Chapter 6. The Menus And The Toolbars

Table of Contents
The File Menu
The Edit Menu
The Tools Menu
The Layout Menu
The Preview Menu
The Window Menu
The Help Menu

This chapter lists the functionality that you can reach from the menu bar and the toolbar. It is sorted by the order in which the items appear in the menus, as you can reorder your toolbars.

The File Menu


Creates a new form. A dialog is opened that lets you select a number of base settings for the form, like a configuration dialog or a plain old widget.


Opens a .ui file with a form. You can use this to load an already existing form that you created in a previous Qt Designer session. Depending on whether any Qt Designer Extensions are installed, you can also open other file types, like resource files.


Saves the currently active form. If you have not yet specified a filename for this form, you will be prompted for one.

Save As

Saves the currently active form under a new name. You will be prompted to select the new name.

Save All

Saves all currently open forms. For each form to which you have yet not assigned a filename, you will be prompted for one.


Terminates this session with Qt Designer. If you have unsaved forms, you will be asked whether you want to save them.