The Edit Icon View Dialog

Figure 7-5. The icon view editor

This dialog lets you edit the icons that are displayed in a QIconView that you have inserted in a form. You reach it by selecting Edit from the context menu of an icon view.

The unlabeled list box on the left-hand side shows all currently inserted icons together with their labels. By default, there will be one folder-like icon with the label New Item.

New Item

Click this button to insert a new icon into the icon view.

Delete Item

Click this button to delete the currently selected icon from the icon view.

Item Properties

In this area, you can specify the pixmap and the label to be displayed for the currently selected icon. To change the label, enter the new text in the Text field. To change the pixmap, which is displayed next to the word Pixmap, click on the button labeled .... Clicking on the scissors icon removes the pixmap so that the current entry is represented only by its label.