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QMimeSource Class Reference

An abstract piece of formatted data. More...

#include <qmime.h>

Inherited by QDragObject and QDropEvent.

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Public Members

Detailed Description

An abstract piece of formatted data.

Drag-and-drop and clipboard use this abstraction.

See also IANA list of MIME media types

Member Function Documentation

QMimeSource::~QMimeSource () [virtual]

Provided to ensure subclasses destruct correctly.

QByteArray QMimeSource::encodedData ( const char * ) const [virtual]

Returns the encoded payload of this object, in the specified MIME format.

Subclasses must reimplement this function.

Reimplemented in QDropEvent.

const char * QMimeSource::format ( int i = 0 ) const [virtual]

Returns the ith format, or NULL.

Reimplemented in QImageDrag, QTextDrag, QStoredDrag and QDropEvent.

bool QMimeSource::provides ( const char * mimeType ) const [virtual]

Returns TRUE if the object can provide the data in format mimeType. The default implementation iterates over format().

Note that it is often better to use the more-abstract canDecode() functions such as QTextDrag::canDecode() and QImageDrag::canDecode().

Reimplemented in QDropEvent.

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