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QDomNamedNodeMap Class Reference
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The QDomNamedNodeMap class contains a collection of nodes that can be accessed by name. More...

#include <qdom.h>

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Public Members

Detailed Description

The QDomNamedNodeMap class contains a collection of nodes that can be accessed by name.

Note that QDomNamedNodeMap does not inherit from QDomNodeList; QDomNamedNodeMaps does not provide any specific order of the nodes. Nodes contained in a QDomNamedNodeMap may also be accessed by an ordinal index, but this is simply to allow a convenient enumeration of the contents of a QDomNamedNodeMap and does not imply that the DOM specifies an order on the nodes.

The QDomNamedNodeMap is used in three places:

Items in the map are identified by the name which QDomNode::name() returns. They can be queried using the namedItem() function and set using setNamedItem().

See also namedItem() and setNamedItem().

Member Function Documentation

QDomNamedNodeMap::QDomNamedNodeMap ()

Constructs an empty map.

QDomNamedNodeMap::QDomNamedNodeMap ( const QDomNamedNodeMap & n )

Copy constructor.

QDomNamedNodeMap::~QDomNamedNodeMap ()


bool QDomNamedNodeMap::contains ( const QString & name ) const

Returns TRUE if the map contains a node with the name name, otherwise FALSE.

QDomNode QDomNamedNodeMap::item ( int index ) const

Retrieves the node at position index.

This can be used to iterate over the map.

See also length().

uint QDomNamedNodeMap::length () const

Returns the number of nodes in the map.

See also item().

QDomNode QDomNamedNodeMap::namedItem ( const QString & name ) const

Returns the node associated with they key name.

If the map does not contain such a node, then a null node is returned.

See also setNamedItem().

bool QDomNamedNodeMap::operator!= ( const QDomNamedNodeMap & n ) const

Returns TRUE if the maps are not equal, FALSE otherwise.

QDomNamedNodeMap& QDomNamedNodeMap::operator= ( const QDomNamedNodeMap & n )

Assignement operator.

bool QDomNamedNodeMap::operator== ( const QDomNamedNodeMap & n ) const

Returns TRUE if the maps are equal, FALSE otherwise.

QDomNode QDomNamedNodeMap::removeNamedItem ( const QString & name )

Removes the node with the name name from the map.

The function returns the removed node or a null node if the map did not contain a node with the name name.

See also setNamedItem().

QDomNode QDomNamedNodeMap::setNamedItem ( const QDomNode & newNode )

Inserts the node newNode in the map. The kye for the map is the name of newNode as returned by QDomNode::nodeName().

The function returns the newly inserted node.

See also removeNamedItem().

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