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QIconDragItem Class Reference
[ iconview module ]

The QIconDragItem class is the internal data structure of a QIconDrag More...

#include <qiconview.h>

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Detailed Description

The QIconDragItem class is the internal data structure of a QIconDrag

This class is used internally in the QIconDrag to store the data of each item (in fact, a list of QIconDragItems is used by QIconDrag).

So, normally for each iconview item which is dragged, a QIconDragItem class (or a class derived from QIconDragItem) is created and stored in the QIconDrag object.

See QIconView::dragObject() for more information.

An example, how to implement this, is in the QtFileIconView example. (qt/examples/qfileiconview/qfileiconview.h and qt/examples/qfileiconview/qfileiconview.cpp).

Examples: iconview/main.cpp

Member Function Documentation

QIconDragItem::QIconDragItem ()

Constructs a QIconDragItem with no data.

QIconDragItem::~QIconDragItem () [virtual]


QByteArray QIconDragItem::data () const [virtual]

Returns the data of this QIconDragItem.

bool QIconDragItem::operator== ( const QIconDragItem & i ) const

Reimplemented for internal reasons; the API is not affected.

void QIconDragItem::setData ( const QByteArray & d ) [virtual]

Sets the data of this QIconDragItem.

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