Qt Quick Enterprise Controls Styles

The Qt Quick Enterprise Controls Styles module allows custom styling for Qt Quick Enterprise Controls.

The submodule requires Qt Quick 2.2.

Getting started

The QML types can be imported into your application using the following import statement in your .qml file.

import QtQuick.Enterprise.Controls.Styles 1.3


Base Style

The Base Style is the default style used when none is specified. It is also used as a fallback when the specified style cannot be found.

The Base Style Tumbler.

Flat Style

The Flat Style is designed for touch devices. It was introduced in Qt Quick Enterprise Controls 1.3 and requires Qt 5.4.

The Flat Style Tumbler.

Selecting Styles

Qt Quick Enterprise Controls follow Qt Quick Controls' styling system. You can apply a different style to the controls by setting the QT_QUICK_CONTROLS_STYLE environment variable to the name of the style. For example, to use the Flat style, you can do the following:


This can also be done in C++, using qputenv():

qputenv("QT_QUICK_CONTROLS_STYLE", "Flat");

Control Styles


Provides custom styling for CircularGauge


Provides custom styling for DelayButton


Provides custom styling for Dial


Provides custom styling for Gauge


Provides custom styling for PieMenu


Provides custom styling for StatusIndicatorStyle


Provides custom styling for ToggleButton


Provides custom styling for Tumbler

Styling Tutorials

Styling CircularGauge

Tutorial for styling CircularGauge.

Styling Gauge

Tutorial for styling the Gauge control.

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