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QNPStream Class Reference

A stream of data provided to a QNPInstance by the browser.

This class is part of the Qt NSPlugin Extension. More...

#include <qnp.h>

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Detailed Description

This class is defined in the Qt NSPlugin Extension, which can be found in the qt/extensions directory. It is not included in the main Qt API.

A stream of data provided to a QNPInstance by the browser.

Note that this is neither a QTextStream or a QDataStream.

See also QNPInstance::write() and QNPInstance::newStreamCreated().

Examples: qtimage/qtimage.cpp grapher/grapher.cpp

Member Function Documentation

QNPStream::QNPStream ( QNPInstance * in,const char * mt, _NPStream * st, bool se )

Creates a stream. Plugins should not call this, but rather QNPInstance::newStream() if a stream is required.

QNPStream::~QNPStream ()

Destroys the stream.

bool QNPStream::complete () const

Returns TRUE if the stream has received all the data from the source.

uint QNPStream::end () const

Returns the length of the stream (???).

QNPInstanceQNPStream::instance ()

Returns the QNPInstance for which this stream was created.

uint QNPStream::lastModified () const

Returns the time when the source of the stream was last modified.

bool QNPStream::okay () const

Returns TRUE if no errors have occurred on the stream.

void QNPStream::requestRead ( int offset, uint length )

Requests the given section of the stream be sent to the QNPInstance::write() function of the instance() of this stream.

bool QNPStream::seekable () const

Returns TRUE if the stream is seekable.

const char* QNPStream::type () const

Returns the MIME type of the stream.

const char* QNPStream::url () const

Returns the URL from which the stream was created.

int QNPStream::write ( int len, void * buffer )

Writes data to the stream.

void QNPStream::setComplete ( bool y )

For internal use only.

void QNPStream::setOkay ( bool y )

For internal use only.

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