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QCanvasRectangle Class Reference
[ canvas module ]

A rectangle with a movable top-left point. More...

#include <qcanvas.h>

Inherits QCanvasPolygonalItem.

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Detailed Description

A rectangle with a movable top-left point.

Paints a rectangle in a QBrush and QPen.

Member Function Documentation

QCanvasRectangle::QCanvasRectangle ( QCanvas * canvas )

Constructs a rectangle (0,0,32,32) on canvas.

QCanvasRectangle::QCanvasRectangle ( const QRect & r, QCanvas * canvas )

Constructs a rectangle positioned and sized by r on canvas.

QCanvasRectangle::QCanvasRectangle ( int x, int y, int width, int height, QCanvas * canvas )

Constructs a rectangle with position x, y and size width by height, on canvas.

QCanvasRectangle::~QCanvasRectangle ()

Destructs the rectangle.

QPointArray QCanvasRectangle::areaPoints () const [virtual]

Reimplemented for internal reasons; the API is not affected.

Reimplemented from QCanvasPolygonalItem.

bool QCanvasRectangle::collidesWith ( const QCanvasItem * i ) const [virtual]

Reimplemented for internal reasons; the API is not affected.

Reimplemented from QCanvasItem.

void QCanvasRectangle::drawShape ( QPainter & p ) [virtual protected]

Draws the rectangle on p.

Reimplemented from QCanvasPolygonalItem.

int QCanvasRectangle::height () const

Returns the height of the rectangle.

QRect QCanvasRectangle::rect () const

Returns the integer-converted x(), y() position and size() of the rectangle as a QRect.

int QCanvasRectangle::rtti () const [virtual]

Returns 5.

See also QCanvasItem::rtti().

Reimplemented from QCanvasItem.

void QCanvasRectangle::setSize ( int width, int height )

Sets the width and height of the rectangle.

QSize QCanvasRectangle::size () const

Returns the width() and height() of the rectangle.

See also rect() and setSize().

int QCanvasRectangle::width () const

Returns the width of the rectangle.

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