QKnxInterfaceObjectType Class

The QKnxInterfaceObjectType class holds the type of a KNX interface object. More...

Header: #include <QKnxInterfaceObjectType>
qmake: QT += knx

Public Types

enum Application { Hvac, Lightning, IndoorBrightnessSensor, IndoorLuminanceSensor, ..., WhiteGoods2 }
enum NonStandardized { First, Last }
enum System { Device, GroupAddressTable, AssociationTable, ApplicationProgram, ..., RfMedium }

Public Functions

QKnxInterfaceObjectType(int objectType)
int operator int() const
QKnxInterfaceObjectType &operator=(int objectType)

Static Public Members

bool isMatch(QKnxInterfaceObjectType type, QKnxInterfaceObjectProperty property)
bool isObjectType(QKnxInterfaceObjectType type)

Detailed Description

A KNX interface object holds information about device functionality. Each interface object type covers particular functionality. This class represents the System, Application, and NonStandardized object types.

The type of an interface object is stored as its first property in QKnxInterfaceObjectProperty::ObjectType.

See also Qt KNX Device Management Classes.

Member Type Documentation

enum QKnxInterfaceObjectType::Application

This enum describes the type ranges of interface objects dedicated to an application area.

QKnxInterfaceObjectType::Hvac0x64Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::IndoorBrightnessSensor0x199Indoor brightness sensors
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::IndoorLuminanceSensor0x19aIndoor luminance sensors
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::LightSwitchingActuatorBasic0x1a1Basic light switching actuators
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::DimmingActuatorBasic0x1a2Basic dimming actuators
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::DimmingSensorBasic0x1a4Basic dimming sensors
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::SwitchingSensorBasic0x1a5Basic switching sensors
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::SensorsAndActuators0x258Sensors and actuators
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::ShuttersAndBlinds0x320Shutters and blinds
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::FociS0x3e8Functions of common interest, such as date and time
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::Metering0x44dMetering the consumption of energy, water, gas, and so on
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::OpenTherm0x4b0The OpenTherm gateway, which connects KNX to the OT Bus used for heating systems, such as gas condensing boilers
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::WhiteGoods0xdacWhite goods
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::WhiteGoods20xfa0White goods

enum QKnxInterfaceObjectType::NonStandardized

This enum describes the type ranges of non-standard interface objects.

QKnxInterfaceObjectType::First0xc351First object
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::Last0xffffLast object

enum QKnxInterfaceObjectType::System

This enum describes the types of interface objects dedicated to device system functionality.

QKnxInterfaceObjectType::Device0x0000Device interface object
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::GroupAddressTable0x0001Group address table interface object
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::AssociationTable0x0002Association table interface object
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::ApplicationProgram0x0003Application program interface object
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::InterfaceProgram0x0004Interface program interface object
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::KnxObjectAssociationTable0x0005KNX object assiocation table interface object
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::Router0x0006Router interface object
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::LteAddressRoutingTable0x0007Logical Tag Extended (LTE) address routing table interface object
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::CemiServer0x0008Common External Message Interface (cEMI) server interface object
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::GroupObjectTable0x0009Group object table interface object
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::PollingMaster0x000aPolling master interface object
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::KnxNetIpParameter0x000bKNXnet/IP parameter interface object
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::FileServer0x000dFile server interface object
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::Security0x0011Security interface object
QKnxInterfaceObjectType::RfMedium0x0013Radio frequency (RF) medium interface object

Member Function Documentation

QKnxInterfaceObjectType::QKnxInterfaceObjectType(int objectType)

Creates a KNX interface object type of the type objectType.

[static] bool QKnxInterfaceObjectType::isMatch(QKnxInterfaceObjectType type, QKnxInterfaceObjectProperty property)

Returns true if the given property can be used in conjunction with the given type; false otherwise.

Note: The function performs a check on the object type and returns false if the object type is invalid.

Note: Only system types are fully matched. For all other valid object types the function returns true if the property can be interpreted as a known or unknown property (depending on the property value).

[static] bool QKnxInterfaceObjectType::isObjectType(QKnxInterfaceObjectType type)

Returns true if type is a value of System, Application, or NonStandardized; false otherwise.

Note: Reserved values are considered invalid object types.

int QKnxInterfaceObjectType::operator int() const

Returns the value stored in the KNX interface object type as an integer.

QKnxInterfaceObjectType &QKnxInterfaceObjectType::operator=(int objectType)

Assigns objectType to this KNX interface object type.

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