                          , 0xf2004b8cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_228                                          , 0xf2004b90UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_229                                          , 0xf2004b94UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_230                                          , 0xf2004b98UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_231                                          , 0xf2004b9cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_232                                          , 0xf2004ba0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_233                                          , 0xf2004ba4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_234                                          , 0xf2004ba8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_235                                          , 0xf2004bacUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_236                                          , 0xf2004bb0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_237                                          , 0xf2004bb4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_238                                          , 0xf2004bb8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_239                                          , 0xf2004bbcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_240                                          , 0xf2004bc0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_241                                          , 0xf2004bc4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_242                                          , 0xf2004bc8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_243                                          , 0xf2004bccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_244                                          , 0xf2004bd0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_245                                          , 0xf2004bd4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_246                                          , 0xf2004bd8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_247                                          , 0xf2004bdcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_248                                          , 0xf2004be0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_249                                          , 0xf2004be4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_250                                          , 0xf2004be8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_251                                          , 0xf2004becUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_252                                          , 0xf2004bf0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_253                                          , 0xf2004bf4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_254                                          , 0xf2004bf8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT_TBL_255                                          , 0xf2004bfcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL                                              , 0xf2004c00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_1                                            , 0xf2004c04UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_2                                            , 0xf2004c08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_3                                            , 0xf2004c0cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_4                                            , 0xf2004c10UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_5                                            , 0xf2004c14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_6                                            , 0xf2004c18UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_7                                            , 0xf2004c1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_8                                            , 0xf2004c20UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_9                                            , 0xf2004c24UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_10                                           , 0xf2004c28UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_11                                           , 0xf2004c2cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_12                                           , 0xf2004c30UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_13                                           , 0xf2004c34UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_14                                           , 0xf2004c38UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_15                                           , 0xf2004c3cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_16                                           , 0xf2004c40UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_17                                           , 0xf2004c44UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_18                                           , 0xf2004c48UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_19                                           , 0xf2004c4cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_20                                           , 0xf2004c50UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_21                                           , 0xf2004c54UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_22                                           , 0xf2004c58UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_23                                           , 0xf2004c5cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_24                                           , 0xf2004c60UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_25                                           , 0xf2004c64UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_26                                           , 0xf2004c68UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_27                                           , 0xf2004c6cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_28                                           , 0xf2004c70UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_29                                           , 0xf2004c74UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_30                                           , 0xf2004c78UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_31                                           , 0xf2004c7cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_32                                           , 0xf2004c80UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_33                                           , 0xf2004c84UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_34                                           , 0xf2004c88UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_35                                           , 0xf2004c8cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_36                                           , 0xf2004c90UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_37                                           , 0xf2004c94UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_38                                           , 0xf2004c98UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_39                                           , 0xf2004c9cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_40                                           , 0xf2004ca0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_41                                           , 0xf2004ca4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_42                                           , 0xf2004ca8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_43                                           , 0xf2004cacUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_44                                           , 0xf2004cb0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_45                                           , 0xf2004cb4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_46                                           , 0xf2004cb8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_47                                           , 0xf2004cbcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_48                                           , 0xf2004cc0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_49                                           , 0xf2004cc4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_50                                           , 0xf2004cc8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_51                                           , 0xf2004cccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_52                                           , 0xf2004cd0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_53                                           , 0xf2004cd4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_54                                           , 0xf2004cd8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_55                                           , 0xf2004cdcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_56                                           , 0xf2004ce0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_57                                           , 0xf2004ce4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_58                                           , 0xf2004ce8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_59                                           , 0xf2004cecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_60                                           , 0xf2004cf0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_61                                           , 0xf2004cf4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_62                                           , 0xf2004cf8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_63                                           , 0xf2004cfcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_64                                           , 0xf2004d00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_65                                           , 0xf2004d04UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_66                                           , 0xf2004d08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_67                                           , 0xf2004d0cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_68                                           , 0xf2004d10UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_69                                           , 0xf2004d14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_70                                           , 0xf2004d18UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_71                                           , 0xf2004d1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_72                                           , 0xf2004d20UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_73                                           , 0xf2004d24UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_74                                           , 0xf2004d28UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_75                                           , 0xf2004d2cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_76                                           , 0xf2004d30UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_77                                           , 0xf2004d34UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_78                                           , 0xf2004d38UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_79                                           , 0xf2004d3cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_80                                           , 0xf2004d40UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_81                                           , 0xf2004d44UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_82                                           , 0xf2004d48UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_83                                           , 0xf2004d4cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_84                                           , 0xf2004d50UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_85                                           , 0xf2004d54UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_86                                           , 0xf2004d58UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_87                                           , 0xf2004d5cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_88                                           , 0xf2004d60UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_89                                           , 0xf2004d64UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_90                                           , 0xf2004d68UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_91                                           , 0xf2004d6cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_92                                           , 0xf2004d70UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_93                                           , 0xf2004d74UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_94                                           , 0xf2004d78UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_95                                           , 0xf2004d7cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_96                                           , 0xf2004d80UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_97                                           , 0xf2004d84UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_98                                           , 0xf2004d88UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_99                                           , 0xf2004d8cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_100                                          , 0xf2004d90UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_101                                          , 0xf2004d94UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_102                                          , 0xf2004d98UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_103                                          , 0xf2004d9cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_104                                          , 0xf2004da0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_105                                          , 0xf2004da4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_106                                          , 0xf2004da8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_107                                          , 0xf2004dacUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_108                                          , 0xf2004db0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_109                                          , 0xf2004db4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_110                                          , 0xf2004db8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_111                                          , 0xf2004dbcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_112                                          , 0xf2004dc0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_113                                          , 0xf2004dc4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_114                                          , 0xf2004dc8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_115                                          , 0xf2004dccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_116                                          , 0xf2004dd0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_117                                          , 0xf2004dd4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_118                                          , 0xf2004dd8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_119                                          , 0xf2004ddcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_120                                          , 0xf2004de0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_121                                          , 0xf2004de4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_122                                          , 0xf2004de8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_123                                          , 0xf2004decUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_124                                          , 0xf2004df0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_125                                          , 0xf2004df4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_126                                          , 0xf2004df8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_127                                          , 0xf2004dfcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_128                                          , 0xf2004e00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_129                                          , 0xf2004e04UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_130                                          , 0xf2004e08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_131                                          , 0xf2004e0cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_132                                          , 0xf2004e10UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_133                                          , 0xf2004e14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_134                                          , 0xf2004e18UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_135                                          , 0xf2004e1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_136                                          , 0xf2004e20UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_137                                          , 0xf2004e24UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_138                                          , 0xf2004e28UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_139                                          , 0xf2004e2cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_140                                          , 0xf2004e30UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_141                                          , 0xf2004e34UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_142                                          , 0xf2004e38UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_143                                          , 0xf2004e3cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_144                                          , 0xf2004e40UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_145                                          , 0xf2004e44UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_146                                          , 0xf2004e48UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_147                                          , 0xf2004e4cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_148                                          , 0xf2004e50UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_149                                          , 0xf2004e54UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_150                                          , 0xf2004e58UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_151                                          , 0xf2004e5cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_152                                          , 0xf2004e60UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_153                                          , 0xf2004e64UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_154                                          , 0xf2004e68UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_155                                          , 0xf2004e6cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_156                                          , 0xf2004e70UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_157                                          , 0xf2004e74UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_158                                          , 0xf2004e78UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_159                                          , 0xf2004e7cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_160                                          , 0xf2004e80UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_161                                          , 0xf2004e84UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_162                                          , 0xf2004e88UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_163                                          , 0xf2004e8cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_164                                          , 0xf2004e90UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_165                                          , 0xf2004e94UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_166                                          , 0xf2004e98UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_167                                          , 0xf2004e9cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_168                                          , 0xf2004ea0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_169                                          , 0xf2004ea4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_170                                          , 0xf2004ea8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_171                                          , 0xf2004eacUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_172                                          , 0xf2004eb0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_173                                          , 0xf2004eb4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_174                                          , 0xf2004eb8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_175                                          , 0xf2004ebcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_176                                          , 0xf2004ec0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_177                                          , 0xf2004ec4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_178                                          , 0xf2004ec8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_179                                          , 0xf2004eccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_180                                          , 0xf2004ed0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_181                                          , 0xf2004ed4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_182                                          , 0xf2004ed8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_183                                          , 0xf2004edcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_184                                          , 0xf2004ee0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_185                                          , 0xf2004ee4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_186                                          , 0xf2004ee8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_187                                          , 0xf2004eecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_188                                          , 0xf2004ef0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_189                                          , 0xf2004ef4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_190                                          , 0xf2004ef8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_191                                          , 0xf2004efcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_192                                          , 0xf2004f00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_193                                          , 0xf2004f04UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_194                                          , 0xf2004f08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_195                                          , 0xf2004f0cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_196                                          , 0xf2004f10UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_197                                          , 0xf2004f14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_198                                          , 0xf2004f18UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_199                                          , 0xf2004f1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_200                                          , 0xf2004f20UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_201                                          , 0xf2004f24UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_202                                          , 0xf2004f28UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_203                                          , 0xf2004f2cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_204                                          , 0xf2004f30UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_205                                          , 0xf2004f34UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_206                                          , 0xf2004f38UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_207                                          , 0xf2004f3cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_208                                          , 0xf2004f40UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_209                                          , 0xf2004f44UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_210                                          , 0xf2004f48UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_211                                          , 0xf2004f4cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_212                                          , 0xf2004f50UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_213                                          , 0xf2004f54UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_214                                          , 0xf2004f58UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_215                                          , 0xf2004f5cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_216                                          , 0xf2004f60UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_217                                          , 0xf2004f64UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_218                                          , 0xf2004f68UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_219                                          , 0xf2004f6cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_220                                          , 0xf2004f70UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_221                                          , 0xf2004f74UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_222                                          , 0xf2004f78UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_223                                          , 0xf2004f7cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_224                                          , 0xf2004f80UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_225                                          , 0xf2004f84UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_226                                          , 0xf2004f88UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_227                                          , 0xf2004f8cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_228                                          , 0xf2004f90UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_229                                          , 0xf2004f94UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_230                                          , 0xf2004f98UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_231                                          , 0xf2004f9cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_232                                          , 0xf2004fa0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_233                                          , 0xf2004fa4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_234                                          , 0xf2004fa8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_235                                          , 0xf2004facUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_236                                          , 0xf2004fb0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_237                                          , 0xf2004fb4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_238                                          , 0xf2004fb8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_239                                          , 0xf2004fbcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_240                                          , 0xf2004fc0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_241                                          , 0xf2004fc4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_242                                          , 0xf2004fc8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_243                                          , 0xf2004fccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_244                                          , 0xf2004fd0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_245                                          , 0xf2004fd4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_246                                          , 0xf2004fd8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_247                                          , 0xf2004fdcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_248                                          , 0xf2004fe0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_249                                          , 0xf2004fe4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_250                                          , 0xf2004fe8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_251                                          , 0xf2004fecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_252                                          , 0xf2004ff0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_253                                          , 0xf2004ff4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_254                                          , 0xf2004ff8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_TBL_255                                          , 0xf2004ffcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0INP_UPDATE                                                , 0xf2005400UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0INP_SEL_CNT                                               , 0xf2005404UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0INP_EXT_SYNC_CNT                                          , 0xf2005408UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0INP_VSYNC_PH_ADJ                                          , 0xf200540cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0INP_DLY_ADJ                                               , 0xf2005410UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0IMGCNT_UPDATE                                             , 0xf2005480UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0IMGCNT_MTX_MODE                                           , 0xf20054a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0IMGCNT_MTX_YG_ADJ0                                        , 0xf20054a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0IMGCNT_MTX_YG_ADJ1                                        , 0xf20054a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0IMGCNT_MTX_CBB_ADJ0                                       , 0xf20054acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0IMGCNT_MTX_CBB_ADJ1                                       , 0xf20054b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0IMGCNT_MTX_CRR_ADJ0                                       , 0xf20054b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0IMGCNT_MTX_CRR_ADJ1                                       , 0xf20054b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0IMGCNT_DRC_REG                                            , 0xf20054c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_UPDATE                                           , 0xf2005500UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_FRC1                                             , 0xf2005504UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_FRC2                                             , 0xf2005508UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_FRC3                                             , 0xf200550cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_FRC4                                             , 0xf2005510UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_FRC5                                             , 0xf2005514UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_FRC6                                             , 0xf2005518UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_FRC7                                             , 0xf200551cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_FRC9                                             , 0xf2005524UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_MON0                                             , 0xf2005528UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_INT                                              , 0xf200552aUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_DS1                                              , 0xf200552cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_DS2                                              , 0xf2005530UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_DS3                                              , 0xf2005534UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_DS4                                              , 0xf2005538UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_DS5                                              , 0xf200553cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_DS6                                              , 0xf2005540UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_DS7                                              , 0xf2005544UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_US1                                              , 0xf2005548UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_US2                                              , 0xf200554cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_US3                                              , 0xf2005550UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_US4                                              , 0xf2005554UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_US5                                              , 0xf2005558UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_US6                                              , 0xf200555cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_US7                                              , 0xf2005560UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_US8                                              , 0xf2005564UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL0_OVR1                                             , 0xf200556cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL1_UPDATE                                           , 0xf2005580UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL1_WR1                                              , 0xf2005588UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL1_WR2                                              , 0xf200558cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL1_WR3                                              , 0xf2005590UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL1_WR4                                              , 0xf2005594UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL1_WR5                                              , 0xf200559cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL1_WR6                                              , 0xf20055a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL1_WR7                                              , 0xf20055a4UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL1_WR8                                              , 0xf20055a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL1_WR9                                              , 0xf20055acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL1_WR10                                             , 0xf20055b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC0_SCL1_WR11                                             , 0xf20055b4UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_UPDATE                                                , 0xf2005600UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_FLM_RD                                                , 0xf2005604UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_FLM1                                                  , 0xf2005608UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_FLM2                                                  , 0xf200560cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_FLM3                                                  , 0xf2005610UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_FLM4                                                  , 0xf2005614UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_FLM5                                                  , 0xf2005618UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_FLM6                                                  , 0xf200561cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_AB1                                                   , 0xf2005620UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_AB2                                                   , 0xf2005624UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_AB3                                                   , 0xf2005628UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_AB7                                                   , 0xf2005638UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_AB8                                                   , 0xf200563cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_AB9                                                   , 0xf2005640UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_AB10                                                  , 0xf2005644UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_AB11                                                  , 0xf2005648UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_BASE                                                  , 0xf200564cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR0_CLUT                                                  , 0xf2005650UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0ADJ0_UPDATE                                               , 0xf2005680UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0ADJ0_MTX_MODE                                             , 0xf20056b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0ADJ0_MTX_YG_ADJ0                                          , 0xf20056b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0ADJ0_MTX_YG_ADJ1                                          , 0xf20056bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0ADJ0_MTX_CBB_ADJ0                                         , 0xf20056c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0ADJ0_MTX_CBB_ADJ1                                         , 0xf20056c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0ADJ0_MTX_CRR_ADJ0                                         , 0xf20056c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0ADJ0_MTX_CRR_ADJ1                                         , 0xf20056ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_UPDATE                                                , 0xf2005700UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_FLM_RD                                                , 0xf2005704UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_FLM1                                                  , 0xf2005708UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_FLM2                                                  , 0xf200570cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_FLM3                                                  , 0xf2005710UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_FLM4                                                  , 0xf2005714UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_FLM5                                                  , 0xf2005718UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_FLM6                                                  , 0xf200571cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_AB1                                                   , 0xf2005720UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_AB2                                                   , 0xf2005724UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_AB3                                                   , 0xf2005728UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_AB4                                                   , 0xf200572cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_AB5                                                   , 0xf2005730UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_AB6                                                   , 0xf2005734UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_AB7                                                   , 0xf2005738UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_AB8                                                   , 0xf200573cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_AB9                                                   , 0xf2005740UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_AB10                                                  , 0xf2005744UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_AB11                                                  , 0xf2005748UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_BASE                                                  , 0xf200574cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_CLUT                                                  , 0xf2005750UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR2_MON                                                   , 0xf2005754UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_UPDATE                                                , 0xf2005780UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_FLM_RD                                                , 0xf2005784UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_FLM1                                                  , 0xf2005788UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_FLM2                                                  , 0xf200578cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_FLM3                                                  , 0xf2005790UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_FLM4                                                  , 0xf2005794UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_FLM5                                                  , 0xf2005798UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_FLM6                                                  , 0xf200579cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_AB1                                                   , 0xf20057a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_AB2                                                   , 0xf20057a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_AB3                                                   , 0xf20057a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_AB4                                                   , 0xf20057acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_AB5                                                   , 0xf20057b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_AB6                                                   , 0xf20057b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_AB7                                                   , 0xf20057b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_AB8                                                   , 0xf20057bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_AB9                                                   , 0xf20057c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_AB10                                                  , 0xf20057c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_AB11                                                  , 0xf20057c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_BASE                                                  , 0xf20057ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_CLUT_INT                                              , 0xf20057d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR3_MON                                                   , 0xf20057d4UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_UPDATE                                              , 0xf2005800UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_SW                                                    , 0xf2005804UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_LUT1                                                , 0xf2005808UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_LUT2                                                , 0xf200580cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_LUT3                                                , 0xf2005810UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_LUT4                                                , 0xf2005814UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_LUT5                                                , 0xf2005818UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_LUT6                                                , 0xf200581cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_LUT7                                                , 0xf2005820UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_LUT8                                                , 0xf2005824UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_LUT9                                                , 0xf2005828UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_LUT10                                               , 0xf200582cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_LUT11                                               , 0xf2005830UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_LUT12                                               , 0xf2005834UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_LUT13                                               , 0xf2005838UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_LUT14                                               , 0xf200583cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_LUT15                                               , 0xf2005840UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_LUT16                                               , 0xf2005844UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_AREA1                                               , 0xf2005848UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_AREA2                                               , 0xf200584cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_AREA3                                               , 0xf2005850UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_AREA4                                               , 0xf2005854UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_AREA5                                               , 0xf2005858UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_AREA6                                               , 0xf200585cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_AREA7                                               , 0xf2005860UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_G_AREA8                                               , 0xf2005864UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_UPDATE                                              , 0xf2005880UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_LUT1                                                , 0xf2005888UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_LUT2                                                , 0xf200588cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_LUT3                                                , 0xf2005890UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_LUT4                                                , 0xf2005894UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_LUT5                                                , 0xf2005898UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_LUT6                                                , 0xf200589cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_LUT7                                                , 0xf20058a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_LUT8                                                , 0xf20058a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_LUT9                                                , 0xf20058a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_LUT10                                               , 0xf20058acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_LUT11                                               , 0xf20058b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_LUT12                                               , 0xf20058b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_LUT13                                               , 0xf20058b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_LUT14                                               , 0xf20058bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_LUT15                                               , 0xf20058c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_LUT16                                               , 0xf20058c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_AREA1                                               , 0xf20058c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_AREA2                                               , 0xf20058ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_AREA3                                               , 0xf20058d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_AREA4                                               , 0xf20058d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_AREA5                                               , 0xf20058d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_AREA6                                               , 0xf20058dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_AREA7                                               , 0xf20058e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_B_AREA8                                               , 0xf20058e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_UPDATE                                              , 0xf2005900UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_LUT1                                                , 0xf2005908UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_LUT2                                                , 0xf200590cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_LUT3                                                , 0xf2005910UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_LUT4                                                , 0xf2005914UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_LUT5                                                , 0xf2005918UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_LUT6                                                , 0xf200591cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_LUT7                                                , 0xf2005920UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_LUT8                                                , 0xf2005924UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_LUT9                                                , 0xf2005928UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_LUT10                                               , 0xf200592cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_LUT11                                               , 0xf2005930UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_LUT12                                               , 0xf2005934UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_LUT13                                               , 0xf2005938UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_LUT14                                               , 0xf200593cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_LUT15                                               , 0xf2005940UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_LUT16                                               , 0xf2005944UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_AREA1                                               , 0xf2005948UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_AREA2                                               , 0xf200594cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_AREA3                                               , 0xf2005950UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_AREA4                                               , 0xf2005954UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_AREA5                                               , 0xf2005958UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_AREA6                                               , 0xf200595cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_AREA7                                               , 0xf2005960UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GAM_R_AREA8                                               , 0xf2005964UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0TCON_UPDATE                                               , 0xf2005980UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0TCON_TIM                                                  , 0xf2005984UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0TCON_TIM_STVA1                                            , 0xf2005988UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0TCON_TIM_STVA2                                            , 0xf200598cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0TCON_TIM_STVB1                                            , 0xf2005990UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0TCON_TIM_STVB2                                            , 0xf2005994UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0TCON_TIM_STH1                                             , 0xf2005998UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0TCON_TIM_STH2                                             , 0xf200599cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0TCON_TIM_STB1                                             , 0xf20059a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0TCON_TIM_STB2                                             , 0xf20059a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0TCON_TIM_CPV1                                             , 0xf20059a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0TCON_TIM_CPV2                                             , 0xf20059acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0TCON_TIM_POLA1                                            , 0xf20059b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0TCON_TIM_POLA2                                            , 0xf20059b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0TCON_TIM_POLB1                                            , 0xf20059b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0TCON_TIM_POLB2                                            , 0xf20059bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0TCON_TIM_DE                                               , 0xf20059c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OUT_UPDATE                                                , 0xf2005a00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OUT_SET                                                   , 0xf2005a04UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OUT_BRIGHT1                                               , 0xf2005a08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OUT_BRIGHT2                                               , 0xf2005a0cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OUT_CONTRAST                                              , 0xf2005a10UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OUT_PDTHA                                                 , 0xf2005a14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OUT_CLK_PHASE                                             , 0xf2005a24UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SYSCNT_INT1                                               , 0xf2005a80UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SYSCNT_INT2                                               , 0xf2005a84UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SYSCNT_INT3                                               , 0xf2005a88UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SYSCNT_INT4                                               , 0xf2005a8cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SYSCNT_INT5                                               , 0xf2005a90UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SYSCNT_INT6                                               , 0xf2005a94UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SYSCNT_CLUT                                               , 0xf2005a9aUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0DEMODE0                                                   , 0xf2005b3cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0DEMODE1                                                   , 0xf2005b40UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC1_SCL0_UPDATE                                           , 0xf2005c00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC1_SCL0_FRC1                                             , 0xf2005c04UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC1_SCL0_FRC2                                             , 0xf2005c08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC1_SCL0_FRC3                                             , 0xf2005c0cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC1_SCL0_FRC4                                             , 0xf2005c10UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC1_SCL0_FRC5                                             , 0xf2005c14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC1_SCL0_FRC6                                             , 0xf2005c18UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC1_SCL0_FRC7                                             , 0xf2005c1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC1_SCL0_FRC9                                             , 0xf2005c24UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC1_SCL0_DS1                                              , 0xf2005c2cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC1_SCL0_DS6                                              , 0xf2005c40UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC1_SCL0_US1                                              , 0xf2005c48UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC1_SCL0_US2                                              , 0xf2005c4cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC1_SCL0_US3                                              , 0xf2005c50UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC1_SCL0_US4                                              , 0xf2005c54UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC1_SCL0_US5                                              , 0xf2005c58UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC1_SCL0_US6                                              , 0xf2005c5cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC1_SCL0_US7                                              , 0xf2005c60UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC1_SCL0_US8                                              , 0xf2005c64UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0SC1_SCL0_OVR1                                             , 0xf2005c6cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_UPDATE                                                , 0xf2005d00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_FLM_RD                                                , 0xf2005d04UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_FLM1                                                  , 0xf2005d08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_FLM2                                                  , 0xf2005d0cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_FLM3                                                  , 0xf2005d10UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_FLM4                                                  , 0xf2005d14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_FLM5                                                  , 0xf2005d18UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_FLM6                                                  , 0xf2005d1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_AB1                                                   , 0xf2005d20UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_AB2                                                   , 0xf2005d24UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_AB3                                                   , 0xf2005d28UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_AB4                                                   , 0xf2005d2cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_AB5                                                   , 0xf2005d30UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_AB6                                                   , 0xf2005d34UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_AB7                                                   , 0xf2005d38UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_AB8                                                   , 0xf2005d3cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_AB9                                                   , 0xf2005d40UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_AB10                                                  , 0xf2005d44UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_AB11                                                  , 0xf2005d48UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_BASE                                                  , 0xf2005d4cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_CLUT                                                  , 0xf2005d50UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR1_MON                                                   , 0xf2005d54UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0ADJ1_UPDATE                                               , 0xf2005d80UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0ADJ1_MTX_MODE                                             , 0xf2005db4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0ADJ1_MTX_YG_ADJ0                                          , 0xf2005db8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0ADJ1_MTX_YG_ADJ1                                          , 0xf2005dbcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0ADJ1_MTX_CBB_ADJ0                                         , 0xf2005dc0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0ADJ1_MTX_CBB_ADJ1                                         , 0xf2005dc4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0ADJ1_MTX_CRR_ADJ0                                         , 0xf2005dc8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0ADJ1_MTX_CRR_ADJ1                                         , 0xf2005dccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_VIN_UPDATE                                             , 0xf2005e00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_VIN_AB1                                                , 0xf2005e20UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_VIN_AB2                                                , 0xf2005e24UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_VIN_AB3                                                , 0xf2005e28UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_VIN_AB4                                                , 0xf2005e2cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_VIN_AB5                                                , 0xf2005e30UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_VIN_AB6                                                , 0xf2005e34UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_VIN_AB7                                                , 0xf2005e38UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_VIN_BASE                                               , 0xf2005e4cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_VIN_MON                                                , 0xf2005e54UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OIR_SCL0_UPDATE                                           , 0xf2005e80UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OIR_SCL0_FRC1                                             , 0xf2005e84UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OIR_SCL0_FRC2                                             , 0xf2005e88UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OIR_SCL0_FRC3                                             , 0xf2005e8cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OIR_SCL0_FRC4                                             , 0xf2005e90UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OIR_SCL0_FRC5                                             , 0xf2005e94UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OIR_SCL0_FRC6                                             , 0xf2005e98UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OIR_SCL0_FRC7                                             , 0xf2005e9cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OIR_SCL0_DS1                                              , 0xf2005eacUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OIR_SCL0_DS2                                              , 0xf2005eb0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OIR_SCL0_DS3                                              , 0xf2005eb4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OIR_SCL0_DS7                                              , 0xf2005ec4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OIR_SCL0_US1                                              , 0xf2005ec8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OIR_SCL0_US2                                              , 0xf2005eccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OIR_SCL0_US3                                              , 0xf2005ed0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OIR_SCL0_US8                                              , 0xf2005ee4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OIR_SCL1_UPDATE                                           , 0xf2005f00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OIR_SCL1_WR1                                              , 0xf2005f08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0OIR_SCL1_WR5                                              , 0xf2005f1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_OIR_UPDATE                                             , 0xf2005f80UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_OIR_FLM_RD                                             , 0xf2005f84UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_OIR_FLM1                                               , 0xf2005f88UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_OIR_FLM2                                               , 0xf2005f8cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_OIR_FLM3                                               , 0xf2005f90UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_OIR_FLM4                                               , 0xf2005f94UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_OIR_FLM5                                               , 0xf2005f98UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_OIR_FLM6                                               , 0xf2005f9cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_OIR_AB1                                                , 0xf2005fa0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_OIR_AB2                                                , 0xf2005fa4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_OIR_AB3                                                , 0xf2005fa8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_OIR_AB7                                                , 0xf2005fb8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_OIR_AB8                                                , 0xf2005fbcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_OIR_AB9                                                , 0xf2005fc0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_OIR_BASE                                               , 0xf2005fccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_OIR_CLUT                                               , 0xf2005fd0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE0GR_OIR_MON                                                , 0xf2005fd4UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL                                              , 0xf2006000UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_1                                            , 0xf2006004UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_2                                            , 0xf2006008UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_3                                            , 0xf200600cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_4                                            , 0xf2006010UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_5                                            , 0xf2006014UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_6                                            , 0xf2006018UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_7                                            , 0xf200601cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_8                                            , 0xf2006020UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_9                                            , 0xf2006024UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_10                                           , 0xf2006028UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_11                                           , 0xf200602cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_12                                           , 0xf2006030UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_13                                           , 0xf2006034UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_14                                           , 0xf2006038UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_15                                           , 0xf200603cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_16                                           , 0xf2006040UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_17                                           , 0xf2006044UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_18                                           , 0xf2006048UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_19                                           , 0xf200604cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_20                                           , 0xf2006050UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_21                                           , 0xf2006054UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_22                                           , 0xf2006058UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_23                                           , 0xf200605cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_24                                           , 0xf2006060UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_25                                           , 0xf2006064UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_26                                           , 0xf2006068UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_27                                           , 0xf200606cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_28                                           , 0xf2006070UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_29                                           , 0xf2006074UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_30                                           , 0xf2006078UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_31                                           , 0xf200607cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_32                                           , 0xf2006080UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_33                                           , 0xf2006084UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_34                                           , 0xf2006088UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_35                                           , 0xf200608cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_36                                           , 0xf2006090UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_37                                           , 0xf2006094UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_38                                           , 0xf2006098UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_39                                           , 0xf200609cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_40                                           , 0xf20060a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_41                                           , 0xf20060a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_42                                           , 0xf20060a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_43                                           , 0xf20060acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_44                                           , 0xf20060b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_45                                           , 0xf20060b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_46                                           , 0xf20060b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_47                                           , 0xf20060bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_48                                           , 0xf20060c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_49                                           , 0xf20060c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_50                                           , 0xf20060c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_51                                           , 0xf20060ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_52                                           , 0xf20060d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_53                                           , 0xf20060d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_54                                           , 0xf20060d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_55                                           , 0xf20060dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_56                                           , 0xf20060e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_57                                           , 0xf20060e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_58                                           , 0xf20060e8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_59                                           , 0xf20060ecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_60                                           , 0xf20060f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_61                                           , 0xf20060f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_62                                           , 0xf20060f8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_63                                           , 0xf20060fcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_64                                           , 0xf2006100UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_65                                           , 0xf2006104UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_66                                           , 0xf2006108UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_67                                           , 0xf200610cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_68                                           , 0xf2006110UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_69                                           , 0xf2006114UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_70                                           , 0xf2006118UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_71                                           , 0xf200611cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_72                                           , 0xf2006120UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_73                                           , 0xf2006124UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_74                                           , 0xf2006128UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_75                                           , 0xf200612cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_76                                           , 0xf2006130UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_77                                           , 0xf2006134UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_78                                           , 0xf2006138UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_79                                           , 0xf200613cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_80                                           , 0xf2006140UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_81                                           , 0xf2006144UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_82                                           , 0xf2006148UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_83                                           , 0xf200614cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_84                                           , 0xf2006150UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_85                                           , 0xf2006154UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_86                                           , 0xf2006158UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_87                                           , 0xf200615cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_88                                           , 0xf2006160UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_89                                           , 0xf2006164UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_90                                           , 0xf2006168UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_91                                           , 0xf200616cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_92                                           , 0xf2006170UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_93                                           , 0xf2006174UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_94                                           , 0xf2006178UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_95                                           , 0xf200617cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_96                                           , 0xf2006180UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_97                                           , 0xf2006184UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_98                                           , 0xf2006188UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_99                                           , 0xf200618cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_100                                          , 0xf2006190UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_101                                          , 0xf2006194UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_102                                          , 0xf2006198UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_103                                          , 0xf200619cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_104                                          , 0xf20061a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_105                                          , 0xf20061a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_106                                          , 0xf20061a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_107                                          , 0xf20061acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_108                                          , 0xf20061b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_109                                          , 0xf20061b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_110                                          , 0xf20061b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_111                                          , 0xf20061bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_112                                          , 0xf20061c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_113                                          , 0xf20061c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_114                                          , 0xf20061c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_115                                          , 0xf20061ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_116                                          , 0xf20061d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_117                                          , 0xf20061d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_118                                          , 0xf20061d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_119                                          , 0xf20061dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_120                                          , 0xf20061e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_121                                          , 0xf20061e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_122                                          , 0xf20061e8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_123                                          , 0xf20061ecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_124                                          , 0xf20061f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_125                                          , 0xf20061f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_126                                          , 0xf20061f8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_127                                          , 0xf20061fcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_128                                          , 0xf2006200UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_129                                          , 0xf2006204UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_130                                          , 0xf2006208UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_131                                          , 0xf200620cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_132                                          , 0xf2006210UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_133                                          , 0xf2006214UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_134                                          , 0xf2006218UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_135                                          , 0xf200621cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_136                                          , 0xf2006220UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_137                                          , 0xf2006224UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_138                                          , 0xf2006228UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_139                                          , 0xf200622cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_140                                          , 0xf2006230UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_141                                          , 0xf2006234UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_142                                          , 0xf2006238UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_143                                          , 0xf200623cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_144                                          , 0xf2006240UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_145                                          , 0xf2006244UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_146                                          , 0xf2006248UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_147                                          , 0xf200624cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_148                                          , 0xf2006250UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_149                                          , 0xf2006254UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_150                                          , 0xf2006258UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_151                                          , 0xf200625cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_152                                          , 0xf2006260UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_153                                          , 0xf2006264UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_154                                          , 0xf2006268UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_155                                          , 0xf200626cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_156                                          , 0xf2006270UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_157                                          , 0xf2006274UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_158                                          , 0xf2006278UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_159                                          , 0xf200627cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_160                                          , 0xf2006280UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_161                                          , 0xf2006284UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_162                                          , 0xf2006288UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_163                                          , 0xf200628cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_164                                          , 0xf2006290UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_165                                          , 0xf2006294UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_166                                          , 0xf2006298UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_167                                          , 0xf200629cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_168                                          , 0xf20062a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_169                                          , 0xf20062a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_170                                          , 0xf20062a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_171                                          , 0xf20062acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_172                                          , 0xf20062b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_173                                          , 0xf20062b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_174                                          , 0xf20062b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_175                                          , 0xf20062bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_176                                          , 0xf20062c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_177                                          , 0xf20062c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_178                                          , 0xf20062c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_179                                          , 0xf20062ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_180                                          , 0xf20062d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_181                                          , 0xf20062d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_182                                          , 0xf20062d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_183                                          , 0xf20062dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_184                                          , 0xf20062e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_185                                          , 0xf20062e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_186                                          , 0xf20062e8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_187                                          , 0xf20062ecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_188                                          , 0xf20062f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_189                                          , 0xf20062f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_190                                          , 0xf20062f8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_191                                          , 0xf20062fcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_192                                          , 0xf2006300UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_193                                          , 0xf2006304UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_194                                          , 0xf2006308UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_195                                          , 0xf200630cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_196                                          , 0xf2006310UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_197                                          , 0xf2006314UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_198                                          , 0xf2006318UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_199                                          , 0xf200631cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_200                                          , 0xf2006320UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_201                                          , 0xf2006324UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_202                                          , 0xf2006328UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_203                                          , 0xf200632cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_204                                          , 0xf2006330UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_205                                          , 0xf2006334UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_206                                          , 0xf2006338UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_207                                          , 0xf200633cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_208                                          , 0xf2006340UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_209                                          , 0xf2006344UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_210                                          , 0xf2006348UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_211                                          , 0xf200634cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_212                                          , 0xf2006350UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_213                                          , 0xf2006354UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_214                                          , 0xf2006358UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_215                                          , 0xf200635cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_216                                          , 0xf2006360UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_217                                          , 0xf2006364UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_218                                          , 0xf2006368UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_219                                          , 0xf200636cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_220                                          , 0xf2006370UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_221                                          , 0xf2006374UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_222                                          , 0xf2006378UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_223                                          , 0xf200637cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_224                                          , 0xf2006380UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_225                                          , 0xf2006384UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_226                                          , 0xf2006388UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_227                                          , 0xf200638cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_228                                          , 0xf2006390UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_229                                          , 0xf2006394UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_230                                          , 0xf2006398UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_231                                          , 0xf200639cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_232                                          , 0xf20063a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_233                                          , 0xf20063a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_234                                          , 0xf20063a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_235                                          , 0xf20063acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_236                                          , 0xf20063b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_237                                          , 0xf20063b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_238                                          , 0xf20063b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_239                                          , 0xf20063bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_240                                          , 0xf20063c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_241                                          , 0xf20063c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_242                                          , 0xf20063c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_243                                          , 0xf20063ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_244                                          , 0xf20063d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_245                                          , 0xf20063d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_246                                          , 0xf20063d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_247                                          , 0xf20063dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_248                                          , 0xf20063e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_249                                          , 0xf20063e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_250                                          , 0xf20063e8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_251                                          , 0xf20063ecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_252                                          , 0xf20063f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_253                                          , 0xf20063f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_254                                          , 0xf20063f8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT_TBL_255                                          , 0xf20063fcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL                                              , 0xf2006400UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_1                                            , 0xf2006404UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_2                                            , 0xf2006408UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_3                                            , 0xf200640cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_4                                            , 0xf2006410UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_5                                            , 0xf2006414UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_6                                            , 0xf2006418UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_7                                            , 0xf200641cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_8                                            , 0xf2006420UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_9                                            , 0xf2006424UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_10                                           , 0xf2006428UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_11                                           , 0xf200642cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_12                                           , 0xf2006430UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_13                                           , 0xf2006434UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_14                                           , 0xf2006438UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_15                                           , 0xf200643cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_16                                           , 0xf2006440UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_17                                           , 0xf2006444UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_18                                           , 0xf2006448UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_19                                           , 0xf200644cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_20                                           , 0xf2006450UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_21                                           , 0xf2006454UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_22                                           , 0xf2006458UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_23                                           , 0xf200645cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_24                                           , 0xf2006460UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_25                                           , 0xf2006464UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_26                                           , 0xf2006468UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_27                                           , 0xf200646cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_28                                           , 0xf2006470UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_29                                           , 0xf2006474UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_30                                           , 0xf2006478UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_31                                           , 0xf200647cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_32                                           , 0xf2006480UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_33                                           , 0xf2006484UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_34                                           , 0xf2006488UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_35                                           , 0xf200648cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_36                                           , 0xf2006490UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_37                                           , 0xf2006494UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_38                                           , 0xf2006498UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_39                                           , 0xf200649cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_40                                           , 0xf20064a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_41                                           , 0xf20064a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_42                                           , 0xf20064a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_43                                           , 0xf20064acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_44                                           , 0xf20064b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_45                                           , 0xf20064b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_46                                           , 0xf20064b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_47                                           , 0xf20064bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_48                                           , 0xf20064c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_49                                           , 0xf20064c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_50                                           , 0xf20064c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_51                                           , 0xf20064ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_52                                           , 0xf20064d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_53                                           , 0xf20064d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_54                                           , 0xf20064d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_55                                           , 0xf20064dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_56                                           , 0xf20064e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_57                                           , 0xf20064e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_58                                           , 0xf20064e8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_59                                           , 0xf20064ecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_60                                           , 0xf20064f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_61                                           , 0xf20064f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_62                                           , 0xf20064f8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_63                                           , 0xf20064fcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_64                                           , 0xf2006500UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_65                                           , 0xf2006504UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_66                                           , 0xf2006508UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_67                                           , 0xf200650cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_68                                           , 0xf2006510UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_69                                           , 0xf2006514UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_70                                           , 0xf2006518UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_71                                           , 0xf200651cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_72                                           , 0xf2006520UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_73                                           , 0xf2006524UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_74                                           , 0xf2006528UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_75                                           , 0xf200652cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_76                                           , 0xf2006530UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_77                                           , 0xf2006534UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_78                                           , 0xf2006538UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_79                                           , 0xf200653cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_80                                           , 0xf2006540UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_81                                           , 0xf2006544UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_82                                           , 0xf2006548UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_83                                           , 0xf200654cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_84                                           , 0xf2006550UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_85                                           , 0xf2006554UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_86                                           , 0xf2006558UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_87                                           , 0xf200655cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_88                                           , 0xf2006560UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_89                                           , 0xf2006564UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_90                                           , 0xf2006568UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_91                                           , 0xf200656cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_92                                           , 0xf2006570UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_93                                           , 0xf2006574UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_94                                           , 0xf2006578UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_95                                           , 0xf200657cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_96                                           , 0xf2006580UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_97                                           , 0xf2006584UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_98                                           , 0xf2006588UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_99                                           , 0xf200658cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_100                                          , 0xf2006590UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_101                                          , 0xf2006594UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_102                                          , 0xf2006598UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_103                                          , 0xf200659cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_104                                          , 0xf20065a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_105                                          , 0xf20065a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_106                                          , 0xf20065a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_107                                          , 0xf20065acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_108                                          , 0xf20065b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_109                                          , 0xf20065b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_110                                          , 0xf20065b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_111                                          , 0xf20065bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_112                                          , 0xf20065c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_113                                          , 0xf20065c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_114                                          , 0xf20065c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_115                                          , 0xf20065ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_116                                          , 0xf20065d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_117                                          , 0xf20065d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_118                                          , 0xf20065d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_119                                          , 0xf20065dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_120                                          , 0xf20065e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_121                                          , 0xf20065e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_122                                          , 0xf20065e8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_123                                          , 0xf20065ecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_124                                          , 0xf20065f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_125                                          , 0xf20065f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_126                                          , 0xf20065f8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_127                                          , 0xf20065fcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_128                                          , 0xf2006600UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_129                                          , 0xf2006604UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_130                                          , 0xf2006608UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_131                                          , 0xf200660cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_132                                          , 0xf2006610UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_133                                          , 0xf2006614UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_134                                          , 0xf2006618UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_135                                          , 0xf200661cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_136                                          , 0xf2006620UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_137                                          , 0xf2006624UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_138                                          , 0xf2006628UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_139                                          , 0xf200662cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_140                                          , 0xf2006630UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_141                                          , 0xf2006634UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_142                                          , 0xf2006638UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_143                                          , 0xf200663cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_144                                          , 0xf2006640UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_145                                          , 0xf2006644UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_146                                          , 0xf2006648UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_147                                          , 0xf200664cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_148                                          , 0xf2006650UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_149                                          , 0xf2006654UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_150                                          , 0xf2006658UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_151                                          , 0xf200665cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_152                                          , 0xf2006660UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_153                                          , 0xf2006664UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_154                                          , 0xf2006668UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_155                                          , 0xf200666cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_156                                          , 0xf2006670UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_157                                          , 0xf2006674UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_158                                          , 0xf2006678UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_159                                          , 0xf200667cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_160                                          , 0xf2006680UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_161                                          , 0xf2006684UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_162                                          , 0xf2006688UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_163                                          , 0xf200668cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_164                                          , 0xf2006690UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_165                                          , 0xf2006694UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_166                                          , 0xf2006698UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_167                                          , 0xf200669cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_168                                          , 0xf20066a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_169                                          , 0xf20066a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_170                                          , 0xf20066a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_171                                          , 0xf20066acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_172                                          , 0xf20066b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_173                                          , 0xf20066b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_174                                          , 0xf20066b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_175                                          , 0xf20066bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_176                                          , 0xf20066c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_177                                          , 0xf20066c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_178                                          , 0xf20066c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_179                                          , 0xf20066ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_180                                          , 0xf20066d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_181                                          , 0xf20066d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_182                                          , 0xf20066d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_183                                          , 0xf20066dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_184                                          , 0xf20066e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_185                                          , 0xf20066e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_186                                          , 0xf20066e8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_187                                          , 0xf20066ecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_188                                          , 0xf20066f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_189                                          , 0xf20066f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_190                                          , 0xf20066f8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_191                                          , 0xf20066fcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_192                                          , 0xf2006700UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_193                                          , 0xf2006704UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_194                                          , 0xf2006708UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_195                                          , 0xf200670cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_196                                          , 0xf2006710UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_197                                          , 0xf2006714UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_198                                          , 0xf2006718UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_199                                          , 0xf200671cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_200                                          , 0xf2006720UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_201                                          , 0xf2006724UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_202                                          , 0xf2006728UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_203                                          , 0xf200672cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_204                                          , 0xf2006730UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_205                                          , 0xf2006734UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_206                                          , 0xf2006738UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_207                                          , 0xf200673cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_208                                          , 0xf2006740UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_209                                          , 0xf2006744UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_210                                          , 0xf2006748UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_211                                          , 0xf200674cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_212                                          , 0xf2006750UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_213                                          , 0xf2006754UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_214                                          , 0xf2006758UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_215                                          , 0xf200675cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_216                                          , 0xf2006760UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_217                                          , 0xf2006764UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_218                                          , 0xf2006768UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_219                                          , 0xf200676cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_220                                          , 0xf2006770UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_221                                          , 0xf2006774UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_222                                          , 0xf2006778UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_223                                          , 0xf200677cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_224                                          , 0xf2006780UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_225                                          , 0xf2006784UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_226                                          , 0xf2006788UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_227                                          , 0xf200678cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_228                                          , 0xf2006790UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_229                                          , 0xf2006794UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_230                                          , 0xf2006798UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_231                                          , 0xf200679cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_232                                          , 0xf20067a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_233                                          , 0xf20067a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_234                                          , 0xf20067a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_235                                          , 0xf20067acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_236                                          , 0xf20067b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_237                                          , 0xf20067b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_238                                          , 0xf20067b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_239                                          , 0xf20067bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_240                                          , 0xf20067c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_241                                          , 0xf20067c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_242                                          , 0xf20067c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_243                                          , 0xf20067ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_244                                          , 0xf20067d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_245                                          , 0xf20067d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_246                                          , 0xf20067d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_247                                          , 0xf20067dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_248                                          , 0xf20067e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_249                                          , 0xf20067e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_250                                          , 0xf20067e8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_251                                          , 0xf20067ecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_252                                          , 0xf20067f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_253                                          , 0xf20067f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_254                                          , 0xf20067f8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT_TBL_255                                          , 0xf20067fcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL                                              , 0xf2006800UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_1                                            , 0xf2006804UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_2                                            , 0xf2006808UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_3                                            , 0xf200680cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_4                                            , 0xf2006810UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_5                                            , 0xf2006814UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_6                                            , 0xf2006818UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_7                                            , 0xf200681cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_8                                            , 0xf2006820UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_9                                            , 0xf2006824UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_10                                           , 0xf2006828UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_11                                           , 0xf200682cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_12                                           , 0xf2006830UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_13                                           , 0xf2006834UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_14                                           , 0xf2006838UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_15                                           , 0xf200683cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_16                                           , 0xf2006840UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_17                                           , 0xf2006844UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_18                                           , 0xf2006848UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_19                                           , 0xf200684cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_20                                           , 0xf2006850UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_21                                           , 0xf2006854UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_22                                           , 0xf2006858UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_23                                           , 0xf200685cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_24                                           , 0xf2006860UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_25                                           , 0xf2006864UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_26                                           , 0xf2006868UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_27                                           , 0xf200686cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_28                                           , 0xf2006870UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_29                                           , 0xf2006874UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_30                                           , 0xf2006878UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_31                                           , 0xf200687cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_32                                           , 0xf2006880UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_33                                           , 0xf2006884UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_34                                           , 0xf2006888UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_35                                           , 0xf200688cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_36                                           , 0xf2006890UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_37                                           , 0xf2006894UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_38                                           , 0xf2006898UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_39                                           , 0xf200689cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_40                                           , 0xf20068a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_41                                           , 0xf20068a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_42                                           , 0xf20068a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_43                                           , 0xf20068acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_44                                           , 0xf20068b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_45                                           , 0xf20068b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_46                                           , 0xf20068b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_47                                           , 0xf20068bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_48                                           , 0xf20068c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_49                                           , 0xf20068c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_50                                           , 0xf20068c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_51                                           , 0xf20068ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_52                                           , 0xf20068d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_53                                           , 0xf20068d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_54                                           , 0xf20068d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_55                                           , 0xf20068dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_56                                           , 0xf20068e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_57                                           , 0xf20068e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_58                                           , 0xf20068e8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_59                                           , 0xf20068ecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_60                                           , 0xf20068f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_61                                           , 0xf20068f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_62                                           , 0xf20068f8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_63                                           , 0xf20068fcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_64                                           , 0xf2006900UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_65                                           , 0xf2006904UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_66                                           , 0xf2006908UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_67                                           , 0xf200690cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_68                                           , 0xf2006910UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_69                                           , 0xf2006914UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_70                                           , 0xf2006918UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_71                                           , 0xf200691cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_72                                           , 0xf2006920UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_73                                           , 0xf2006924UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_74                                           , 0xf2006928UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_75                                           , 0xf200692cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_76                                           , 0xf2006930UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_77                                           , 0xf2006934UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_78                                           , 0xf2006938UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_79                                           , 0xf200693cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_80                                           , 0xf2006940UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_81                                           , 0xf2006944UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_82                                           , 0xf2006948UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_83                                           , 0xf200694cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_84                                           , 0xf2006950UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_85                                           , 0xf2006954UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_86                                           , 0xf2006958UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_87                                           , 0xf200695cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_88                                           , 0xf2006960UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_89                                           , 0xf2006964UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_90                                           , 0xf2006968UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_91                                           , 0xf200696cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_92                                           , 0xf2006970UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_93                                           , 0xf2006974UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_94                                           , 0xf2006978UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_95                                           , 0xf200697cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_96                                           , 0xf2006980UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_97                                           , 0xf2006984UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_98                                           , 0xf2006988UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_99                                           , 0xf200698cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_100                                          , 0xf2006990UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_101                                          , 0xf2006994UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_102                                          , 0xf2006998UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_103                                          , 0xf200699cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_104                                          , 0xf20069a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_105                                          , 0xf20069a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_106                                          , 0xf20069a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_107                                          , 0xf20069acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_108                                          , 0xf20069b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_109                                          , 0xf20069b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_110                                          , 0xf20069b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_111                                          , 0xf20069bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_112                                          , 0xf20069c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_113                                          , 0xf20069c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_114                                          , 0xf20069c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_115                                          , 0xf20069ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_116                                          , 0xf20069d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_117                                          , 0xf20069d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_118                                          , 0xf20069d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_119                                          , 0xf20069dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_120                                          , 0xf20069e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_121                                          , 0xf20069e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_122                                          , 0xf20069e8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_123                                          , 0xf20069ecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_124                                          , 0xf20069f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_125                                          , 0xf20069f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_126                                          , 0xf20069f8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_127                                          , 0xf20069fcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_128                                          , 0xf2006a00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_129                                          , 0xf2006a04UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_130                                          , 0xf2006a08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_131                                          , 0xf2006a0cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_132                                          , 0xf2006a10UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_133                                          , 0xf2006a14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_134                                          , 0xf2006a18UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_135                                          , 0xf2006a1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_136                                          , 0xf2006a20UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_137                                          , 0xf2006a24UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_138                                          , 0xf2006a28UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_139                                          , 0xf2006a2cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_140                                          , 0xf2006a30UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_141                                          , 0xf2006a34UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_142                                          , 0xf2006a38UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_143                                          , 0xf2006a3cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_144                                          , 0xf2006a40UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_145                                          , 0xf2006a44UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_146                                          , 0xf2006a48UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_147                                          , 0xf2006a4cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_148                                          , 0xf2006a50UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_149                                          , 0xf2006a54UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_150                                          , 0xf2006a58UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_151                                          , 0xf2006a5cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_152                                          , 0xf2006a60UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_153                                          , 0xf2006a64UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_154                                          , 0xf2006a68UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_155                                          , 0xf2006a6cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_156                                          , 0xf2006a70UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_157                                          , 0xf2006a74UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_158                                          , 0xf2006a78UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_159                                          , 0xf2006a7cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_160                                          , 0xf2006a80UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_161                                          , 0xf2006a84UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_162                                          , 0xf2006a88UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_163                                          , 0xf2006a8cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_164                                          , 0xf2006a90UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_165                                          , 0xf2006a94UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_166                                          , 0xf2006a98UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_167                                          , 0xf2006a9cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_168                                          , 0xf2006aa0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_169                                          , 0xf2006aa4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_170                                          , 0xf2006aa8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_171                                          , 0xf2006aacUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_172                                          , 0xf2006ab0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_173                                          , 0xf2006ab4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_174                                          , 0xf2006ab8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_175                                          , 0xf2006abcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_176                                          , 0xf2006ac0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_177                                          , 0xf2006ac4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_178                                          , 0xf2006ac8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_179                                          , 0xf2006accUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_180                                          , 0xf2006ad0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_181                                          , 0xf2006ad4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_182                                          , 0xf2006ad8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_183                                          , 0xf2006adcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_184                                          , 0xf2006ae0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_185                                          , 0xf2006ae4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_186                                          , 0xf2006ae8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_187                                          , 0xf2006aecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_188                                          , 0xf2006af0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_189                                          , 0xf2006af4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_190                                          , 0xf2006af8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_191                                          , 0xf2006afcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_192                                          , 0xf2006b00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_193                                          , 0xf2006b04UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_194                                          , 0xf2006b08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_195                                          , 0xf2006b0cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_196                                          , 0xf2006b10UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_197                                          , 0xf2006b14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_198                                          , 0xf2006b18UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_199                                          , 0xf2006b1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_200                                          , 0xf2006b20UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_201                                          , 0xf2006b24UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_202                                          , 0xf2006b28UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_203                                          , 0xf2006b2cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_204                                          , 0xf2006b30UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_205                                          , 0xf2006b34UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_206                                          , 0xf2006b38UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_207                                          , 0xf2006b3cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_208                                          , 0xf2006b40UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_209                                          , 0xf2006b44UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_210                                          , 0xf2006b48UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_211                                          , 0xf2006b4cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_212                                          , 0xf2006b50UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_213                                          , 0xf2006b54UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_214                                          , 0xf2006b58UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_215                                          , 0xf2006b5cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_216                                          , 0xf2006b60UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_217                                          , 0xf2006b64UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_218                                          , 0xf2006b68UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_219                                          , 0xf2006b6cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_220                                          , 0xf2006b70UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_221                                          , 0xf2006b74UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_222                                          , 0xf2006b78UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_223                                          , 0xf2006b7cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_224                                          , 0xf2006b80UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_225                                          , 0xf2006b84UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_226                                          , 0xf2006b88UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_227                                          , 0xf2006b8cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_228                                          , 0xf2006b90UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_229                                          , 0xf2006b94UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_230                                          , 0xf2006b98UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_231                                          , 0xf2006b9cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_232                                          , 0xf2006ba0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_233                                          , 0xf2006ba4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_234                                          , 0xf2006ba8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_235                                          , 0xf2006bacUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_236                                          , 0xf2006bb0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_237                                          , 0xf2006bb4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_238                                          , 0xf2006bb8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_239                                          , 0xf2006bbcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_240                                          , 0xf2006bc0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_241                                          , 0xf2006bc4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_242                                          , 0xf2006bc8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_243                                          , 0xf2006bccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_244                                          , 0xf2006bd0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_245                                          , 0xf2006bd4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_246                                          , 0xf2006bd8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_247                                          , 0xf2006bdcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_248                                          , 0xf2006be0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_249                                          , 0xf2006be4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_250                                          , 0xf2006be8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_251                                          , 0xf2006becUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_252                                          , 0xf2006bf0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_253                                          , 0xf2006bf4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_254                                          , 0xf2006bf8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT_TBL_255                                          , 0xf2006bfcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL                                              , 0xf2006c00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_1                                            , 0xf2006c04UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_2                                            , 0xf2006c08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_3                                            , 0xf2006c0cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_4                                            , 0xf2006c10UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_5                                            , 0xf2006c14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_6                                            , 0xf2006c18UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_7                                            , 0xf2006c1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_8                                            , 0xf2006c20UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_9                                            , 0xf2006c24UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_10                                           , 0xf2006c28UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_11                                           , 0xf2006c2cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_12                                           , 0xf2006c30UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_13                                           , 0xf2006c34UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_14                                           , 0xf2006c38UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_15                                           , 0xf2006c3cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_16                                           , 0xf2006c40UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_17                                           , 0xf2006c44UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_18                                           , 0xf2006c48UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_19                                           , 0xf2006c4cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_20                                           , 0xf2006c50UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_21                                           , 0xf2006c54UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_22                                           , 0xf2006c58UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_23                                           , 0xf2006c5cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_24                                           , 0xf2006c60UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_25                                           , 0xf2006c64UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_26                                           , 0xf2006c68UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_27                                           , 0xf2006c6cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_28                                           , 0xf2006c70UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_29                                           , 0xf2006c74UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_30                                           , 0xf2006c78UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_31                                           , 0xf2006c7cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_32                                           , 0xf2006c80UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_33                                           , 0xf2006c84UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_34                                           , 0xf2006c88UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_35                                           , 0xf2006c8cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_36                                           , 0xf2006c90UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_37                                           , 0xf2006c94UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_38                                           , 0xf2006c98UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_39                                           , 0xf2006c9cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_40                                           , 0xf2006ca0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_41                                           , 0xf2006ca4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_42                                           , 0xf2006ca8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_43                                           , 0xf2006cacUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_44                                           , 0xf2006cb0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_45                                           , 0xf2006cb4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_46                                           , 0xf2006cb8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_47                                           , 0xf2006cbcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_48                                           , 0xf2006cc0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_49                                           , 0xf2006cc4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_50                                           , 0xf2006cc8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_51                                           , 0xf2006cccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_52                                           , 0xf2006cd0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_53                                           , 0xf2006cd4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_54                                           , 0xf2006cd8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_55                                           , 0xf2006cdcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_56                                           , 0xf2006ce0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_57                                           , 0xf2006ce4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_58                                           , 0xf2006ce8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_59                                           , 0xf2006cecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_60                                           , 0xf2006cf0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_61                                           , 0xf2006cf4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_62                                           , 0xf2006cf8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_63                                           , 0xf2006cfcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_64                                           , 0xf2006d00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_65                                           , 0xf2006d04UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_66                                           , 0xf2006d08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_67                                           , 0xf2006d0cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_68                                           , 0xf2006d10UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_69                                           , 0xf2006d14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_70                                           , 0xf2006d18UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_71                                           , 0xf2006d1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_72                                           , 0xf2006d20UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_73                                           , 0xf2006d24UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_74                                           , 0xf2006d28UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_75                                           , 0xf2006d2cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_76                                           , 0xf2006d30UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_77                                           , 0xf2006d34UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_78                                           , 0xf2006d38UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_79                                           , 0xf2006d3cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_80                                           , 0xf2006d40UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_81                                           , 0xf2006d44UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_82                                           , 0xf2006d48UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_83                                           , 0xf2006d4cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_84                                           , 0xf2006d50UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_85                                           , 0xf2006d54UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_86                                           , 0xf2006d58UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_87                                           , 0xf2006d5cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_88                                           , 0xf2006d60UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_89                                           , 0xf2006d64UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_90                                           , 0xf2006d68UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_91                                           , 0xf2006d6cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_92                                           , 0xf2006d70UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_93                                           , 0xf2006d74UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_94                                           , 0xf2006d78UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_95                                           , 0xf2006d7cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_96                                           , 0xf2006d80UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_97                                           , 0xf2006d84UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_98                                           , 0xf2006d88UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_99                                           , 0xf2006d8cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_100                                          , 0xf2006d90UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_101                                          , 0xf2006d94UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_102                                          , 0xf2006d98UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_103                                          , 0xf2006d9cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_104                                          , 0xf2006da0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_105                                          , 0xf2006da4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_106                                          , 0xf2006da8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_107                                          , 0xf2006dacUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_108                                          , 0xf2006db0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_109                                          , 0xf2006db4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_110                                          , 0xf2006db8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_111                                          , 0xf2006dbcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_112                                          , 0xf2006dc0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_113                                          , 0xf2006dc4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_114                                          , 0xf2006dc8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_115                                          , 0xf2006dccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_116                                          , 0xf2006dd0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_117                                          , 0xf2006dd4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_118                                          , 0xf2006dd8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_119                                          , 0xf2006ddcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_120                                          , 0xf2006de0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_121                                          , 0xf2006de4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_122                                          , 0xf2006de8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_123                                          , 0xf2006decUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_124                                          , 0xf2006df0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_125                                          , 0xf2006df4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_126                                          , 0xf2006df8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_127                                          , 0xf2006dfcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_128                                          , 0xf2006e00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_129                                          , 0xf2006e04UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_130                                          , 0xf2006e08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_131                                          , 0xf2006e0cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_132                                          , 0xf2006e10UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_133                                          , 0xf2006e14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_134                                          , 0xf2006e18UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_135                                          , 0xf2006e1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_136                                          , 0xf2006e20UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_137                                          , 0xf2006e24UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_138                                          , 0xf2006e28UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_139                                          , 0xf2006e2cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_140                                          , 0xf2006e30UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_141                                          , 0xf2006e34UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_142                                          , 0xf2006e38UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_143                                          , 0xf2006e3cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_144                                          , 0xf2006e40UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_145                                          , 0xf2006e44UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_146                                          , 0xf2006e48UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_147                                          , 0xf2006e4cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_148                                          , 0xf2006e50UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_149                                          , 0xf2006e54UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_150                                          , 0xf2006e58UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_151                                          , 0xf2006e5cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_152                                          , 0xf2006e60UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_153                                          , 0xf2006e64UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_154                                          , 0xf2006e68UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_155                                          , 0xf2006e6cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_156                                          , 0xf2006e70UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_157                                          , 0xf2006e74UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_158                                          , 0xf2006e78UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_159                                          , 0xf2006e7cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_160                                          , 0xf2006e80UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_161                                          , 0xf2006e84UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_162                                          , 0xf2006e88UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_163                                          , 0xf2006e8cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_164                                          , 0xf2006e90UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_165                                          , 0xf2006e94UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_166                                          , 0xf2006e98UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_167                                          , 0xf2006e9cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_168                                          , 0xf2006ea0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_169                                          , 0xf2006ea4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_170                                          , 0xf2006ea8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_171                                          , 0xf2006eacUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_172                                          , 0xf2006eb0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_173                                          , 0xf2006eb4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_174                                          , 0xf2006eb8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_175                                          , 0xf2006ebcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_176                                          , 0xf2006ec0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_177                                          , 0xf2006ec4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_178                                          , 0xf2006ec8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_179                                          , 0xf2006eccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_180                                          , 0xf2006ed0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_181                                          , 0xf2006ed4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_182                                          , 0xf2006ed8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_183                                          , 0xf2006edcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_184                                          , 0xf2006ee0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_185                                          , 0xf2006ee4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_186                                          , 0xf2006ee8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_187                                          , 0xf2006eecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_188                                          , 0xf2006ef0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_189                                          , 0xf2006ef4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_190                                          , 0xf2006ef8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_191                                          , 0xf2006efcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_192                                          , 0xf2006f00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_193                                          , 0xf2006f04UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_194                                          , 0xf2006f08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_195                                          , 0xf2006f0cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_196                                          , 0xf2006f10UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_197                                          , 0xf2006f14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_198                                          , 0xf2006f18UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_199                                          , 0xf2006f1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_200                                          , 0xf2006f20UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_201                                          , 0xf2006f24UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_202                                          , 0xf2006f28UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_203                                          , 0xf2006f2cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_204                                          , 0xf2006f30UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_205                                          , 0xf2006f34UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_206                                          , 0xf2006f38UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_207                                          , 0xf2006f3cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_208                                          , 0xf2006f40UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_209                                          , 0xf2006f44UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_210                                          , 0xf2006f48UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_211                                          , 0xf2006f4cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_212                                          , 0xf2006f50UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_213                                          , 0xf2006f54UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_214                                          , 0xf2006f58UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_215                                          , 0xf2006f5cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_216                                          , 0xf2006f60UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_217                                          , 0xf2006f64UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_218                                          , 0xf2006f68UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_219                                          , 0xf2006f6cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_220                                          , 0xf2006f70UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_221                                          , 0xf2006f74UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_222                                          , 0xf2006f78UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_223                                          , 0xf2006f7cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_224                                          , 0xf2006f80UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_225                                          , 0xf2006f84UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_226                                          , 0xf2006f88UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_227                                          , 0xf2006f8cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_228                                          , 0xf2006f90UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_229                                          , 0xf2006f94UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_230                                          , 0xf2006f98UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_231                                          , 0xf2006f9cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_232                                          , 0xf2006fa0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_233                                          , 0xf2006fa4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_234                                          , 0xf2006fa8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_235                                          , 0xf2006facUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_236                                          , 0xf2006fb0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_237                                          , 0xf2006fb4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_238                                          , 0xf2006fb8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_239                                          , 0xf2006fbcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_240                                          , 0xf2006fc0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_241                                          , 0xf2006fc4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_242                                          , 0xf2006fc8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_243                                          , 0xf2006fccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_244                                          , 0xf2006fd0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_245                                          , 0xf2006fd4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_246                                          , 0xf2006fd8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_247                                          , 0xf2006fdcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_248                                          , 0xf2006fe0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_249                                          , 0xf2006fe4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_250                                          , 0xf2006fe8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_251                                          , 0xf2006fecUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_252                                          , 0xf2006ff0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_253                                          , 0xf2006ff4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_254                                          , 0xf2006ff8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_TBL_255                                          , 0xf2006ffcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1INP_UPDATE                                                , 0xf2007400UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1INP_SEL_CNT                                               , 0xf2007404UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1INP_EXT_SYNC_CNT                                          , 0xf2007408UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1INP_VSYNC_PH_ADJ                                          , 0xf200740cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1INP_DLY_ADJ                                               , 0xf2007410UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1IMGCNT_UPDATE                                             , 0xf2007480UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1IMGCNT_MTX_MODE                                           , 0xf20074a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1IMGCNT_MTX_YG_ADJ0                                        , 0xf20074a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1IMGCNT_MTX_YG_ADJ1                                        , 0xf20074a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1IMGCNT_MTX_CBB_ADJ0                                       , 0xf20074acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1IMGCNT_MTX_CBB_ADJ1                                       , 0xf20074b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1IMGCNT_MTX_CRR_ADJ0                                       , 0xf20074b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1IMGCNT_MTX_CRR_ADJ1                                       , 0xf20074b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1IMGCNT_DRC_REG                                            , 0xf20074c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_UPDATE                                           , 0xf2007500UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_FRC1                                             , 0xf2007504UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_FRC2                                             , 0xf2007508UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_FRC3                                             , 0xf200750cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_FRC4                                             , 0xf2007510UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_FRC5                                             , 0xf2007514UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_FRC6                                             , 0xf2007518UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_FRC7                                             , 0xf200751cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_FRC9                                             , 0xf2007524UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_MON0                                             , 0xf2007528UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_INT                                              , 0xf200752aUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_DS1                                              , 0xf200752cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_DS2                                              , 0xf2007530UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_DS3                                              , 0xf2007534UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_DS4                                              , 0xf2007538UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_DS5                                              , 0xf200753cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_DS6                                              , 0xf2007540UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_DS7                                              , 0xf2007544UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_US1                                              , 0xf2007548UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_US2                                              , 0xf200754cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_US3                                              , 0xf2007550UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_US4                                              , 0xf2007554UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_US5                                              , 0xf2007558UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_US6                                              , 0xf200755cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_US7                                              , 0xf2007560UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_US8                                              , 0xf2007564UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL0_OVR1                                             , 0xf200756cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL1_UPDATE                                           , 0xf2007580UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL1_WR1                                              , 0xf2007588UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL1_WR2                                              , 0xf200758cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL1_WR3                                              , 0xf2007590UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL1_WR4                                              , 0xf2007594UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL1_WR5                                              , 0xf200759cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL1_WR6                                              , 0xf20075a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL1_WR7                                              , 0xf20075a4UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL1_WR8                                              , 0xf20075a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL1_WR9                                              , 0xf20075acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL1_WR10                                             , 0xf20075b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC0_SCL1_WR11                                             , 0xf20075b4UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_UPDATE                                                , 0xf2007600UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_FLM_RD                                                , 0xf2007604UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_FLM1                                                  , 0xf2007608UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_FLM2                                                  , 0xf200760cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_FLM3                                                  , 0xf2007610UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_FLM4                                                  , 0xf2007614UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_FLM5                                                  , 0xf2007618UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_FLM6                                                  , 0xf200761cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_AB1                                                   , 0xf2007620UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_AB2                                                   , 0xf2007624UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_AB3                                                   , 0xf2007628UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_AB7                                                   , 0xf2007638UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_AB8                                                   , 0xf200763cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_AB9                                                   , 0xf2007640UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_AB10                                                  , 0xf2007644UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_AB11                                                  , 0xf2007648UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_BASE                                                  , 0xf200764cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR0_CLUT                                                  , 0xf2007650UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1ADJ0_UPDATE                                               , 0xf2007680UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1ADJ0_MTX_MODE                                             , 0xf20076b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1ADJ0_MTX_YG_ADJ0                                          , 0xf20076b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1ADJ0_MTX_YG_ADJ1                                          , 0xf20076bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1ADJ0_MTX_CBB_ADJ0                                         , 0xf20076c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1ADJ0_MTX_CBB_ADJ1                                         , 0xf20076c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1ADJ0_MTX_CRR_ADJ0                                         , 0xf20076c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1ADJ0_MTX_CRR_ADJ1                                         , 0xf20076ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_UPDATE                                                , 0xf2007700UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_FLM_RD                                                , 0xf2007704UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_FLM1                                                  , 0xf2007708UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_FLM2                                                  , 0xf200770cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_FLM3                                                  , 0xf2007710UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_FLM4                                                  , 0xf2007714UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_FLM5                                                  , 0xf2007718UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_FLM6                                                  , 0xf200771cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_AB1                                                   , 0xf2007720UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_AB2                                                   , 0xf2007724UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_AB3                                                   , 0xf2007728UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_AB4                                                   , 0xf200772cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_AB5                                                   , 0xf2007730UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_AB6                                                   , 0xf2007734UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_AB7                                                   , 0xf2007738UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_AB8                                                   , 0xf200773cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_AB9                                                   , 0xf2007740UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_AB10                                                  , 0xf2007744UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_AB11                                                  , 0xf2007748UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_BASE                                                  , 0xf200774cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_CLUT                                                  , 0xf2007750UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR2_MON                                                   , 0xf2007754UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_UPDATE                                                , 0xf2007780UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_FLM_RD                                                , 0xf2007784UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_FLM1                                                  , 0xf2007788UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_FLM2                                                  , 0xf200778cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_FLM3                                                  , 0xf2007790UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_FLM4                                                  , 0xf2007794UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_FLM5                                                  , 0xf2007798UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_FLM6                                                  , 0xf200779cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_AB1                                                   , 0xf20077a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_AB2                                                   , 0xf20077a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_AB3                                                   , 0xf20077a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_AB4                                                   , 0xf20077acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_AB5                                                   , 0xf20077b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_AB6                                                   , 0xf20077b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_AB7                                                   , 0xf20077b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_AB8                                                   , 0xf20077bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_AB9                                                   , 0xf20077c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_AB10                                                  , 0xf20077c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_AB11                                                  , 0xf20077c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_BASE                                                  , 0xf20077ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_CLUT_INT                                              , 0xf20077d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR3_MON                                                   , 0xf20077d4UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_UPDATE                                              , 0xf2007800UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_SW                                                    , 0xf2007804UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_LUT1                                                , 0xf2007808UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_LUT2                                                , 0xf200780cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_LUT3                                                , 0xf2007810UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_LUT4                                                , 0xf2007814UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_LUT5                                                , 0xf2007818UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_LUT6                                                , 0xf200781cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_LUT7                                                , 0xf2007820UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_LUT8                                                , 0xf2007824UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_LUT9                                                , 0xf2007828UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_LUT10                                               , 0xf200782cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_LUT11                                               , 0xf2007830UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_LUT12                                               , 0xf2007834UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_LUT13                                               , 0xf2007838UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_LUT14                                               , 0xf200783cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_LUT15                                               , 0xf2007840UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_LUT16                                               , 0xf2007844UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_AREA1                                               , 0xf2007848UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_AREA2                                               , 0xf200784cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_AREA3                                               , 0xf2007850UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_AREA4                                               , 0xf2007854UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_AREA5                                               , 0xf2007858UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_AREA6                                               , 0xf200785cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_AREA7                                               , 0xf2007860UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_G_AREA8                                               , 0xf2007864UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_UPDATE                                              , 0xf2007880UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_LUT1                                                , 0xf2007888UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_LUT2                                                , 0xf200788cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_LUT3                                                , 0xf2007890UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_LUT4                                                , 0xf2007894UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_LUT5                                                , 0xf2007898UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_LUT6                                                , 0xf200789cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_LUT7                                                , 0xf20078a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_LUT8                                                , 0xf20078a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_LUT9                                                , 0xf20078a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_LUT10                                               , 0xf20078acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_LUT11                                               , 0xf20078b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_LUT12                                               , 0xf20078b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_LUT13                                               , 0xf20078b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_LUT14                                               , 0xf20078bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_LUT15                                               , 0xf20078c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_LUT16                                               , 0xf20078c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_AREA1                                               , 0xf20078c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_AREA2                                               , 0xf20078ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_AREA3                                               , 0xf20078d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_AREA4                                               , 0xf20078d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_AREA5                                               , 0xf20078d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_AREA6                                               , 0xf20078dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_AREA7                                               , 0xf20078e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_B_AREA8                                               , 0xf20078e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_UPDATE                                              , 0xf2007900UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_LUT1                                                , 0xf2007908UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_LUT2                                                , 0xf200790cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_LUT3                                                , 0xf2007910UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_LUT4                                                , 0xf2007914UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_LUT5                                                , 0xf2007918UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_LUT6                                                , 0xf200791cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_LUT7                                                , 0xf2007920UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_LUT8                                                , 0xf2007924UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_LUT9                                                , 0xf2007928UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_LUT10                                               , 0xf200792cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_LUT11                                               , 0xf2007930UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_LUT12                                               , 0xf2007934UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_LUT13                                               , 0xf2007938UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_LUT14                                               , 0xf200793cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_LUT15                                               , 0xf2007940UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_LUT16                                               , 0xf2007944UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_AREA1                                               , 0xf2007948UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_AREA2                                               , 0xf200794cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_AREA3                                               , 0xf2007950UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_AREA4                                               , 0xf2007954UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_AREA5                                               , 0xf2007958UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_AREA6                                               , 0xf200795cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_AREA7                                               , 0xf2007960UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GAM_R_AREA8                                               , 0xf2007964UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1TCON_UPDATE                                               , 0xf2007980UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1TCON_TIM                                                  , 0xf2007984UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1TCON_TIM_STVA1                                            , 0xf2007988UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1TCON_TIM_STVA2                                            , 0xf200798cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1TCON_TIM_STVB1                                            , 0xf2007990UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1TCON_TIM_STVB2                                            , 0xf2007994UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1TCON_TIM_STH1                                             , 0xf2007998UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1TCON_TIM_STH2                                             , 0xf200799cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1TCON_TIM_STB1                                             , 0xf20079a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1TCON_TIM_STB2                                             , 0xf20079a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1TCON_TIM_CPV1                                             , 0xf20079a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1TCON_TIM_CPV2                                             , 0xf20079acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1TCON_TIM_POLA1                                            , 0xf20079b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1TCON_TIM_POLA2                                            , 0xf20079b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1TCON_TIM_POLB1                                            , 0xf20079b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1TCON_TIM_POLB2                                            , 0xf20079bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1TCON_TIM_DE                                               , 0xf20079c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OUT_UPDATE                                                , 0xf2007a00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OUT_SET                                                   , 0xf2007a04UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OUT_BRIGHT1                                               , 0xf2007a08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OUT_BRIGHT2                                               , 0xf2007a0cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OUT_CONTRAST                                              , 0xf2007a10UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OUT_PDTHA                                                 , 0xf2007a14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OUT_CLK_PHASE                                             , 0xf2007a24UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SYSCNT_INT1                                               , 0xf2007a80UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SYSCNT_INT2                                               , 0xf2007a84UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SYSCNT_INT3                                               , 0xf2007a88UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SYSCNT_INT4                                               , 0xf2007a8cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SYSCNT_INT5                                               , 0xf2007a90UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SYSCNT_INT6                                               , 0xf2007a94UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SYSCNT_CLUT                                               , 0xf2007a9aUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1DEMODE0                                                   , 0xf2007b3cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1DEMODE1                                                   , 0xf2007b40UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC1_SCL0_UPDATE                                           , 0xf2007c00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC1_SCL0_FRC1                                             , 0xf2007c04UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC1_SCL0_FRC2                                             , 0xf2007c08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC1_SCL0_FRC3                                             , 0xf2007c0cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC1_SCL0_FRC4                                             , 0xf2007c10UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC1_SCL0_FRC5                                             , 0xf2007c14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC1_SCL0_FRC6                                             , 0xf2007c18UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC1_SCL0_FRC7                                             , 0xf2007c1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC1_SCL0_FRC9                                             , 0xf2007c24UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC1_SCL0_DS1                                              , 0xf2007c2cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC1_SCL0_DS6                                              , 0xf2007c40UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC1_SCL0_US1                                              , 0xf2007c48UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC1_SCL0_US2                                              , 0xf2007c4cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC1_SCL0_US3                                              , 0xf2007c50UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC1_SCL0_US4                                              , 0xf2007c54UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC1_SCL0_US5                                              , 0xf2007c58UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC1_SCL0_US6                                              , 0xf2007c5cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC1_SCL0_US7                                              , 0xf2007c60UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC1_SCL0_US8                                              , 0xf2007c64UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1SC1_SCL0_OVR1                                             , 0xf2007c6cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_UPDATE                                                , 0xf2007d00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_FLM_RD                                                , 0xf2007d04UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_FLM1                                                  , 0xf2007d08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_FLM2                                                  , 0xf2007d0cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_FLM3                                                  , 0xf2007d10UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_FLM4                                                  , 0xf2007d14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_FLM5                                                  , 0xf2007d18UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_FLM6                                                  , 0xf2007d1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_AB1                                                   , 0xf2007d20UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_AB2                                                   , 0xf2007d24UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_AB3                                                   , 0xf2007d28UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_AB4                                                   , 0xf2007d2cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_AB5                                                   , 0xf2007d30UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_AB6                                                   , 0xf2007d34UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_AB7                                                   , 0xf2007d38UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_AB8                                                   , 0xf2007d3cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_AB9                                                   , 0xf2007d40UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_AB10                                                  , 0xf2007d44UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_AB11                                                  , 0xf2007d48UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_BASE                                                  , 0xf2007d4cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_CLUT                                                  , 0xf2007d50UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR1_MON                                                   , 0xf2007d54UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1ADJ1_UPDATE                                               , 0xf2007d80UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1ADJ1_MTX_MODE                                             , 0xf2007db4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1ADJ1_MTX_YG_ADJ0                                          , 0xf2007db8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1ADJ1_MTX_YG_ADJ1                                          , 0xf2007dbcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1ADJ1_MTX_CBB_ADJ0                                         , 0xf2007dc0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1ADJ1_MTX_CBB_ADJ1                                         , 0xf2007dc4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1ADJ1_MTX_CRR_ADJ0                                         , 0xf2007dc8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1ADJ1_MTX_CRR_ADJ1                                         , 0xf2007dccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_VIN_UPDATE                                             , 0xf2007e00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_VIN_AB1                                                , 0xf2007e20UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_VIN_AB2                                                , 0xf2007e24UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_VIN_AB3                                                , 0xf2007e28UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_VIN_AB4                                                , 0xf2007e2cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_VIN_AB5                                                , 0xf2007e30UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_VIN_AB6                                                , 0xf2007e34UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_VIN_AB7                                                , 0xf2007e38UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_VIN_BASE                                               , 0xf2007e4cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_VIN_MON                                                , 0xf2007e54UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OIR_SCL0_UPDATE                                           , 0xf2007e80UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OIR_SCL0_FRC1                                             , 0xf2007e84UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OIR_SCL0_FRC2                                             , 0xf2007e88UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OIR_SCL0_FRC3                                             , 0xf2007e8cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OIR_SCL0_FRC4                                             , 0xf2007e90UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OIR_SCL0_FRC5                                             , 0xf2007e94UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OIR_SCL0_FRC6                                             , 0xf2007e98UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OIR_SCL0_FRC7                                             , 0xf2007e9cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OIR_SCL0_DS1                                              , 0xf2007eacUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OIR_SCL0_DS2                                              , 0xf2007eb0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OIR_SCL0_DS3                                              , 0xf2007eb4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OIR_SCL0_DS7                                              , 0xf2007ec4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OIR_SCL0_US1                                              , 0xf2007ec8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OIR_SCL0_US2                                              , 0xf2007eccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OIR_SCL0_US3                                              , 0xf2007ed0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OIR_SCL0_US8                                              , 0xf2007ee4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OIR_SCL1_UPDATE                                           , 0xf2007f00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OIR_SCL1_WR1                                              , 0xf2007f08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1OIR_SCL1_WR5                                              , 0xf2007f1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_OIR_UPDATE                                             , 0xf2007f80UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_OIR_FLM_RD                                             , 0xf2007f84UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_OIR_FLM1                                               , 0xf2007f88UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_OIR_FLM2                                               , 0xf2007f8cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_OIR_FLM3                                               , 0xf2007f90UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_OIR_FLM4                                               , 0xf2007f94UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_OIR_FLM5                                               , 0xf2007f98UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_OIR_FLM6                                               , 0xf2007f9cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_OIR_AB1                                                , 0xf2007fa0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_OIR_AB2                                                , 0xf2007fa4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_OIR_AB3                                                , 0xf2007fa8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_OIR_AB7                                                , 0xf2007fb8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_OIR_AB8                                                , 0xf2007fbcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_OIR_AB9                                                , 0xf2007fc0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_OIR_BASE                                               , 0xf2007fccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_OIR_CLUT                                               , 0xf2007fd0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( VDCE1GR_OIR_MON                                                , 0xf2007fd4UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM0DOCMCR                                                  , 0xf2009000UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM0DOCMSTR                                                 , 0xf2009004UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM0DOCMCLSTR                                               , 0xf2009008UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM0DOCMIENR                                                , 0xf200900cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM0DOCMPMR                                                 , 0xf2009014UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM0DOCMECRCR                                               , 0xf2009018UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM0DOCMCCRCR                                               , 0xf200901cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM0DOCMSPXR                                                , 0xf2009020UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM0DOCMSPYR                                                , 0xf2009024UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM0DOCMSZXR                                                , 0xf2009028UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM0DOCMSZYR                                                , 0xf200902cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM0DOCMCRCIR                                               , 0xf2009030UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM1DOCMCR                                                  , 0xf2009400UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM1DOCMSTR                                                 , 0xf2009404UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM1DOCMCLSTR                                               , 0xf2009408UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM1DOCMIENR                                                , 0xf200940cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM1DOCMPMR                                                 , 0xf2009414UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM1DOCMECRCR                                               , 0xf2009418UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM1DOCMCCRCR                                               , 0xf200941cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM1DOCMSPXR                                                , 0xf2009420UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM1DOCMSPYR                                                , 0xf2009424UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM1DOCMSZXR                                                , 0xf2009428UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM1DOCMSZYR                                                , 0xf200942cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM1DOCMCRCIR                                               , 0xf2009430UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM2DOCMCR                                                  , 0xf2009800UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM2DOCMSTR                                                 , 0xf2009804UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM2DOCMCLSTR                                               , 0xf2009808UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM2DOCMIENR                                                , 0xf200980cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM2DOCMPMR                                                 , 0xf2009814UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM2DOCMECRCR                                               , 0xf2009818UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM2DOCMCCRCR                                               , 0xf200981cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM2DOCMSPXR                                                , 0xf2009820UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM2DOCMSPYR                                                , 0xf2009824UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM2DOCMSZXR                                                , 0xf2009828UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM2DOCMSZYR                                                , 0xf200982cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM2DOCMCRCIR                                               , 0xf2009830UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM3DOCMCR                                                  , 0xf2009c00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM3DOCMSTR                                                 , 0xf2009c04UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM3DOCMCLSTR                                               , 0xf2009c08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM3DOCMIENR                                                , 0xf2009c0cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM3DOCMPMR                                                 , 0xf2009c14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM3DOCMECRCR                                               , 0xf2009c18UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM3DOCMCCRCR                                               , 0xf2009c1cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM3DOCMSPXR                                                , 0xf2009c20UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM3DOCMSPYR                                                , 0xf2009c24UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM3DOCMSZXR                                                , 0xf2009c28UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM3DOCMSZYR                                                , 0xf2009c2cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( DISCOM3DOCMCRCIR                                               , 0xf2009c30UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PRLB0PRL0REG                                                   , 0xf200a000UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PRLB0PRL1REG                                                   , 0xf200a004UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PRLB0PRL2REG                                                   , 0xf200a008UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PRLB0PRL3REG                                                   , 0xf200a00cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCMOD                                                     , 0xf200c000UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCCMD                                                     , 0xf200c001UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTN                                                     , 0xf200c003UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTN                                                     , 0xf200c004UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCDRIU                                                    , 0xf200c005UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCDRID                                                    , 0xf200c006UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCVSZU                                                    , 0xf200c007UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCVSZD                                                    , 0xf200c008UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHSZU                                                    , 0xf200c009UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHSZD                                                    , 0xf200c00aUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCDTCU                                                    , 0xf200c00bUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCDTCM                                                    , 0xf200c00cUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCDTCD                                                    , 0xf200c00dUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JINTE0                                                    , 0xf200c00eUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JINTS0                                                    , 0xf200c00fUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCDERR                                                    , 0xf200c010UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCRST                                                     , 0xf200c011UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JIFECNT                                                   , 0xf200c040UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JIFESA                                                    , 0xf200c044UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JIFESOFST                                                 , 0xf200c048UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JIFEDA                                                    , 0xf200c04cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JIFESLC                                                   , 0xf200c050UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JIFEDDC                                                   , 0xf200c054UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JIFDCNT                                                   , 0xf200c058UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JIFDSA                                                    , 0xf200c05cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JIFDDOFST                                                 , 0xf200c060UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JIFDDA                                                    , 0xf200c064UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JIFDSDC                                                   , 0xf200c068UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JIFDDLC                                                   , 0xf200c06cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JIFDADT                                                   , 0xf200c070UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JINTE1                                                    , 0xf200c08cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JINTS1                                                    , 0xf200c090UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JIFESVSZ                                                  , 0xf200c094UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JIFESHSZ                                                  , 0xf200c098UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0                                                   , 0xf200c100UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_1                                                 , 0xf200c101UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_2                                                 , 0xf200c102UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_3                                                 , 0xf200c103UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_4                                                 , 0xf200c104UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_5                                                 , 0xf200c105UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_6                                                 , 0xf200c106UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_7                                                 , 0xf200c107UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_8                                                 , 0xf200c108UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_9                                                 , 0xf200c109UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_10                                                , 0xf200c10aUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_11                                                , 0xf200c10bUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_12                                                , 0xf200c10cUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_13                                                , 0xf200c10dUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_14                                                , 0xf200c10eUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_15                                                , 0xf200c10fUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_16                                                , 0xf200c110UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_17                                                , 0xf200c111UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_18                                                , 0xf200c112UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_19                                                , 0xf200c113UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_20                                                , 0xf200c114UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_21                                                , 0xf200c115UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_22                                                , 0xf200c116UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_23                                                , 0xf200c117UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_24                                                , 0xf200c118UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_25                                                , 0xf200c119UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_26                                                , 0xf200c11aUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_27                                                , 0xf200c11bUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_28                                                , 0xf200c11cUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_29                                                , 0xf200c11dUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_30                                                , 0xf200c11eUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_31                                                , 0xf200c11fUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_32                                                , 0xf200c120UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_33                                                , 0xf200c121UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_34                                                , 0xf200c122UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_35                                                , 0xf200c123UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_36                                                , 0xf200c124UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_37                                                , 0xf200c125UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_38                                                , 0xf200c126UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_39                                                , 0xf200c127UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_40                                                , 0xf200c128UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_41                                                , 0xf200c129UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_42                                                , 0xf200c12aUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_43                                                , 0xf200c12bUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_44                                                , 0xf200c12cUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_45                                                , 0xf200c12dUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_46                                                , 0xf200c12eUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_47                                                , 0xf200c12fUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_48                                                , 0xf200c130UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_49                                                , 0xf200c131UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_50                                                , 0xf200c132UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_51                                                , 0xf200c133UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_52                                                , 0xf200c134UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_53                                                , 0xf200c135UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_54                                                , 0xf200c136UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_55                                                , 0xf200c137UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_56                                                , 0xf200c138UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_57                                                , 0xf200c139UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_58                                                , 0xf200c13aUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_59                                                , 0xf200c13bUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_60                                                , 0xf200c13cUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_61                                                , 0xf200c13dUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_62                                                , 0xf200c13eUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL0_63                                                , 0xf200c13fUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1                                                   , 0xf200c140UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_1                                                 , 0xf200c141UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_2                                                 , 0xf200c142UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_3                                                 , 0xf200c143UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_4                                                 , 0xf200c144UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_5                                                 , 0xf200c145UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_6                                                 , 0xf200c146UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_7                                                 , 0xf200c147UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_8                                                 , 0xf200c148UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_9                                                 , 0xf200c149UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_10                                                , 0xf200c14aUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_11                                                , 0xf200c14bUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_12                                                , 0xf200c14cUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_13                                                , 0xf200c14dUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_14                                                , 0xf200c14eUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_15                                                , 0xf200c14fUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_16                                                , 0xf200c150UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_17                                                , 0xf200c151UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_18                                                , 0xf200c152UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_19                                                , 0xf200c153UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_20                                                , 0xf200c154UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_21                                                , 0xf200c155UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_22                                                , 0xf200c156UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_23                                                , 0xf200c157UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_24                                                , 0xf200c158UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_25                                                , 0xf200c159UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_26                                                , 0xf200c15aUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_27                                                , 0xf200c15bUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_28                                                , 0xf200c15cUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_29                                                , 0xf200c15dUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_30                                                , 0xf200c15eUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_31                                                , 0xf200c15fUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_32                                                , 0xf200c160UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_33                                                , 0xf200c161UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_34                                                , 0xf200c162UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_35                                                , 0xf200c163UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_36                                                , 0xf200c164UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_37                                                , 0xf200c165UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_38                                                , 0xf200c166UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_39                                                , 0xf200c167UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_40                                                , 0xf200c168UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_41                                                , 0xf200c169UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_42                                                , 0xf200c16aUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_43                                                , 0xf200c16bUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_44                                                , 0xf200c16cUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_45                                                , 0xf200c16dUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_46                                                , 0xf200c16eUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_47                                                , 0xf200c16fUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_48                                                , 0xf200c170UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_49                                                , 0xf200c171UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_50                                                , 0xf200c172UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_51                                                , 0xf200c173UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_52                                                , 0xf200c174UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_53                                                , 0xf200c175UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_54                                                , 0xf200c176UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_55                                                , 0xf200c177UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_56                                                , 0xf200c178UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_57                                                , 0xf200c179UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_58                                                , 0xf200c17aUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_59                                                , 0xf200c17bUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_60                                                , 0xf200c17cUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_61                                                , 0xf200c17dUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_62                                                , 0xf200c17eUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL1_63                                                , 0xf200c17fUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2                                                   , 0xf200c180UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_1                                                 , 0xf200c181UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_2                                                 , 0xf200c182UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_3                                                 , 0xf200c183UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_4                                                 , 0xf200c184UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_5                                                 , 0xf200c185UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_6                                                 , 0xf200c186UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_7                                                 , 0xf200c187UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_8                                                 , 0xf200c188UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_9                                                 , 0xf200c189UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_10                                                , 0xf200c18aUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_11                                                , 0xf200c18bUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_12                                                , 0xf200c18cUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_13                                                , 0xf200c18dUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_14                                                , 0xf200c18eUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_15                                                , 0xf200c18fUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_16                                                , 0xf200c190UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_17                                                , 0xf200c191UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_18                                                , 0xf200c192UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_19                                                , 0xf200c193UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_20                                                , 0xf200c194UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_21                                                , 0xf200c195UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_22                                                , 0xf200c196UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_23                                                , 0xf200c197UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_24                                                , 0xf200c198UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_25                                                , 0xf200c199UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_26                                                , 0xf200c19aUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_27                                                , 0xf200c19bUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_28                                                , 0xf200c19cUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_29                                                , 0xf200c19dUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_30                                                , 0xf200c19eUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_31                                                , 0xf200c19fUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_32                                                , 0xf200c1a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_33                                                , 0xf200c1a1UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_34                                                , 0xf200c1a2UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_35                                                , 0xf200c1a3UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_36                                                , 0xf200c1a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_37                                                , 0xf200c1a5UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_38                                                , 0xf200c1a6UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_39                                                , 0xf200c1a7UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_40                                                , 0xf200c1a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_41                                                , 0xf200c1a9UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_42                                                , 0xf200c1aaUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_43                                                , 0xf200c1abUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_44                                                , 0xf200c1acUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_45                                                , 0xf200c1adUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_46                                                , 0xf200c1aeUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_47                                                , 0xf200c1afUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_48                                                , 0xf200c1b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_49                                                , 0xf200c1b1UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_50                                                , 0xf200c1b2UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_51                                                , 0xf200c1b3UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_52                                                , 0xf200c1b4UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_53                                                , 0xf200c1b5UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_54                                                , 0xf200c1b6UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_55                                                , 0xf200c1b7UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_56                                                , 0xf200c1b8UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_57                                                , 0xf200c1b9UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_58                                                , 0xf200c1baUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_59                                                , 0xf200c1bbUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_60                                                , 0xf200c1bcUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_61                                                , 0xf200c1bdUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_62                                                , 0xf200c1beUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL2_63                                                , 0xf200c1bfUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3                                                   , 0xf200c1c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_1                                                 , 0xf200c1c1UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_2                                                 , 0xf200c1c2UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_3                                                 , 0xf200c1c3UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_4                                                 , 0xf200c1c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_5                                                 , 0xf200c1c5UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_6                                                 , 0xf200c1c6UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_7                                                 , 0xf200c1c7UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_8                                                 , 0xf200c1c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_9                                                 , 0xf200c1c9UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_10                                                , 0xf200c1caUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_11                                                , 0xf200c1cbUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_12                                                , 0xf200c1ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_13                                                , 0xf200c1cdUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_14                                                , 0xf200c1ceUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_15                                                , 0xf200c1cfUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_16                                                , 0xf200c1d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_17                                                , 0xf200c1d1UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_18                                                , 0xf200c1d2UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_19                                                , 0xf200c1d3UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_20                                                , 0xf200c1d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_21                                                , 0xf200c1d5UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_22                                                , 0xf200c1d6UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_23                                                , 0xf200c1d7UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_24                                                , 0xf200c1d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_25                                                , 0xf200c1d9UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_26                                                , 0xf200c1daUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_27                                                , 0xf200c1dbUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_28                                                , 0xf200c1dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_29                                                , 0xf200c1ddUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_30                                                , 0xf200c1deUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_31                                                , 0xf200c1dfUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_32                                                , 0xf200c1e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_33                                                , 0xf200c1e1UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_34                                                , 0xf200c1e2UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_35                                                , 0xf200c1e3UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_36                                                , 0xf200c1e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_37                                                , 0xf200c1e5UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_38                                                , 0xf200c1e6UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_39                                                , 0xf200c1e7UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_40                                                , 0xf200c1e8UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_41                                                , 0xf200c1e9UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_42                                                , 0xf200c1eaUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_43                                                , 0xf200c1ebUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_44                                                , 0xf200c1ecUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_45                                                , 0xf200c1edUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_46                                                , 0xf200c1eeUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_47                                                , 0xf200c1efUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_48                                                , 0xf200c1f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_49                                                , 0xf200c1f1UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_50                                                , 0xf200c1f2UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_51                                                , 0xf200c1f3UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_52                                                , 0xf200c1f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_53                                                , 0xf200c1f5UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_54                                                , 0xf200c1f6UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_55                                                , 0xf200c1f7UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_56                                                , 0xf200c1f8UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_57                                                , 0xf200c1f9UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_58                                                , 0xf200c1faUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_59                                                , 0xf200c1fbUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_60                                                , 0xf200c1fcUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_61                                                , 0xf200c1fdUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_62                                                , 0xf200c1feUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCQTBL3_63                                                , 0xf200c1ffUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0                                                   , 0xf200c200UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_1                                                 , 0xf200c201UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_2                                                 , 0xf200c202UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_3                                                 , 0xf200c203UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_4                                                 , 0xf200c204UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_5                                                 , 0xf200c205UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_6                                                 , 0xf200c206UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_7                                                 , 0xf200c207UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_8                                                 , 0xf200c208UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_9                                                 , 0xf200c209UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_10                                                , 0xf200c20aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_11                                                , 0xf200c20bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_12                                                , 0xf200c20cUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_13                                                , 0xf200c20dUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_14                                                , 0xf200c20eUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_15                                                , 0xf200c20fUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_16                                                , 0xf200c210UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_17                                                , 0xf200c211UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_18                                                , 0xf200c212UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_19                                                , 0xf200c213UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_20                                                , 0xf200c214UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_21                                                , 0xf200c215UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_22                                                , 0xf200c216UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_23                                                , 0xf200c217UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_24                                                , 0xf200c218UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_25                                                , 0xf200c219UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_26                                                , 0xf200c21aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD0_27                                                , 0xf200c21bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0                                                   , 0xf200c220UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_1                                                 , 0xf200c221UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_2                                                 , 0xf200c222UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_3                                                 , 0xf200c223UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_4                                                 , 0xf200c224UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_5                                                 , 0xf200c225UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_6                                                 , 0xf200c226UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_7                                                 , 0xf200c227UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_8                                                 , 0xf200c228UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_9                                                 , 0xf200c229UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_10                                                , 0xf200c22aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_11                                                , 0xf200c22bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_12                                                , 0xf200c22cUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_13                                                , 0xf200c22dUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_14                                                , 0xf200c22eUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_15                                                , 0xf200c22fUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_16                                                , 0xf200c230UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_17                                                , 0xf200c231UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_18                                                , 0xf200c232UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_19                                                , 0xf200c233UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_20                                                , 0xf200c234UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_21                                                , 0xf200c235UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_22                                                , 0xf200c236UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_23                                                , 0xf200c237UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_24                                                , 0xf200c238UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_25                                                , 0xf200c239UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_26                                                , 0xf200c23aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_27                                                , 0xf200c23bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_28                                                , 0xf200c23cUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_29                                                , 0xf200c23dUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_30                                                , 0xf200c23eUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_31                                                , 0xf200c23fUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_32                                                , 0xf200c240UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_33                                                , 0xf200c241UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_34                                                , 0xf200c242UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_35                                                , 0xf200c243UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_36                                                , 0xf200c244UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_37                                                , 0xf200c245UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_38                                                , 0xf200c246UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_39                                                , 0xf200c247UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_40                                                , 0xf200c248UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_41                                                , 0xf200c249UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_42                                                , 0xf200c24aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_43                                                , 0xf200c24bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_44                                                , 0xf200c24cUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_45                                                , 0xf200c24dUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_46                                                , 0xf200c24eUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_47                                                , 0xf200c24fUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_48                                                , 0xf200c250UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_49                                                , 0xf200c251UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_50                                                , 0xf200c252UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_51                                                , 0xf200c253UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_52                                                , 0xf200c254UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_53                                                , 0xf200c255UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_54                                                , 0xf200c256UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_55                                                , 0xf200c257UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_56                                                , 0xf200c258UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_57                                                , 0xf200c259UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_58                                                , 0xf200c25aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_59                                                , 0xf200c25bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_60                                                , 0xf200c25cUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_61                                                , 0xf200c25dUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_62                                                , 0xf200c25eUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_63                                                , 0xf200c25fUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_64                                                , 0xf200c260UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_65                                                , 0xf200c261UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_66                                                , 0xf200c262UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_67                                                , 0xf200c263UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_68                                                , 0xf200c264UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_69                                                , 0xf200c265UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_70                                                , 0xf200c266UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_71                                                , 0xf200c267UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_72                                                , 0xf200c268UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_73                                                , 0xf200c269UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_74                                                , 0xf200c26aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_75                                                , 0xf200c26bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_76                                                , 0xf200c26cUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_77                                                , 0xf200c26dUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_78                                                , 0xf200c26eUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_79                                                , 0xf200c26fUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_80                                                , 0xf200c270UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_81                                                , 0xf200c271UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_82                                                , 0xf200c272UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_83                                                , 0xf200c273UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_84                                                , 0xf200c274UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_85                                                , 0xf200c275UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_86                                                , 0xf200c276UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_87                                                , 0xf200c277UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_88                                                , 0xf200c278UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_89                                                , 0xf200c279UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_90                                                , 0xf200c27aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_91                                                , 0xf200c27bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_92                                                , 0xf200c27cUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_93                                                , 0xf200c27dUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_94                                                , 0xf200c27eUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_95                                                , 0xf200c27fUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_96                                                , 0xf200c280UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_97                                                , 0xf200c281UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_98                                                , 0xf200c282UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_99                                                , 0xf200c283UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_100                                               , 0xf200c284UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_101                                               , 0xf200c285UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_102                                               , 0xf200c286UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_103                                               , 0xf200c287UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_104                                               , 0xf200c288UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_105                                               , 0xf200c289UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_106                                               , 0xf200c28aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_107                                               , 0xf200c28bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_108                                               , 0xf200c28cUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_109                                               , 0xf200c28dUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_110                                               , 0xf200c28eUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_111                                               , 0xf200c28fUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_112                                               , 0xf200c290UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_113                                               , 0xf200c291UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_114                                               , 0xf200c292UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_115                                               , 0xf200c293UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_116                                               , 0xf200c294UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_117                                               , 0xf200c295UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_118                                               , 0xf200c296UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_119                                               , 0xf200c297UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_120                                               , 0xf200c298UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_121                                               , 0xf200c299UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_122                                               , 0xf200c29aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_123                                               , 0xf200c29bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_124                                               , 0xf200c29cUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_125                                               , 0xf200c29dUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_126                                               , 0xf200c29eUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_127                                               , 0xf200c29fUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_128                                               , 0xf200c2a0UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_129                                               , 0xf200c2a1UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_130                                               , 0xf200c2a2UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_131                                               , 0xf200c2a3UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_132                                               , 0xf200c2a4UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_133                                               , 0xf200c2a5UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_134                                               , 0xf200c2a6UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_135                                               , 0xf200c2a7UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_136                                               , 0xf200c2a8UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_137                                               , 0xf200c2a9UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_138                                               , 0xf200c2aaUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_139                                               , 0xf200c2abUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_140                                               , 0xf200c2acUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_141                                               , 0xf200c2adUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_142                                               , 0xf200c2aeUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_143                                               , 0xf200c2afUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_144                                               , 0xf200c2b0UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_145                                               , 0xf200c2b1UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_146                                               , 0xf200c2b2UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_147                                               , 0xf200c2b3UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_148                                               , 0xf200c2b4UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_149                                               , 0xf200c2b5UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_150                                               , 0xf200c2b6UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_151                                               , 0xf200c2b7UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_152                                               , 0xf200c2b8UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_153                                               , 0xf200c2b9UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_154                                               , 0xf200c2baUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_155                                               , 0xf200c2bbUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_156                                               , 0xf200c2bcUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_157                                               , 0xf200c2bdUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_158                                               , 0xf200c2beUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_159                                               , 0xf200c2bfUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_160                                               , 0xf200c2c0UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_161                                               , 0xf200c2c1UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_162                                               , 0xf200c2c2UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_163                                               , 0xf200c2c3UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_164                                               , 0xf200c2c4UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_165                                               , 0xf200c2c5UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_166                                               , 0xf200c2c6UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_167                                               , 0xf200c2c7UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_168                                               , 0xf200c2c8UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_169                                               , 0xf200c2c9UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_170                                               , 0xf200c2caUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_171                                               , 0xf200c2cbUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_172                                               , 0xf200c2ccUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_173                                               , 0xf200c2cdUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_174                                               , 0xf200c2ceUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_175                                               , 0xf200c2cfUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_176                                               , 0xf200c2d0UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA0_177                                               , 0xf200c2d1UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1                                                   , 0xf200c300UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_1                                                 , 0xf200c301UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_2                                                 , 0xf200c302UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_3                                                 , 0xf200c303UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_4                                                 , 0xf200c304UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_5                                                 , 0xf200c305UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_6                                                 , 0xf200c306UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_7                                                 , 0xf200c307UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_8                                                 , 0xf200c308UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_9                                                 , 0xf200c309UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_10                                                , 0xf200c30aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_11                                                , 0xf200c30bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_12                                                , 0xf200c30cUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_13                                                , 0xf200c30dUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_14                                                , 0xf200c30eUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_15                                                , 0xf200c30fUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_16                                                , 0xf200c310UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_17                                                , 0xf200c311UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_18                                                , 0xf200c312UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_19                                                , 0xf200c313UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_20                                                , 0xf200c314UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_21                                                , 0xf200c315UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_22                                                , 0xf200c316UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_23                                                , 0xf200c317UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_24                                                , 0xf200c318UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_25                                                , 0xf200c319UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_26                                                , 0xf200c31aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBD1_27                                                , 0xf200c31bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1                                                   , 0xf200c320UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_1                                                 , 0xf200c321UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_2                                                 , 0xf200c322UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_3                                                 , 0xf200c323UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_4                                                 , 0xf200c324UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_5                                                 , 0xf200c325UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_6                                                 , 0xf200c326UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_7                                                 , 0xf200c327UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_8                                                 , 0xf200c328UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_9                                                 , 0xf200c329UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_10                                                , 0xf200c32aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_11                                                , 0xf200c32bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_12                                                , 0xf200c32cUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_13                                                , 0xf200c32dUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_14                                                , 0xf200c32eUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_15                                                , 0xf200c32fUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_16                                                , 0xf200c330UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_17                                                , 0xf200c331UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_18                                                , 0xf200c332UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_19                                                , 0xf200c333UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_20                                                , 0xf200c334UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_21                                                , 0xf200c335UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_22                                                , 0xf200c336UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_23                                                , 0xf200c337UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_24                                                , 0xf200c338UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_25                                                , 0xf200c339UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_26                                                , 0xf200c33aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_27                                                , 0xf200c33bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_28                                                , 0xf200c33cUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_29                                                , 0xf200c33dUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_30                                                , 0xf200c33eUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_31                                                , 0xf200c33fUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_32                                                , 0xf200c340UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_33                                                , 0xf200c341UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_34                                                , 0xf200c342UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_35                                                , 0xf200c343UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_36                                                , 0xf200c344UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_37                                                , 0xf200c345UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_38                                                , 0xf200c346UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_39                                                , 0xf200c347UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_40                                                , 0xf200c348UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_41                                                , 0xf200c349UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_42                                                , 0xf200c34aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_43                                                , 0xf200c34bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_44                                                , 0xf200c34cUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_45                                                , 0xf200c34dUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_46                                                , 0xf200c34eUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_47                                                , 0xf200c34fUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_48                                                , 0xf200c350UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_49                                                , 0xf200c351UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_50                                                , 0xf200c352UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_51                                                , 0xf200c353UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_52                                                , 0xf200c354UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_53                                                , 0xf200c355UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_54                                                , 0xf200c356UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_55                                                , 0xf200c357UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_56                                                , 0xf200c358UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_57                                                , 0xf200c359UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_58                                                , 0xf200c35aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_59                                                , 0xf200c35bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_60                                                , 0xf200c35cUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_61                                                , 0xf200c35dUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_62                                                , 0xf200c35eUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_63                                                , 0xf200c35fUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_64                                                , 0xf200c360UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_65                                                , 0xf200c361UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_66                                                , 0xf200c362UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_67                                                , 0xf200c363UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_68                                                , 0xf200c364UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_69                                                , 0xf200c365UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_70                                                , 0xf200c366UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_71                                                , 0xf200c367UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_72                                                , 0xf200c368UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_73                                                , 0xf200c369UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_74                                                , 0xf200c36aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_75                                                , 0xf200c36bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_76                                                , 0xf200c36cUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_77                                                , 0xf200c36dUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_78                                                , 0xf200c36eUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_79                                                , 0xf200c36fUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_80                                                , 0xf200c370UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_81                                                , 0xf200c371UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_82                                                , 0xf200c372UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_83                                                , 0xf200c373UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_84                                                , 0xf200c374UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_85                                                , 0xf200c375UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_86                                                , 0xf200c376UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_87                                                , 0xf200c377UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_88                                                , 0xf200c378UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_89                                                , 0xf200c379UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_90                                                , 0xf200c37aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_91                                                , 0xf200c37bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_92                                                , 0xf200c37cUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_93                                                , 0xf200c37dUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_94                                                , 0xf200c37eUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_95                                                , 0xf200c37fUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_96                                                , 0xf200c380UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_97                                                , 0xf200c381UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_98                                                , 0xf200c382UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_99                                                , 0xf200c383UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_100                                               , 0xf200c384UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_101                                               , 0xf200c385UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_102                                               , 0xf200c386UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_103                                               , 0xf200c387UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_104                                               , 0xf200c388UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_105                                               , 0xf200c389UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_106                                               , 0xf200c38aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_107                                               , 0xf200c38bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_108                                               , 0xf200c38cUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_109                                               , 0xf200c38dUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_110                                               , 0xf200c38eUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_111                                               , 0xf200c38fUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_112                                               , 0xf200c390UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_113                                               , 0xf200c391UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_114                                               , 0xf200c392UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_115                                               , 0xf200c393UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_116                                               , 0xf200c394UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_117                                               , 0xf200c395UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_118                                               , 0xf200c396UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_119                                               , 0xf200c397UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_120                                               , 0xf200c398UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_121                                               , 0xf200c399UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_122                                               , 0xf200c39aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_123                                               , 0xf200c39bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_124                                               , 0xf200c39cUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_125                                               , 0xf200c39dUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_126                                               , 0xf200c39eUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_127                                               , 0xf200c39fUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_128                                               , 0xf200c3a0UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_129                                               , 0xf200c3a1UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_130                                               , 0xf200c3a2UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_131                                               , 0xf200c3a3UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_132                                               , 0xf200c3a4UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_133                                               , 0xf200c3a5UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_134                                               , 0xf200c3a6UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_135                                               , 0xf200c3a7UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_136                                               , 0xf200c3a8UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_137                                               , 0xf200c3a9UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_138                                               , 0xf200c3aaUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_139                                               , 0xf200c3abUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_140                                               , 0xf200c3acUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_141                                               , 0xf200c3adUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_142                                               , 0xf200c3aeUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_143                                               , 0xf200c3afUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_144                                               , 0xf200c3b0UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_145                                               , 0xf200c3b1UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_146                                               , 0xf200c3b2UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_147                                               , 0xf200c3b3UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_148                                               , 0xf200c3b4UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_149                                               , 0xf200c3b5UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_150                                               , 0xf200c3b6UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_151                                               , 0xf200c3b7UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_152                                               , 0xf200c3b8UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_153                                               , 0xf200c3b9UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_154                                               , 0xf200c3baUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_155                                               , 0xf200c3bbUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_156                                               , 0xf200c3bcUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_157                                               , 0xf200c3bdUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_158                                               , 0xf200c3beUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_159                                               , 0xf200c3bfUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_160                                               , 0xf200c3c0UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_161                                               , 0xf200c3c1UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_162                                               , 0xf200c3c2UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_163                                               , 0xf200c3c3UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_164                                               , 0xf200c3c4UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_165                                               , 0xf200c3c5UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_166                                               , 0xf200c3c6UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_167                                               , 0xf200c3c7UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_168                                               , 0xf200c3c8UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_169                                               , 0xf200c3c9UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_170                                               , 0xf200c3caUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_171                                               , 0xf200c3cbUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_172                                               , 0xf200c3ccUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_173                                               , 0xf200c3cdUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_174                                               , 0xf200c3ceUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_175                                               , 0xf200c3cfUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_176                                               , 0xf200c3d0UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( JCUA0JCHTBA1_177                                               , 0xf200c3d1UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( SDRA0DBSVCR                                                    , 0xf2fe0004UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SDRA0DBKIND                                                    , 0xf2fe0008UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SDRA0DBEN                                                      , 0xf2fe0010UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SDRA0DBCMDCNT                                                  , 0xf2fe0014UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SDRA0DBCONF                                                    , 0xf2fe0020UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SDRA0DBDMOV                                                    , 0xf2fe0024UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SDRA0DBTR0                                                     , 0xf2fe0030UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SDRA0DBTR1                                                     , 0xf2fe0034UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SDRA0DBTR2                                                     , 0xf2fe0038UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SDRA0DBRFPDN0                                                  , 0xf2fe0040UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SDRA0DBRFPDN1                                                  , 0xf2fe0044UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SDRA0DBRFPDN2                                                  , 0xf2fe0048UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SDRA0DBRFSTS                                                   , 0xf2fe004cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SDRA0DBMRCNT                                                   , 0xf2fe0060UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SDRA0DBPDCNT0                                                  , 0xf2fe0108UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0CMNCR                                                     , 0xf2ff0000UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SSLDR                                                     , 0xf2ff0004UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SPBCR                                                     , 0xf2ff0008UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0DRCR                                                      , 0xf2ff000cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0DRCMR                                                     , 0xf2ff0010UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0DREAR                                                     , 0xf2ff0014UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0DROPR                                                     , 0xf2ff0018UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0DRENR                                                     , 0xf2ff001cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMCR                                                      , 0xf2ff0020UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMCMR                                                     , 0xf2ff0024UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMADR                                                     , 0xf2ff0028UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMOPR                                                     , 0xf2ff002cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMENR                                                     , 0xf2ff0030UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMRDR0                                                    , 0xf2ff0038UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMRDR0_L                                                  , 0xf2ff0038UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMRDR0_LL                                                 , 0xf2ff0038UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMRDR0_LH                                                 , 0xf2ff0039UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMRDR0_H                                                  , 0xf2ff003aUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMRDR0_HL                                                 , 0xf2ff003aUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMRDR0_HH                                                 , 0xf2ff003bUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMRDR1                                                    , 0xf2ff003cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMRDR1_L                                                  , 0xf2ff003cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMRDR1_LL                                                 , 0xf2ff003cUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMRDR1_LH                                                 , 0xf2ff003dUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMRDR1_H                                                  , 0xf2ff003eUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMRDR1_HL                                                 , 0xf2ff003eUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMRDR1_HH                                                 , 0xf2ff003fUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMWDR0                                                    , 0xf2ff0040UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMWDR1                                                    , 0xf2ff0044UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0CMNSR                                                     , 0xf2ff0048UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0CKDLY                                                     , 0xf2ff0050UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0DRDMCR                                                    , 0xf2ff0058UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0DRDRENR                                                   , 0xf2ff005cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMDMCR                                                    , 0xf2ff0060UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SMDRENR                                                   , 0xf2ff0064UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA0SPODLY                                                    , 0xf2ff0068UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1CMNCR                                                     , 0xf2ff1000UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2CMNCR                                                     , 0xf2ff1000UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SSLDR                                                     , 0xf2ff1004UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SSLDR                                                     , 0xf2ff1004UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SPBCR                                                     , 0xf2ff1008UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SPBCR                                                     , 0xf2ff1008UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1DRCR                                                      , 0xf2ff100cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2DRCR                                                      , 0xf2ff100cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1DRCMR                                                     , 0xf2ff1010UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2DRCMR                                                     , 0xf2ff1010UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2DREAR                                                     , 0xf2ff1014UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1DREAR                                                     , 0xf2ff1014UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2DROPR                                                     , 0xf2ff1018UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1DROPR                                                     , 0xf2ff1018UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1DRENR                                                     , 0xf2ff101cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2DRENR                                                     , 0xf2ff101cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMCR                                                      , 0xf2ff1020UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMCR                                                      , 0xf2ff1020UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMCMR                                                     , 0xf2ff1024UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMCMR                                                     , 0xf2ff1024UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMADR                                                     , 0xf2ff1028UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMADR                                                     , 0xf2ff1028UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMOPR                                                     , 0xf2ff102cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMOPR                                                     , 0xf2ff102cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMENR                                                     , 0xf2ff1030UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMENR                                                     , 0xf2ff1030UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMRDR0                                                    , 0xf2ff1038UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMRDR0                                                    , 0xf2ff1038UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMRDR0_L                                                  , 0xf2ff1038UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMRDR0_L                                                  , 0xf2ff1038UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMRDR0_LL                                                 , 0xf2ff1038UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMRDR0_LL                                                 , 0xf2ff1038UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMRDR0_LH                                                 , 0xf2ff1039UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMRDR0_LH                                                 , 0xf2ff1039UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMRDR0_H                                                  , 0xf2ff103aUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMRDR0_H                                                  , 0xf2ff103aUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMRDR0_HL                                                 , 0xf2ff103aUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMRDR0_HL                                                 , 0xf2ff103aUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMRDR0_HH                                                 , 0xf2ff103bUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMRDR0_HH                                                 , 0xf2ff103bUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMRDR1                                                    , 0xf2ff103cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMRDR1                                                    , 0xf2ff103cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMRDR1_L                                                  , 0xf2ff103cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMRDR1_L                                                  , 0xf2ff103cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMRDR1_LL                                                 , 0xf2ff103cUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMRDR1_LL                                                 , 0xf2ff103cUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMRDR1_LH                                                 , 0xf2ff103dUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMRDR1_LH                                                 , 0xf2ff103dUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMRDR1_H                                                  , 0xf2ff103eUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMRDR1_H                                                  , 0xf2ff103eUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMRDR1_HL                                                 , 0xf2ff103eUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMRDR1_HL                                                 , 0xf2ff103eUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMRDR1_HH                                                 , 0xf2ff103fUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMRDR1_HH                                                 , 0xf2ff103fUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMWDR0                                                    , 0xf2ff1040UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMWDR0                                                    , 0xf2ff1040UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMWDR1                                                    , 0xf2ff1044UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMWDR1                                                    , 0xf2ff1044UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2CMNSR                                                     , 0xf2ff1048UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1CMNSR                                                     , 0xf2ff1048UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2CKDLY                                                     , 0xf2ff1050UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1CKDLY                                                     , 0xf2ff1050UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2DRDMCR                                                    , 0xf2ff1058UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1DRDMCR                                                    , 0xf2ff1058UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2DRDRENR                                                   , 0xf2ff105cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1DRDRENR                                                   , 0xf2ff105cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMDMCR                                                    , 0xf2ff1060UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMDMCR                                                    , 0xf2ff1060UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SMDRENR                                                   , 0xf2ff1064UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SMDRENR                                                   , 0xf2ff1064UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA1SPODLY                                                    , 0xf2ff1068UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SFMA2SPODLY                                                    , 0xf2ff1068UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( HYPB0CMNCR                                                     , 0xf2ff8000UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0DCR                                                       , 0xf2ff8000UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0DAR                                                       , 0xf2ff8004UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( HYPB0SSLDR                                                     , 0xf2ff8004UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0DCSR                                                      , 0xf2ff8008UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( HYPB0DRCR                                                      , 0xf2ff800cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0DSR0                                                      , 0xf2ff800cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( HYPB0DRCMR                                                     , 0xf2ff8010UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0DSR1                                                      , 0xf2ff8010UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0MDTR                                                      , 0xf2ff8014UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0ACTR                                                      , 0xf2ff8018UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( HYPB0DROPR                                                     , 0xf2ff8018UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0ACAR0                                                     , 0xf2ff801cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( HYPB0DRENR                                                     , 0xf2ff801cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0ACAR1                                                     , 0xf2ff8020UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( HYPB0SMCR                                                      , 0xf2ff8020UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( HYPB0SMCMR                                                     , 0xf2ff8024UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( HYPB0SMADR                                                     , 0xf2ff8028UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( HYPB0SMOPR                                                     , 0xf2ff802cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( HYPB0SMENR                                                     , 0xf2ff8030UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0DRCSTR                                                    , 0xf2ff8034UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0DWCSTR                                                    , 0xf2ff8038UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( HYPB0SMRDR0                                                    , 0xf2ff8038UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0DCSTR                                                     , 0xf2ff803cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( HYPB0SMRDR1                                                    , 0xf2ff803cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0CDSR                                                      , 0xf2ff8040UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( HYPB0SMWDR0                                                    , 0xf2ff8040UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0MDLR                                                      , 0xf2ff8044UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( HYPB0SMWDR1                                                    , 0xf2ff8044UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( HYPB0CMNSR                                                     , 0xf2ff8048UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0MRWCR0                                                    , 0xf2ff8048UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0MRWCR1                                                    , 0xf2ff804cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0MRWCSR                                                    , 0xf2ff8050UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0ESR                                                       , 0xf2ff8054UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0CWNDR                                                     , 0xf2ff8058UL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( HYPB0DRDMCR                                                    , 0xf2ff8058UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0CWDR                                                      , 0xf2ff805cUL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0CRR                                                       , 0xf2ff8060UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( HYPB0SMDMCR                                                    , 0xf2ff8060UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0ACSR                                                      , 0xf2ff8064UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( HYPB0SMDRENR                                                   , 0xf2ff8064UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0ACRR0                                                     , 0xf2ff8068UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0ACRR1                                                     , 0xf2ff806cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0ACASRR0                                                   , 0xf2ff8070UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( OCTA0ACASRR1                                                   , 0xf2ff8074UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( HYPB0PHYCNT                                                    , 0xf2ff807cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOP1                                                     , 0xff610040UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPSR1                                                   , 0xff610044UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPNOT1                                                  , 0xff610048UL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPR1                                                   , 0xff61004cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPM1                                                    , 0xff610050UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMC1                                                   , 0xff610054UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFC1                                                   , 0xff610058UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFCE1                                                  , 0xff61005cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMSR1                                                  , 0xff610060UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMCSR1                                                 , 0xff610064UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPINV1                                                  , 0xff610070UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOP3                                                     , 0xff6100c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPSR3                                                   , 0xff6100c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPNOT3                                                  , 0xff6100c8UL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPR3                                                   , 0xff6100ccUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPM3                                                    , 0xff6100d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMC3                                                   , 0xff6100d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFC3                                                   , 0xff6100d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFCE3                                                  , 0xff6100dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMSR3                                                  , 0xff6100e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMCSR3                                                 , 0xff6100e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPINV3                                                  , 0xff6100f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOP10                                                    , 0xff610280UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPSR10                                                  , 0xff610284UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPNOT10                                                 , 0xff610288UL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPR10                                                  , 0xff61028cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPM10                                                   , 0xff610290UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMC10                                                  , 0xff610294UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFC10                                                  , 0xff610298UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFCE10                                                 , 0xff61029cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMSR10                                                 , 0xff6102a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMCSR10                                                , 0xff6102a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPINV10                                                 , 0xff6102b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOP11                                                    , 0xff6102c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPSR11                                                  , 0xff6102c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPNOT11                                                 , 0xff6102c8UL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPR11                                                  , 0xff6102ccUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPM11                                                   , 0xff6102d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMC11                                                  , 0xff6102d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFC11                                                  , 0xff6102d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMSR11                                                 , 0xff6102e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMCSR11                                                , 0xff6102e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPINV11                                                 , 0xff6102f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOP16                                                    , 0xff610400UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPSR16                                                  , 0xff610404UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPNOT16                                                 , 0xff610408UL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPR16                                                  , 0xff61040cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPM16                                                   , 0xff610410UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMC16                                                  , 0xff610414UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFC16                                                  , 0xff610418UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFCE16                                                 , 0xff61041cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMSR16                                                 , 0xff610420UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMCSR16                                                , 0xff610424UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPINV16                                                 , 0xff610430UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOP17                                                    , 0xff610440UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPSR17                                                  , 0xff610444UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPNOT17                                                 , 0xff610448UL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPR17                                                  , 0xff61044cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPM17                                                   , 0xff610450UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMC17                                                  , 0xff610454UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFC17                                                  , 0xff610458UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFCE17                                                 , 0xff61045cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMSR17                                                 , 0xff610460UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMCSR17                                                , 0xff610464UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPINV17                                                 , 0xff610470UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOP21                                                    , 0xff610540UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPSR21                                                  , 0xff610544UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPNOT21                                                 , 0xff610548UL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPR21                                                  , 0xff61054cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPM21                                                   , 0xff610550UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMC21                                                  , 0xff610554UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFC21                                                  , 0xff610558UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFCE21                                                 , 0xff61055cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMSR21                                                 , 0xff610560UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMCSR21                                                , 0xff610564UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPINV21                                                 , 0xff610570UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOP22                                                    , 0xff610580UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPSR22                                                  , 0xff610584UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPNOT22                                                 , 0xff610588UL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPR22                                                  , 0xff61058cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPM22                                                   , 0xff610590UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMC22                                                  , 0xff610594UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFC22                                                  , 0xff610598UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFCE22                                                 , 0xff61059cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMSR22                                                 , 0xff6105a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMCSR22                                                , 0xff6105a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPINV22                                                 , 0xff6105b0UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOP42                                                    , 0xff610a80UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPSR42                                                  , 0xff610a84UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPNOT42                                                 , 0xff610a88UL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPR42                                                  , 0xff610a8cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPM42                                                   , 0xff610a90UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMC42                                                  , 0xff610a94UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFC42                                                  , 0xff610a98UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFCE42                                                 , 0xff610a9cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMSR42                                                 , 0xff610aa0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMCSR42                                                , 0xff610aa4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFCAE42                                                , 0xff610aa8UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPINV42                                                 , 0xff610ab0UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOP43                                                    , 0xff610ac0UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPSR43                                                  , 0xff610ac4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPNOT43                                                 , 0xff610ac8UL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPR43                                                  , 0xff610accUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPM43                                                   , 0xff610ad0UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMC43                                                  , 0xff610ad4UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFC43                                                  , 0xff610ad8UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMSR43                                                 , 0xff610ae0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMCSR43                                                , 0xff610ae4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPINV43                                                 , 0xff610af0UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOP44                                                    , 0xff610b00UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPSR44                                                  , 0xff610b04UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPNOT44                                                 , 0xff610b08UL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPR44                                                  , 0xff610b0cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPM44                                                   , 0xff610b10UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMC44                                                  , 0xff610b14UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFC44                                                  , 0xff610b18UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFCE44                                                 , 0xff610b1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMSR44                                                 , 0xff610b20UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMCSR44                                                , 0xff610b24UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPINV44                                                 , 0xff610b30UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOP45                                                    , 0xff610b40UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPSR45                                                  , 0xff610b44UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPNOT45                                                 , 0xff610b48UL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPR45                                                  , 0xff610b4cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPM45                                                   , 0xff610b50UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMC45                                                  , 0xff610b54UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFC45                                                  , 0xff610b58UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFCE45                                                 , 0xff610b5cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMSR45                                                 , 0xff610b60UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPMCSR45                                                , 0xff610b64UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPFCAE45                                                , 0xff610b68UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPINV45                                                 , 0xff610b70UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR1_0                                                 , 0xff612040UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR1_1                                                 , 0xff612044UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR1_2                                                 , 0xff612048UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR1_3                                                 , 0xff61204cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR1_4                                                 , 0xff612050UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR1_5                                                 , 0xff612054UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR3_0                                                 , 0xff6120c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR3_1                                                 , 0xff6120c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR3_2                                                 , 0xff6120c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR3_3                                                 , 0xff6120ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR3_4                                                 , 0xff6120d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR3_5                                                 , 0xff6120d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR3_6                                                 , 0xff6120d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR3_7                                                 , 0xff6120dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR3_8                                                 , 0xff6120e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR3_9                                                 , 0xff6120e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR10_0                                                , 0xff612280UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR10_1                                                , 0xff612284UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR10_2                                                , 0xff612288UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR10_3                                                , 0xff61228cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR10_4                                                , 0xff612290UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR10_5                                                , 0xff612294UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR10_6                                                , 0xff612298UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR10_7                                                , 0xff61229cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR10_8                                                , 0xff6122a0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR10_9                                                , 0xff6122a4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR10_10                                               , 0xff6122a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR10_11                                               , 0xff6122acUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR11_0                                                , 0xff6122c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR11_1                                                , 0xff6122c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR11_2                                                , 0xff6122c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR11_3                                                , 0xff6122ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR16_0                                                , 0xff612400UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR16_1                                                , 0xff612404UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR16_2                                                , 0xff612408UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR16_3                                                , 0xff61240cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR16_4                                                , 0xff612410UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR16_5                                                , 0xff612414UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR16_6                                                , 0xff612418UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR16_7                                                , 0xff61241cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR16_8                                                , 0xff612420UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR16_9                                                , 0xff612424UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR16_10                                               , 0xff612428UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR16_11                                               , 0xff61242cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR17_0                                                , 0xff612440UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR17_1                                                , 0xff612444UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR17_2                                                , 0xff612448UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR17_3                                                , 0xff61244cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR17_4                                                , 0xff612450UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR17_5                                                , 0xff612454UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR17_6                                                , 0xff612458UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR17_7                                                , 0xff61245cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR17_8                                                , 0xff612460UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR17_9                                                , 0xff612464UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR17_10                                               , 0xff612468UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR17_11                                               , 0xff61246cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR21_0                                                , 0xff612540UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR21_1                                                , 0xff612544UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR21_2                                                , 0xff612548UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR21_3                                                , 0xff61254cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR21_4                                                , 0xff612550UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR21_5                                                , 0xff612554UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR21_6                                                , 0xff612558UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR21_7                                                , 0xff61255cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR21_8                                                , 0xff612560UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR21_9                                                , 0xff612564UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR22_10                                               , 0xff6125a8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR42_0                                                , 0xff612a80UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR42_1                                                , 0xff612a84UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR42_2                                                , 0xff612a88UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR42_3                                                , 0xff612a8cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR42_4                                                , 0xff612a90UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR42_5                                                , 0xff612a94UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR42_6                                                , 0xff612a98UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR42_7                                                , 0xff612a9cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR42_8                                                , 0xff612aa0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR42_9                                                , 0xff612aa4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR42_10                                               , 0xff612aa8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR42_11                                               , 0xff612aacUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR42_12                                               , 0xff612ab0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR42_13                                               , 0xff612ab4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR42_14                                               , 0xff612ab8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR42_15                                               , 0xff612abcUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR43_0                                                , 0xff612ac0UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR43_1                                                , 0xff612ac4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR44_0                                                , 0xff612b00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR44_1                                                , 0xff612b04UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR44_2                                                , 0xff612b08UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR44_3                                                , 0xff612b0cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR44_4                                                , 0xff612b10UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR44_5                                                , 0xff612b14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR44_6                                                , 0xff612b18UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR44_7                                                , 0xff612b1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR44_8                                                , 0xff612b20UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR44_9                                                , 0xff612b24UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR44_10                                               , 0xff612b28UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR44_11                                               , 0xff612b2cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR45_0                                                , 0xff612b40UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR45_1                                                , 0xff612b44UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR45_2                                                , 0xff612b48UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR45_3                                                , 0xff612b4cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR45_4                                                , 0xff612b50UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR45_5                                                , 0xff612b54UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR45_6                                                , 0xff612b58UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR45_7                                                , 0xff612b5cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR45_8                                                , 0xff612b60UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR45_9                                                , 0xff612b64UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR45_10                                               , 0xff612b68UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR45_11                                               , 0xff612b6cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR45_12                                               , 0xff612b70UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPCR45_13                                               , 0xff612b74UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOP0                                                     , 0xff618000UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPSR0                                                   , 0xff618004UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPNOT0                                                  , 0xff618008UL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPPR0                                                   , 0xff61800cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPM0                                                    , 0xff618010UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPMC0                                                   , 0xff618014UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPFC0                                                   , 0xff618018UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPFCE0                                                  , 0xff61801cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPMSR0                                                  , 0xff618020UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPMCSR0                                                 , 0xff618024UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPINV0                                                  , 0xff618030UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPCR0_0                                                 , 0xff61a000UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPCR0_1                                                 , 0xff61a004UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPCR0_2                                                 , 0xff61a008UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPCR0_3                                                 , 0xff61a00cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPCR0_4                                                 , 0xff61a010UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPCR0_5                                                 , 0xff61a014UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPCR0_6                                                 , 0xff61a018UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPCR0_7                                                 , 0xff61a01cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPCR0_8                                                 , 0xff61a020UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPCR0_9                                                 , 0xff61a024UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJP0                                                   , 0xff620000UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPSR0                                                 , 0xff620004UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPNOT0                                                , 0xff620008UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPPR0                                                 , 0xff62000cUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPM0                                                  , 0xff620010UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPMC0                                                 , 0xff620014UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPFC0                                                 , 0xff620018UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPFCE0                                                , 0xff62001cUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPMSR0                                                , 0xff620020UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPMCSR0                                               , 0xff620024UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPINV0                                                , 0xff620030UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPCR0_0                                               , 0xff622000UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPCR0_1                                               , 0xff622004UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPCR0_2                                               , 0xff622008UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPCR0_3                                               , 0xff62200cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPCR0_4                                               , 0xff622010UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPCR0_5                                               , 0xff622014UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( FLMDCNT                                                        , 0xffa00000UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( FLMDPCMD                                                       , 0xffa00004UL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( FLMDPS                                                         , 0xffa00008UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( SELFID0                                                        , 0xffa08000UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SELFID1                                                        , 0xffa08004UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SELFID2                                                        , 0xffa08008UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SELFID3                                                        , 0xffa0800cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SELFIDST                                                       , 0xffa08010UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( SELFIDSTL                                                      , 0xffa08010UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( SELFIDSTLL                                                     , 0xffa08010UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( FACIFPMON                                                      , 0xffa10000UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( FACIFASTAT                                                     , 0xffa10010UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( FACIFAEINT                                                     , 0xffa10014UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( FACIFAREASELC                                                  , 0xffa10020UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( FACIFSADDR                                                     , 0xffa10030UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( FACIFEADDR                                                     , 0xffa10034UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( FACIFSTATR                                                     , 0xffa10080UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( FACIFSTATRL                                                    , 0xffa10080UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( FACIFSTATRLL                                                   , 0xffa10080UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( FACIFSTATRLH                                                   , 0xffa10081UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( FACIFSTATRH                                                    , 0xffa10082UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( FACIFSTATRHL                                                   , 0xffa10082UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( FACIFENTRYR                                                    , 0xffa10084UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( FACIFPROTR                                                     , 0xffa10088UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( FACIFSUINITR                                                   , 0xffa1008cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( FACIFLKSTAT                                                    , 0xffa10090UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( FACIFRTSTAT                                                    , 0xffa10098UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( FACIFRTEINT                                                    , 0xffa1009cUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( FACIFCMDR                                                      , 0xffa100a0UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( FACIFPESTAT                                                    , 0xffa100c0UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( FACIFBCCNT                                                     , 0xffa100d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( FACIFBCSTAT                                                    , 0xffa100d4UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( FACIFPSADDR                                                    , 0xffa100d8UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( FACIFCPSR                                                      , 0xffa100e0UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( FACIFPCKAR                                                     , 0xffa100e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( FACIFLEMU                                                      , 0xffa100f0UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( FACIFLEAD                                                      , 0xffa100f4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( FACIFECCEMON                                                   , 0xffa10100UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( FACIFECCTMD                                                    , 0xffa10104UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( FACIFDMYECC                                                    , 0xffa10108UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PRMR0CFG0                                                      , 0xffc06000UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PRMR0CFG1                                                      , 0xffc06004UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PRMR0CFG2                                                      , 0xffc06008UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( ECMEPCTL                                                       , 0xffc0600cUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( SELBJCSWRST                                                    , 0xffc06010UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SELBVDCECTL                                                    , 0xffc0601cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SELBRSDSCFG                                                    , 0xffc06020UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SELBISMCHNCFG                                                  , 0xffc06028UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SELBSSIFCLKCFG                                                 , 0xffc0602cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SELBIDMODI                                                     , 0xffc06030UL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( SELBTSNCR                                                      , 0xffc06034UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SELBTSNSTAT                                                    , 0xffc06038UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( SELBADCE0INTPEDGCTL                                            , 0xffc0603cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SELBVOWEMAC                                                    , 0xffc06040UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SELBVOWEMMC                                                    , 0xffc06044UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SELBSPEAUPDEN                                                  , 0xffc06048UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SELBTSNCNTCMP                                                  , 0xffc0604cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SELBXCRAMCFG0                                                  , 0xffc06050UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SELBDSCTRL                                                     , 0xffc06054UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SELBGPU2DTRCTL                                                 , 0xffc0605cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( BERR0ST0                                                       , 0xffc07000UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( BERR0ST1                                                       , 0xffc07004UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( BERR0STC0                                                      , 0xffc07010UL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( BERR0STC1                                                      , 0xffc07014UL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIBC1                                                  , 0xffc14040UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPBDC1                                                  , 0xffc14044UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIPC1                                                  , 0xffc14048UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPU1                                                    , 0xffc1404cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPD1                                                    , 0xffc14050UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPODC1                                                  , 0xffc14054UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPDSC1                                                  , 0xffc14058UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIS1                                                   , 0xffc1405cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPISA1                                                  , 0xffc14064UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPCMD1                                                 , 0xffc1406cUL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPROTS1                                                , 0xffc14074UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIBC3                                                  , 0xffc140c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPBDC3                                                  , 0xffc140c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIPC3                                                  , 0xffc140c8UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPU3                                                    , 0xffc140ccUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPD3                                                    , 0xffc140d0UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPODC3                                                  , 0xffc140d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPDSC3                                                  , 0xffc140d8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIS3                                                   , 0xffc140dcUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPISA3                                                  , 0xffc140e4UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPCMD3                                                 , 0xffc140ecUL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPROTS3                                                , 0xffc140f4UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIBC10                                                 , 0xffc14280UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPBDC10                                                 , 0xffc14284UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPODC10                                                 , 0xffc14294UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPCMD10                                                , 0xffc142acUL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPROTS10                                               , 0xffc142b4UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIBC11                                                 , 0xffc142c0UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPBDC11                                                 , 0xffc142c4UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPODC11                                                 , 0xffc142d4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPCMD11                                                , 0xffc142ecUL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPROTS11                                               , 0xffc142f4UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIBC16                                                 , 0xffc14400UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPBDC16                                                 , 0xffc14404UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIPC16                                                 , 0xffc14408UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPODC16                                                 , 0xffc14414UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPDSC16                                                 , 0xffc14418UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIS16                                                  , 0xffc1441cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPISA16                                                 , 0xffc14424UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPCMD16                                                , 0xffc1442cUL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPROTS16                                               , 0xffc14434UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIBC17                                                 , 0xffc14440UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPBDC17                                                 , 0xffc14444UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIPC17                                                 , 0xffc14448UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPODC17                                                 , 0xffc14454UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPDSC17                                                 , 0xffc14458UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIS17                                                  , 0xffc1445cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPISA17                                                 , 0xffc14464UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPCMD17                                                , 0xffc1446cUL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPROTS17                                               , 0xffc14474UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIBC21                                                 , 0xffc14540UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPBDC21                                                 , 0xffc14544UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIPC21                                                 , 0xffc14548UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPU21                                                   , 0xffc1454cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPD21                                                   , 0xffc14550UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPODC21                                                 , 0xffc14554UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPCMD21                                                , 0xffc1456cUL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPROTS21                                               , 0xffc14574UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIBC22                                                 , 0xffc14580UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPBDC22                                                 , 0xffc14584UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIPC22                                                 , 0xffc14588UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPU22                                                   , 0xffc1458cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPD22                                                   , 0xffc14590UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPODC22                                                 , 0xffc14594UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPCMD22                                                , 0xffc145acUL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPROTS22                                               , 0xffc145b4UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIBC42                                                 , 0xffc14a80UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPBDC42                                                 , 0xffc14a84UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIPC42                                                 , 0xffc14a88UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPU42                                                   , 0xffc14a8cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPD42                                                   , 0xffc14a90UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPODC42                                                 , 0xffc14a94UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPDSC42                                                 , 0xffc14a98UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIS42                                                  , 0xffc14a9cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPISA42                                                 , 0xffc14aa4UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPCMD42                                                , 0xffc14aacUL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPROTS42                                               , 0xffc14ab4UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIBC43                                                 , 0xffc14ac0UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPBDC43                                                 , 0xffc14ac4UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIPC43                                                 , 0xffc14ac8UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPU43                                                   , 0xffc14accUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPD43                                                   , 0xffc14ad0UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPODC43                                                 , 0xffc14ad4UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPDSC43                                                 , 0xffc14ad8UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIS43                                                  , 0xffc14adcUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPISA43                                                 , 0xffc14ae4UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPCMD43                                                , 0xffc14aecUL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPROTS43                                               , 0xffc14af4UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIBC44                                                 , 0xffc14b00UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPBDC44                                                 , 0xffc14b04UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIPC44                                                 , 0xffc14b08UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPU44                                                   , 0xffc14b0cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPD44                                                   , 0xffc14b10UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPODC44                                                 , 0xffc14b14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPDSC44                                                 , 0xffc14b18UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIS44                                                  , 0xffc14b1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPISA44                                                 , 0xffc14b24UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPCMD44                                                , 0xffc14b2cUL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPROTS44                                               , 0xffc14b34UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIBC45                                                 , 0xffc14b40UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPBDC45                                                 , 0xffc14b44UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIPC45                                                 , 0xffc14b48UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPU45                                                   , 0xffc14b4cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPD45                                                   , 0xffc14b50UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPODC45                                                 , 0xffc14b54UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPDSC45                                                 , 0xffc14b58UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPIS45                                                  , 0xffc14b5cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPISA45                                                 , 0xffc14b64UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPCMD45                                                , 0xffc14b6cUL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_ISOPPROTS45                                               , 0xffc14b74UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPIBC0                                                  , 0xffc1c000UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPBDC0                                                  , 0xffc1c004UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPIPC0                                                  , 0xffc1c008UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPU0                                                    , 0xffc1c00cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPD0                                                    , 0xffc1c010UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPODC0                                                  , 0xffc1c014UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPDSC0                                                  , 0xffc1c018UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPIS0                                                   , 0xffc1c01cUL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPISA0                                                  , 0xffc1c024UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPPCMD0                                                 , 0xffc1c02cUL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORT_AWOPPROTS0                                                , 0xffc1c034UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPIBC0                                                , 0xffc24000UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPBDC0                                                , 0xffc24004UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPU0                                                  , 0xffc2400cUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPD0                                                  , 0xffc24010UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPODC0                                                , 0xffc24014UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPDSC0                                                , 0xffc24018UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPIS0                                                 , 0xffc2401cUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPISA0                                                , 0xffc24024UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPPCMD0                                               , 0xffc2402cUL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( PORTJ_AWOJPPROTS0                                              , 0xffc24034UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( DNFA0CTL                                                       , 0xffc30000UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( DNFA0EN                                                        , 0xffc30004UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( DNFA1CTL                                                       , 0xffc30100UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( DNFA1EN                                                        , 0xffc30104UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( DNFA2CTL                                                       , 0xffc30200UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( DNFA2EN                                                        , 0xffc30204UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( DNFA3CTL                                                       , 0xffc30300UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( DNFA3EN                                                        , 0xffc30304UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( DNFA5CTL                                                       , 0xffc30500UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( DNFA5EN                                                        , 0xffc30504UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( DNFA6CTL                                                       , 0xffc30600UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( DNFA6EN                                                        , 0xffc30604UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( DNFA7CTL                                                       , 0xffc30700UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( DNFA7EN                                                        , 0xffc30704UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( DNFA8CTL                                                       , 0xffc30800UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( DNFA8EN                                                        , 0xffc30804UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( DNFA9CTL                                                       , 0xffc30900UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( DNFA9EN                                                        , 0xffc30904UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( DNFA10CTL                                                      , 0xffc30a00UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( DNFA10EN                                                       , 0xffc30a04UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( FCLA0CTL0                                                      , 0xffc34000UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( FCLA0CTL1                                                      , 0xffc34004UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( FCLA0CTL2                                                      , 0xffc34008UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( FCLA0CTL3                                                      , 0xffc3400cUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( FCLA0CTL4                                                      , 0xffc34010UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( FCLA0CTL5                                                      , 0xffc34014UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( FCLA0CTL6                                                      , 0xffc34018UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( FCLA0CTL7                                                      , 0xffc3401cUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( FCLA1CTL0                                                      , 0xffc34100UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( FCLA1CTL1                                                      , 0xffc34104UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( FCLA1CTL2                                                      , 0xffc34108UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( FCLA1CTL3                                                      , 0xffc3410cUL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( PBGFSGD0BPROT0                                                 , 0xffc4c000UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PBGFSGD0BPROT0_L                                               , 0xffc4c000UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PBGFSGD0BPROT0_LL                                              , 0xffc4c000UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( PBGFSGD0BPROT0_LH                                              , 0xffc4c001UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( PBGFSGD0BPROT0_H                                               , 0xffc4c002UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PBGFSGD0BPROT0_HL                                              , 0xffc4c002UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( PBGFSGD0BPROT0_HH                                              , 0xffc4c003UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( PBGFSGD0BPROT1                                                 , 0xffc4c004UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( PBGFSGD0BPROT1_L                                               , 0xffc4c004UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PBGFSGD0BPROT1_LL                                              , 0xffc4c004UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( PBGFSGD0BPROT1_LH                                              , 0xffc4c005UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( PBGFSGD0BPROT1_H                                               , 0xffc4c006UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( PBGFSGD0BPROT1_HL                                              , 0xffc4c006UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( PBGFSGD0BPROT1_HH                                              , 0xffc4c007UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BCTL                                                 , 0xffc4c800UL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BCTL_L                                               , 0xffc4c800UL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BCTL_LL                                              , 0xffc4c800UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BCTL_LH                                              , 0xffc4c801UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BCTL_H                                               , 0xffc4c802UL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BCTL_HL                                              , 0xffc4c802UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BCTL_HH                                              , 0xffc4c803UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BSTAT                                                , 0xffc4c804UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BSTAT_L                                              , 0xffc4c804UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BSTAT_LL                                             , 0xffc4c804UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BSTAT_LH                                             , 0xffc4c805UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BSTAT_H                                              , 0xffc4c806UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BSTAT_HL                                             , 0xffc4c806UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BSTAT_HH                                             , 0xffc4c807UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BADDR                                                , 0xffc4c808UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BTYPE                                                , 0xffc4c80cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BTYPE_L                                              , 0xffc4c80cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BTYPE_LL                                             , 0xffc4c80cUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BTYPE_LH                                             , 0xffc4c80dUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BTYPE_H                                              , 0xffc4c80eUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BTYPE_HL                                             , 0xffc4c80eUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( PBGERRSLV0BTYPE_HH                                             , 0xffc4c80fUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( SYSCTRLEPC                                                     , 0xffc58020UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( SYSCTRLEPC_L                                                   , 0xffc58020UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( SYSCTRLEPC_LL                                                  , 0xffc58020UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( SYSCTRLEPC_LH                                                  , 0xffc58021UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( SYSCTRLEPC_H                                                   , 0xffc58022UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( SYSCTRLEPC_HL                                                  , 0xffc58022UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( SYSCTRLEPC_HH                                                  , 0xffc58023UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( SYSCTRLFCUFAREA                                                , 0xffc59008UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( DCIBEEPRDCYCL                                                  , 0xffc59810UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDECCCTL_PE1_OS                                          , 0xffc60400UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDECCCTL_PE1_OS_L                                        , 0xffc60400UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDECCCTL_PE1_OS_H                                        , 0xffc60402UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDERRINT_PE1_OS                                          , 0xffc60404UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDERRINT_PE1_OS_L                                        , 0xffc60404UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDERRINT_PE1_OS_LL                                       , 0xffc60404UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDERRINT_PE1_OS_LH                                       , 0xffc60405UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDERRINT_PE1_OS_H                                        , 0xffc60406UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDERRINT_PE1_OS_HL                                       , 0xffc60406UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDERRINT_PE1_OS_HH                                       , 0xffc60407UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDSTCLR_PE1_OS                                           , 0xffc60408UL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDSTCLR_PE1_OS_L                                         , 0xffc60408UL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDSTCLR_PE1_OS_LL                                        , 0xffc60408UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDSTCLR_PE1_OS_LH                                        , 0xffc60409UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDSTCLR_PE1_OS_H                                         , 0xffc6040aUL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDSTCLR_PE1_OS_HL                                        , 0xffc6040aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDSTCLR_PE1_OS_HH                                        , 0xffc6040bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDOVFSTR_PE1_OS                                          , 0xffc6040cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDOVFSTR_PE1_OS_L                                        , 0xffc6040cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDOVFSTR_PE1_OS_LL                                       , 0xffc6040cUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDOVFSTR_PE1_OS_LH                                       , 0xffc6040dUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDOVFSTR_PE1_OS_H                                        , 0xffc6040eUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDOVFSTR_PE1_OS_HL                                       , 0xffc6040eUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IDOVFSTR_PE1_OS_HH                                       , 0xffc6040fUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ID1STERSTR_PE1_OS                                        , 0xffc60410UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ID1STERSTR_PE1_OS_L                                      , 0xffc60410UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ID1STERSTR_PE1_OS_LL                                     , 0xffc60410UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ID1STERSTR_PE1_OS_LH                                     , 0xffc60411UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ID1STERSTR_PE1_OS_H                                      , 0xffc60412UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ID1STERSTR_PE1_OS_HL                                     , 0xffc60412UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ID1STERSTR_PE1_OS_HH                                     , 0xffc60413UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ID1STEADR0_PE1_OS                                        , 0xffc60450UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ID1STEADR0_PE1_OS_L                                      , 0xffc60450UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ID1STEADR0_PE1_OS_LL                                     , 0xffc60450UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ID1STEADR0_PE1_OS_LH                                     , 0xffc60451UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ID1STEADR0_PE1_OS_H                                      , 0xffc60452UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ID1STEADR0_PE1_OS_HL                                     , 0xffc60452UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ID1STEADR0_PE1_OS_HH                                     , 0xffc60453UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ID1STEADR1_PE1_OS                                        , 0xffc60454UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ID1STEADR1_PE1_OS_L                                      , 0xffc60454UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ID1STEADR1_PE1_OS_LL                                     , 0xffc60454UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ID1STEADR1_PE1_OS_LH                                     , 0xffc60455UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ID1STEADR1_PE1_OS_H                                      , 0xffc60456UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ID1STEADR1_PE1_OS_HL                                     , 0xffc60456UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ID1STEADR1_PE1_OS_HH                                     , 0xffc60457UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITECCCTL_PE1_OS                                          , 0xffc61400UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITECCCTL_PE1_OS_L                                        , 0xffc61400UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITECCCTL_PE1_OS_H                                        , 0xffc61402UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITERRINT_PE1_OS                                          , 0xffc61404UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITERRINT_PE1_OS_L                                        , 0xffc61404UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITERRINT_PE1_OS_LL                                       , 0xffc61404UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITERRINT_PE1_OS_LH                                       , 0xffc61405UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITERRINT_PE1_OS_H                                        , 0xffc61406UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITERRINT_PE1_OS_HL                                       , 0xffc61406UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITERRINT_PE1_OS_HH                                       , 0xffc61407UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITSTCLR_PE1_OS                                           , 0xffc61408UL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITSTCLR_PE1_OS_L                                         , 0xffc61408UL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITSTCLR_PE1_OS_LL                                        , 0xffc61408UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITSTCLR_PE1_OS_LH                                        , 0xffc61409UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITSTCLR_PE1_OS_H                                         , 0xffc6140aUL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITSTCLR_PE1_OS_HL                                        , 0xffc6140aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITSTCLR_PE1_OS_HH                                        , 0xffc6140bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITOVFSTR_PE1_OS                                          , 0xffc6140cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITOVFSTR_PE1_OS_L                                        , 0xffc6140cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITOVFSTR_PE1_OS_LL                                       , 0xffc6140cUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITOVFSTR_PE1_OS_LH                                       , 0xffc6140dUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITOVFSTR_PE1_OS_H                                        , 0xffc6140eUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITOVFSTR_PE1_OS_HL                                       , 0xffc6140eUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1ITOVFSTR_PE1_OS_HH                                       , 0xffc6140fUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IT1STERSTR_PE1_OS                                        , 0xffc61410UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IT1STERSTR_PE1_OS_L                                      , 0xffc61410UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IT1STERSTR_PE1_OS_LL                                     , 0xffc61410UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IT1STERSTR_PE1_OS_LH                                     , 0xffc61411UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IT1STERSTR_PE1_OS_H                                      , 0xffc61412UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IT1STERSTR_PE1_OS_HL                                     , 0xffc61412UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IT1STERSTR_PE1_OS_HH                                     , 0xffc61413UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IT1STEADR0_PE1_OS                                        , 0xffc61450UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IT1STEADR0_PE1_OS_L                                      , 0xffc61450UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IT1STEADR0_PE1_OS_LL                                     , 0xffc61450UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IT1STEADR0_PE1_OS_LH                                     , 0xffc61451UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IT1STEADR0_PE1_OS_H                                      , 0xffc61452UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IT1STEADR0_PE1_OS_HL                                     , 0xffc61452UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCIC1IT1STEADR0_PE1_OS_HH                                     , 0xffc61453UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCFLICFECCCTL_VCI2CFB_OS                                      , 0xffc62200UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCFLICFERRINT_VCI2CFB_OS                                      , 0xffc62204UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCFLICFSTCLR_VCI2CFB_OS                                       , 0xffc62208UL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCFLICFOVFSTR_VCI2CFB_OS                                      , 0xffc6220cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCFLICF1STERSTR_VCI2CFB_OS                                    , 0xffc62210UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCFLICF1STEADR0_VCI2CFB_OS                                    , 0xffc62250UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCFLICFSTSTCTL_VCI2CFB_OS                                     , 0xffc62350UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCFLICFECCCTL_PE1_OS                                          , 0xffc62400UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCFLICFERRINT_PE1_OS                                          , 0xffc62404UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCFLICFSTCLR_PE1_OS                                           , 0xffc62408UL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCFLICFOVFSTR_PE1_OS                                          , 0xffc6240cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCFLICF1STERSTR_PE1_OS                                        , 0xffc62410UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCFLICF1STEADR0_PE1_OS                                        , 0xffc62450UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCFLICFSTSTCTL_PE1_OS                                         , 0xffc62550UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCEEPDFECCCTL                                                 , 0xffc62c00UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCEEPDFERSTR                                                  , 0xffc62c04UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCEEPDFERSTC                                                  , 0xffc62c08UL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCEEPDFERRINT                                                 , 0xffc62c14UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCEEPDFTSTCTL                                                 , 0xffc62c1cUL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LRTSTCTL                                                , 0xffc65004UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LRTSTCTLL                                               , 0xffc65004UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LRTDATBF0                                               , 0xffc65008UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LRTDATBF1                                               , 0xffc6500cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LRECCCTL                                                , 0xffc65400UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LRECCCTLL                                               , 0xffc65400UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LRERRINT                                                , 0xffc65404UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LRERRINTL                                               , 0xffc65404UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LRERRINTLL                                              , 0xffc65404UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LRERRINTLH                                              , 0xffc65405UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LRERRINTH                                               , 0xffc65406UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LRERRINTHL                                              , 0xffc65406UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LRERRINTHH                                              , 0xffc65407UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LRSTCLR                                                 , 0xffc65408UL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LRSTCLRL                                                , 0xffc65408UL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LRSTCLRLL                                               , 0xffc65408UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LRSTCLRLH                                               , 0xffc65409UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LRSTCLRH                                                , 0xffc6540aUL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LRSTCLRHL                                               , 0xffc6540aUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LRSTCLRHH                                               , 0xffc6540bUL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LROVFSTR                                                , 0xffc6540cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LROVFSTRL                                               , 0xffc6540cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LROVFSTRLL                                              , 0xffc6540cUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LROVFSTRLH                                              , 0xffc6540dUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LROVFSTRH                                               , 0xffc6540eUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LROVFSTRHL                                              , 0xffc6540eUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LROVFSTRHH                                              , 0xffc6540fUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STERSTR                                              , 0xffc65410UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STERSTRL                                             , 0xffc65410UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STERSTRLL                                            , 0xffc65410UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STERSTRLH                                            , 0xffc65411UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STERSTRH                                             , 0xffc65412UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STERSTRHL                                            , 0xffc65412UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STERSTRHH                                            , 0xffc65413UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR0                                              , 0xffc65450UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR0L                                             , 0xffc65450UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR0LL                                            , 0xffc65450UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR0LH                                            , 0xffc65451UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR0H                                             , 0xffc65452UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR0HL                                            , 0xffc65452UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR0HH                                            , 0xffc65453UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR1                                              , 0xffc65454UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR1L                                             , 0xffc65454UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR1LL                                            , 0xffc65454UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR1LH                                            , 0xffc65455UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR1H                                             , 0xffc65456UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR1HL                                            , 0xffc65456UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR1HH                                            , 0xffc65457UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR2                                              , 0xffc65458UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR2L                                             , 0xffc65458UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR2LL                                            , 0xffc65458UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR2LH                                            , 0xffc65459UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR2H                                             , 0xffc6545aUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR2HL                                            , 0xffc6545aUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR2HH                                            , 0xffc6545bUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR3                                              , 0xffc6545cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR3L                                             , 0xffc6545cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR3LL                                            , 0xffc6545cUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR3LH                                            , 0xffc6545dUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR3H                                             , 0xffc6545eUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR3HL                                            , 0xffc6545eUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCCPU1LR1STEADR3HH                                            , 0xffc6545fUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCDECCCTL_PE1_OS                                        , 0xffc66400UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCDECCCTL_PE1_OSL                                       , 0xffc66400UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCDERRINT_PE1_OS                                        , 0xffc66404UL, __READ_WRITE, u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCDERRINT_PE1_OSL                                       , 0xffc66404UL, __READ_WRITE, u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCDERRINT_PE1_OSLL                                      , 0xffc66404UL, __READ_WRITE, u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCDSTCLR_PE1_OS                                         , 0xffc66408UL, __WRITE     , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCDSTCLR_PE1_OSL                                        , 0xffc66408UL, __WRITE     , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCDSTCLR_PE1_OSLL                                       , 0xffc66408UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCDSTCLR_PE1_OSLH                                       , 0xffc66409UL, __WRITE     , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCDOVFSTR_PE1_OS                                        , 0xffc6640cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCDOVFSTR_PE1_OSL                                       , 0xffc6640cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCDOVFSTR_PE1_OSLL                                      , 0xffc6640cUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCDOVFSTR_PE1_OSLH                                      , 0xffc6640dUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR0_PE1_OS                                     , 0xffc66410UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR0_PE1_OSL                                    , 0xffc66410UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR0_PE1_OSLL                                   , 0xffc66410UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR0_PE1_OSLH                                   , 0xffc66411UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR0_PE1_OSH                                    , 0xffc66412UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR0_PE1_OSHL                                   , 0xffc66412UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR0_PE1_OSHH                                   , 0xffc66413UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR1_PE1_OS                                     , 0xffc66414UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR1_PE1_OSL                                    , 0xffc66414UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR1_PE1_OSLL                                   , 0xffc66414UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR1_PE1_OSLH                                   , 0xffc66415UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR1_PE1_OSH                                    , 0xffc66416UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR1_PE1_OSHL                                   , 0xffc66416UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR1_PE1_OSHH                                   , 0xffc66417UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR2_PE1_OS                                     , 0xffc66418UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR2_PE1_OSL                                    , 0xffc66418UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR2_PE1_OSLL                                   , 0xffc66418UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR2_PE1_OSLH                                   , 0xffc66419UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR2_PE1_OSH                                    , 0xffc6641aUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR2_PE1_OSHL                                   , 0xffc6641aUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR2_PE1_OSHH                                   , 0xffc6641bUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR3_PE1_OS                                     , 0xffc6641cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR3_PE1_OSL                                    , 0xffc6641cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR3_PE1_OSLL                                   , 0xffc6641cUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR3_PE1_OSLH                                   , 0xffc6641dUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR3_PE1_OSH                                    , 0xffc6641eUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR3_PE1_OSHL                                   , 0xffc6641eUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STERSTR3_PE1_OSHH                                   , 0xffc6641fUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR0_PE1_OS                                      , 0xffc66450UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR0_PE1_OSL                                     , 0xffc66450UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR0_PE1_OSLL                                    , 0xffc66450UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR0_PE1_OSLH                                    , 0xffc66451UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR0_PE1_OSH                                     , 0xffc66452UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR0_PE1_OSHL                                    , 0xffc66452UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR0_PE1_OSHH                                    , 0xffc66453UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR1_PE1_OS                                      , 0xffc66454UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR1_PE1_OSL                                     , 0xffc66454UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR1_PE1_OSLL                                    , 0xffc66454UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR1_PE1_OSLH                                    , 0xffc66455UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR1_PE1_OSH                                     , 0xffc66456UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR1_PE1_OSHL                                    , 0xffc66456UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR1_PE1_OSHH                                    , 0xffc66457UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR2_PE1_OS                                      , 0xffc66458UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR2_PE1_OSL                                     , 0xffc66458UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR2_PE1_OSLL                                    , 0xffc66458UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR2_PE1_OSLH                                    , 0xffc66459UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR2_PE1_OSH                                     , 0xffc6645aUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR2_PE1_OSHL                                    , 0xffc6645aUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR2_PE1_OSHH                                    , 0xffc6645bUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR3_PE1_OS                                      , 0xffc6645cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR3_PE1_OSL                                     , 0xffc6645cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR3_PE1_OSLL                                    , 0xffc6645cUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR3_PE1_OSLH                                    , 0xffc6645dUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR3_PE1_OSH                                     , 0xffc6645eUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR3_PE1_OSHL                                    , 0xffc6645eUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR3_PE1_OSHH                                    , 0xffc6645fUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR4_PE1_OS                                      , 0xffc66460UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR4_PE1_OSL                                     , 0xffc66460UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR4_PE1_OSLL                                    , 0xffc66460UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR4_PE1_OSLH                                    , 0xffc66461UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR4_PE1_OSH                                     , 0xffc66462UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR4_PE1_OSHL                                    , 0xffc66462UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR4_PE1_OSHH                                    , 0xffc66463UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR5_PE1_OS                                      , 0xffc66464UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR5_PE1_OSL                                     , 0xffc66464UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR5_PE1_OSLL                                    , 0xffc66464UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR5_PE1_OSLH                                    , 0xffc66465UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR5_PE1_OSH                                     , 0xffc66466UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR5_PE1_OSHL                                    , 0xffc66466UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR5_PE1_OSHH                                    , 0xffc66467UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR6_PE1_OS                                      , 0xffc66468UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR6_PE1_OSL                                     , 0xffc66468UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR6_PE1_OSLL                                    , 0xffc66468UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR6_PE1_OSLH                                    , 0xffc66469UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR6_PE1_OSH                                     , 0xffc6646aUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR6_PE1_OSHL                                    , 0xffc6646aUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR6_PE1_OSHH                                    , 0xffc6646bUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR7_PE1_OS                                      , 0xffc6646cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR7_PE1_OSL                                     , 0xffc6646cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR7_PE1_OSLL                                    , 0xffc6646cUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR7_PE1_OSLH                                    , 0xffc6646dUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR7_PE1_OSH                                     , 0xffc6646eUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR7_PE1_OSHL                                    , 0xffc6646eUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR7_PE1_OSHH                                    , 0xffc6646fUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR8_PE1_OS                                      , 0xffc66470UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR8_PE1_OSL                                     , 0xffc66470UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR8_PE1_OSLL                                    , 0xffc66470UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR8_PE1_OSLH                                    , 0xffc66471UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR8_PE1_OSH                                     , 0xffc66472UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR8_PE1_OSHL                                    , 0xffc66472UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR8_PE1_OSHH                                    , 0xffc66473UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR9_PE1_OS                                      , 0xffc66474UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR9_PE1_OSL                                     , 0xffc66474UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR9_PE1_OSLL                                    , 0xffc66474UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR9_PE1_OSLH                                    , 0xffc66475UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR9_PE1_OSH                                     , 0xffc66476UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR9_PE1_OSHL                                    , 0xffc66476UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR9_PE1_OSHH                                    , 0xffc66477UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR10_PE1_OS                                     , 0xffc66478UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR10_PE1_OSL                                    , 0xffc66478UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR10_PE1_OSLL                                   , 0xffc66478UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR10_PE1_OSLH                                   , 0xffc66479UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR10_PE1_OSH                                    , 0xffc6647aUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR10_PE1_OSHL                                   , 0xffc6647aUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR10_PE1_OSHH                                   , 0xffc6647bUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR11_PE1_OS                                     , 0xffc6647cUL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR11_PE1_OSL                                    , 0xffc6647cUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR11_PE1_OSLL                                   , 0xffc6647cUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR11_PE1_OSLH                                   , 0xffc6647dUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR11_PE1_OSH                                    , 0xffc6647eUL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR11_PE1_OSHL                                   , 0xffc6647eUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR11_PE1_OSHH                                   , 0xffc6647fUL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR12_PE1_OS                                     , 0xffc66480UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR12_PE1_OSL                                    , 0xffc66480UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR12_PE1_OSLL                                   , 0xffc66480UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR12_PE1_OSLH                                   , 0xffc66481UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR12_PE1_OSH                                    , 0xffc66482UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR12_PE1_OSHL                                   , 0xffc66482UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR12_PE1_OSHH                                   , 0xffc66483UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR13_PE1_OS                                     , 0xffc66484UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR13_PE1_OSL                                    , 0xffc66484UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR13_PE1_OSLL                                   , 0xffc66484UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR13_PE1_OSLH                                   , 0xffc66485UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR13_PE1_OSH                                    , 0xffc66486UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR13_PE1_OSHL                                   , 0xffc66486UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR13_PE1_OSHH                                   , 0xffc66487UL, __READ      , u08_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR14_PE1_OS                                     , 0xffc66488UL, __READ      , u32_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR14_PE1_OSL                                    , 0xffc66488UL, __READ      , u16_T);
__IOREG( ECCAXCAXCD1STEADR14_PE1_OSLL                                   , 0xffc66488UL, __READ      , u08_T);