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QHostAddress Class Reference
[ network module ]

The QHostAddress class provides an IP address. More...

#include <qhostaddress.h>

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Detailed Description

The QHostAddress class provides an IP address.

This class contains an IP address in a platform- and protocol-independent manner. That is, it'll store the address in a way you can access easily on any platform, and it'll store both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

QHostAddress is normally used with the classes QSocket, QServerSocket and QSocketDevice to set up a server or to connect to a host.

See also QSocket, QServerSocket and QSocketDevice.

Member Function Documentation

QHostAddress::QHostAddress ()

Creates a socket address object with the IP address

QHostAddress::QHostAddress ( Q_UINT32 ip4Addr )

Creates a socket address object with a specified IPv4 address.

QHostAddress::QHostAddress ( Q_UINT8 * ip6Addr )

Creates a socket address object with a specified IPv6 address.

ip6Addr must be a 16 byte array in network byte order (high-order byte first).

QHostAddress::QHostAddress ( const QHostAddress & address )

Creates a copy of address.

QHostAddress::~QHostAddress () [virtual]

Destructs the socket address object.

Q_UINT32 QHostAddress::ip4Addr () const

Returns the IPv4 address as a number.

For example, if the address is, the returned value is 2130706433 (hex: 7f000001).

This value is only valid when isIp4Addr() returns TRUE.

See also toString().

bool QHostAddress::isIp4Addr () const

Return true if the host address represents a IPv4 address.

QHostAddress & QHostAddress::operator= ( const QHostAddress & address )

Assigns another socket address object address to this object and returns a reference to this object.

bool QHostAddress::operator== ( const QHostAddress & other ) const

Returns TRUE if this socket address is identical to other, or FALSE if they are different.

bool QHostAddress::setAddress ( const QString & address )

Sets the IPv4 or IPv6 address specified by the string representation address (e.g. "").

If this function is not able to parse the address it will return FALSE and the address is not changed.

void QHostAddress::setAddress ( Q_UINT32 ip4Addr )

Set a IPv4 address specified by ip4Addr.

void QHostAddress::setAddress ( Q_UINT8 * ip6Addr )

Set a IPv6 address specified by ip6Addr.

ip6Addr must be a 16 byte array in network byte order (high-order byte first).

QString QHostAddress::toString () const

Returns the address as a string.

For example, if the address is the IPv4 address, the returned string is "".

See also ip4Addr().

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