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QFocusEvent Class Reference

The QFocusEvent class contains event parameters for widget focus events. More...

#include <qevent.h>

Inherits QEvent.

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Detailed Description

The QFocusEvent class contains event parameters for widget focus events.

Focus events are sent to widgets when the keyboard input focus changes. This happens due to either a mouse action, the tab key, the window system, a keyboard shortcut or some other application specific issue. The actual reason for a specific event is obtained by reason() in the appropriate event handler.

The event handlers QWidget::focusInEvent() and QWidget::focusOutEvent() receive focus events.

See also QWidget::setFocus() and QWidget::setFocusPolicy().

Examples: qmag/qmag.cpp

Member Type Documentation


See the focus overview for more about focus.

Member Function Documentation

QFocusEvent::QFocusEvent ( Type type )

Constructs a focus event object.

The type parameter must be either QEvent::FocusIn or QEvent::FocusOut.

bool QFocusEvent::gotFocus () const

Returns TRUE if the widget received the text input focus.

bool QFocusEvent::lostFocus () const

Returns TRUE if the widget lost the text input focus.

QFocusEvent::Reason QFocusEvent::reason() [static]

Returns the reason for this focus event.

See also setReason().

void QFocusEvent::resetReason () [static]

Resets the reason for all future focus events to the value before the last setReason() call.

See also reason() and setReason().

void QFocusEvent::setReason ( Reason reason ) [static]

Sets the reason for all future focus events to reason.

See also reason() and resetReason().

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