The Edit Slots Dialog

Figure 7-9. The Edit Slots dialog

In this dialog, which is available from the menu entry Edit/Slots or via the toolbar, you can edit the slots of the currently active form. The unlabeled central list box lists all the slots of this form, together with their access specifiers and whether they are in use; i.e., whether there is any signal connected to them.

New Slot

Click this button to insert a new slot into the list. By default, it will be called new_slot(), will have no parameters, will have the access specifier public, and of course will not be in use.

Delete Slot

Click this button to delete the currently selected slot.


In this edit field, you can change the name and the parameters of the currently selected slot. Simply edit the name and enter the parameter types between the parentheses.


Here you can provide the access specifier for the slot, which can be either public or protected. The access specifier private is not possible, since you need to reimplement the slot in a subclass.