Chapter 7. The Dialogs

Table of Contents
The About Dialog
The Connection Editor Dialog (Edit Connections)
The Connection Viewer Dialog (Edit Connections)
The Edit Custom Widgets Dialog
The Edit Icon View Dialog
The Edit List Box Dialog
The Edit List View Dialog
The Edit Multiline Edit Dialog
The Edit Slots Dialog
The Form Settings Dialog
The Help Dialog
The New Form Dialog
The Palette Editor Dialog
The Pixmap Function Dialog
The Preferences Dialog
The Topic Chooser Dialog

This chapter lists all the dialogs in Qt Designer. Whenever you open a dialog during your work and are not exactly sure how to operate it, you can either use the What's This help or the online help or read about it here. The dialog explanations in this chapter are sorted alphabetically by dialog title so that you can find the description of the dialog you are looking for fast and easily.

Since the meaning of the Help, OK, and Cancel buttons should be obvious, they are not listed explicitly with the individual dialogs unless there is something special to say about them.

The About Dialog

Figure 7-1. The About dialog

This dialog shows you Qt Designer's introductory screen and the version number. Use this dialog if you want to report a bug but are not sure which version of Qt Designer you are using.