Qnx framebuffer specific notes

There are quite a few additional environment variables that need to be set.

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/lib/dll::$(QTDIR)/lib:$(LD_LIBRARY_PATH) CVSDIR should be set to the directory where you checked out the gddk.

Once the library is built, you'll need to set more env vars to run your programs.

These variables refer to the PCI settings of your video card. The example is appropriate for my i810 card. QWS_DEVICEID=7125 QWS_VENDORID=8086 QWS_INDEX=0

This variable refers to the screen parameters you would like set. Read your video and monitor documentation or if you have Photon, use crttrap to figure out what you want. QWS_SIZE = 1024x768x24@60 gives 1024 by 768 with 24 bit colour and 60 hz refresh

Set QWS_MOUSE_PROTO to the mouse device you specified with your pointer resource handler. Only relative devices such as mice are supported, not absolute devices such as touchscreens. Make sure that when you run your input device resource manager, you specify to not start the Photon interface. Eg: devi-hirun -P kbd fd -d/dev/kbd ps2 kb -2 will allow you to use the keyboard and a PS/2 mouse by redirecting the console input. Note that you wont be able to type anything once you redirect the input! QWS_MOUSE_PROTO=/dev/devi/mouse0

Exporting DL_DEBUG=1 will give you some more information from the dynamic loader.

luke@trolltech.com is responsible for this port. Please email me with any bugs or comments, with the subject line qt-qnx-port.

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