You've found our oldest easter egg

No prizes, though

A friend of mine forwarded the following little snippet to me, probably because of my views on pretty pictures versus actual content. It probably originates on USENET somewhere, but I don't know where.

It sounds like there may be a near-term need for a new newsgroup in the alt.recovery hierarchy.

"Hi, my name is Geoff and I was a N*tscapeaholic."

"Hi, Geoff."

"It started as a little Under Construction picture, then I found myself using graphics for horizontal rules and bullets. The next thing I knew, I had GIF's for all of my text and my pages took longer to download than to read.

"A guy I knew at work tried to get me hooked on PDF. I saw the power, and I was ready to make the switch.

"That's when a close friend of mine stepped in. She erased N*tscape from my hard drive and made me use Lynx. Thanks to her, I'm here today and I'm ready to walk the long road back to content delivery."


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