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QCanvasPixmapArray Class Reference
[ canvas module ]

An array of QCanvasPixmap to have multiple frames for animation. More...

#include <qcanvas.h>

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Public Members

Detailed Description

An array of QCanvasPixmap to have multiple frames for animation.

This allows sprite objects to have multiple frames for animation.

QCanvasPixmaps for sprite objects are collected into QCanvasPixmapArrays, which are the set of images a sprite will use, indexed by the sprite's frame. This allows sprites to simply have animated forms.

Member Function Documentation

QCanvasPixmapArray::QCanvasPixmapArray ()

Constructs a null array. You should call readPixmaps() before using it further.

QCanvasPixmapArray::QCanvasPixmapArray ( QList<QPixmap> list, QList<QPoint> hotspots )

Constructs a QCanvasPixmapArray from QPixmaps.

QCanvasPixmapArray::QCanvasPixmapArray ( const QString & datafilenamepattern, int fc=0 )

Constructs a QCanvasPixmapArray from files. See readPixmaps() for details.

QCanvasPixmapArray::~QCanvasPixmapArray ()

Destructs the pixmap array.

uint QCanvasPixmapArray::count () const

Returns the length of the array.

QCanvasPixmapQCanvasPixmapArray::image ( int i ) const

Returns the i-th pixmap in the array.

int QCanvasPixmapArray::operator! ()

Constructor failure check.

bool QCanvasPixmapArray::readCollisionMasks ( const QString & fname )

When testing sprite collision detection the default is to use the image mask of the sprite. By using readCollisionMasks(), an alternate mask can be used. The images must be 1-bit deep.

bool QCanvasPixmapArray::readPixmaps ( const QString & datafilenamepattern, int fc=0 )

Sets the array to fc pixmaps, read from files.

If fc is not 0, the filenames should contain a "%1", strings such as "foo%1.png". The actual filenames are formed by replacing the %1 with each integer from 0 to fc-1, with leading zeroes sufficient for 4 digits. eg. foo0000.png, foo0001.png, foo0002.png, etc.

void QCanvasPixmapArray::setImage ( int i, QCanvasPixmap * p )

Replaces the i-th pixmap by p. Note that p becomes owned by the array - it will be deleted later.

If i is more than count()-1, the array is extended to make room.

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