Table of Contents
What You Should Know
I.Qt Designer Tutorial and User's Manual
1.What Do You Need A GUI Designer For?
2.Tutorial: Creating A Simple Application With The Help Of Qt Designer
Becoming Familiar With Qt Designer
More Widgets For Our Form
Generating C++ Source Code From The Qt Designer File
Putting It All Together
3.Tutorial: Adding Functionality To A Dialog By Subclassing
Continuing Work On An Already Existing Dialog
Adding Functionality To The Push Buttons
Initializing The State Of Widgets In The Form
Connecting Widgets To Each Other
4.Tutorial: Using Layout Management
Putting A Form Together With Layouts
Popular Mechanics: Working With Spacers
5.Useful Techniques
Working With Signals And Slots
Changing The Tab Order
All About Layout Management
Integrating Qt Designer Files Into Your Project
Accessing The Help System
Custom Widgets
II.Qt Designer Reference Manual
6.The Menus And The Toolbars
The File Menu
The Edit Menu
The Tools Menu
The Layout Menu
The Preview Menu
The Window Menu
The Help Menu
7.The Dialogs
The About Dialog
The Connection Editor Dialog (Edit Connections)
The Connection Viewer Dialog (Edit Connections)
The Edit Custom Widgets Dialog
The Edit Icon View Dialog
The Edit List Box Dialog
The Edit List View Dialog
The Edit Multiline Edit Dialog
The Edit Slots Dialog
The Form Settings Dialog
The Help Dialog
The New Form Dialog
The Palette Editor Dialog
The Pixmap Function Dialog
The Preferences Dialog
The Topic Chooser Dialog
8.The Key Bindings
9.The File Format Of .ui Files
Header Elements
The <widget> Element
The Pixmaps In The <images> Element
The Description Of The Used Custom Widgets
The Description Of The Defined Connections And Slots
The Description Of The Tab-Chain
10.The File Format Of .cw Files