Qt Quick Ultralite Automotive Cluster Demo

// PROJECT = RH850/D1M2H
//                                 C O P Y R I G H T
// Copyright (c) 2017 by RENESAS Electronics (Europe) GmbH. All rights reserved.
// Arcadiastr. 10
// D-40472 Duesseldorf
// Germany
//Purpose: Header File for RH850/P1M function mapping
//Warranty Disclaimer
//Because the Product(s) is licensed free of charge, there is no warranty
//of any kind whatsoever and expressly disclaimed and excluded by RENESAS,
//either expressed or implied, including but not limited to those for
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//referred to the User by RENESAS in connection with the Product(s) and/or the
// Environment: Devices:          RH850/D1M2H
//              Assembler:        GHS MULTI
//              C-Compiler:       GHS MULTI
//              Linker:           GHS MULTI
//              Debugger:         GHS MULTI
// $Log$

#ifndef _MAP_DEVICE_H
#define _MAP_DEVICE_H

/* Define registers for RH850/D1M2H */
/* Select the device specific include here */

#ifdef __ghs__
#include <dr7f701461_0.h>

#include <ree_macros.h>

/* List of all included macros, to be supported */

/* ...MACROS: Number or macro units
 * ...TYPE:   Unique type identifier from nec_macros.h


#define EE_RSCFD_MACROS   1

#define EE_ISM_MACROS  1