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QFilePreview Class Reference

The QFilePreview class is an abstract preview widget for the QFileDialog. More...

#include <qfiledialog.h>

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Detailed Description

The QFilePreview class is an abstract preview widget for the QFileDialog.

This class is an abstract base class which is used for implementing widgets which can display a preview of a file in the QFileDialog.

If you want to do that you have to derive your preview widget from any QWidget and from this class. Then you have to reimplement the previewUrl() method of this class which is called by the filedialog if the preview of an URL should be shown.

See also QFileDialog::setPreviewMode(), QFileDialog::setContentsPreview(), QFileDialog::setInfoPreview(), QFileDialog::setInfoPreviewEnabled(), QFileDialog::setContentsPreviewEnabled().

For an example documentation of a preview widget look at the example qt/examples/qdir/qdir.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

QFilePreview::QFilePreview ()

Constructor. Does nothing.

void QFilePreview::previewUrl ( const QUrl & url ) [virtual]

This method is called by QFileDialog if a preview for the url should be shown. Reimplement this method to do file/URL previews.

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