QtIfMedia MediaPlayer Simulation Backend


  • QtMultimedia
  • taglib

Supported interfaces

The backend uses QtMultimedia to offer real media playback on various platforms. The indexer will automatically start to index all .mp3 files in the media folder.

For the FilterAndBrowseModel the following contenTypes are supported:

  • artist A list of all artists.
  • album A list of all albums.
  • track A list of all tracks.

The model supports filtering and sorting, as well as navigating through the media library using the following navigation paths:

  • Artist -> Album -> Track
  • Album -> Track

Note: On systems where taglib is disabled, indexing of files doesn't work and because of that the media database can't be created.

The MediaDiscoveryModel provides a simulation of USB thumb drives and can be configured using the the QTIFMEDIA_SIMULATOR_DEVICEFOLDER environment variable, which needs to be set to an absolute path. Every sub-folder within that path is recognized as a new USB thumb drive.

Using the FilterAndBrowseModel on the discovered media devices, the file contentType can be used to navigate through the device's folder structure.

Every new device discovered is automatically indexed and all .mp3 files can be retrieved using the the FilterAndBrowseModel connected to the media player's service object to browse the library.


This backend uses environment variables for its configuration. By default it will write its database to the application's cache location. There is also a non persistent mode, where the indexed media database is not saved, but recreated on every start of the app.

QTIFMEDIA_TEMPORARY_DATABASEThe database is written to a temporary location and deleted when the application is stopped.
QTIFMEDIA_SIMULATOR_DATABASEA path to the media database which should be used.
QTIFMEDIA_SIMULATOR_LOCALMEDIAFOLDERThe local media directory (default: all media locations of the user - see also QStandardPaths)
QTIFMEDIA_SIMULATOR_DEVICEFOLDERThe path which will be used by the DiscoveryModel for discovering media devices. (default: /home/<user>/usb-simulation)

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