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This is the verbatim text of the qpalette.h include file. It is provided only for illustration; the copyright remains with Trolltech.
** $Id: //depot/qt/main/src/kernel/qpalette.h#44 $
** Definition of QColorGroup and QPalette classes
** Created : 950323
** Copyright (C) 1992-2000 Trolltech AS.  All rights reserved.
** This file is part of the kernel module of the Qt GUI Toolkit.
** This file may be distributed under the terms of the Q Public License
** as defined by Trolltech AS of Norway and appearing in the file
** LICENSE.QPL included in the packaging of this file.
** This file may be distributed and/or modified under the terms of the
** GNU General Public License version 2 as published by the Free Software
** Foundation and appearing in the file LICENSE.GPL included in the
** packaging of this file.
** Licensees holding valid Qt Enterprise Edition or Qt Professional Edition
** licenses may use this file in accordance with the Qt Commercial License
** Agreement provided with the Software.
** This file is provided AS IS with NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING THE
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** See http://www.trolltech.com/qpl/ for QPL licensing information.
** See http://www.trolltech.com/gpl/ for GPL licensing information.
** Contact info@trolltech.com if any conditions of this licensing are
** not clear to you.

#ifndef QPALETTE_H
#define QPALETTE_H

#ifndef QT_H
#include "qwindowdefs.h"
#include "qcolor.h"
#include "qshared.h"
#include "qbrush.h"
#endif // QT_H

class QColorGroupPrivate;

class Q_EXPORT QColorGroup
    QColorGroup( const QColor &foreground, const QColor &button,
                 const QColor &light, const QColor &dark, const QColor &mid,
                 const QColor &text, const QColor &base );
    QColorGroup( const QBrush &foreground, const QBrush &button,
                 const QBrush &light, const QBrush &dark, const QBrush &mid,
                 const QBrush &text, const QBrush &bright_text,
                 const QBrush &base, const QBrush &background);
    QColorGroup( const QColorGroup & );


    QColorGroup& operator =(const QColorGroup&);

    // Do not change the order, the serialization format depends on it
    enum ColorRole { Foreground, Button, Light, Midlight, Dark, Mid,
                     Text, BrightText, ButtonText, Base, Background, Shadow,
                     Highlight, HighlightedText,
                     NColorRoles };

    const QColor &color( ColorRole ) const;
    const QBrush &brush( ColorRole ) const;
    void setColor( ColorRole, const QColor & );
    void setBrush( ColorRole, const QBrush & );

    const QColor &foreground()  const   { return br[Foreground].color(); }
    const QColor &button()      const   { return br[Button].color(); }
    const QColor &light()       const   { return br[Light].color(); }
    const QColor &dark()        const   { return br[Dark].color(); }
    const QColor &mid()         const   { return br[Mid].color(); }
    const QColor &text()        const   { return br[Text].color(); }
    const QColor &base()        const   { return br[Base].color(); }
    const QColor &background()  const   { return br[Background].color(); }

    const QColor &midlight()    const   { return br[Midlight].color(); }
    const QColor &brightText()  const   { return br[BrightText].color(); }
    const QColor &buttonText()  const   { return br[ButtonText].color(); }
    const QColor &shadow()      const   { return br[Shadow].color(); }
    const QColor &highlight()   const   { return br[Highlight].color(); }
    const QColor &highlightedText() const{return br[HighlightedText].color(); }

    bool        operator==( const QColorGroup &g ) const;
    bool        operator!=( const QColorGroup &g ) const
        { return !(operator==(g)); }

    QBrush *br;
    QColorGroupPrivate * d;

    friend class QPalette;

class Q_EXPORT QPalette
    QPalette( const QColor &button );
    QPalette( const QColor &button, const QColor &background );
    QPalette( const QColorGroup &active, const QColorGroup &disabled,
              const QColorGroup &inactive );
    QPalette( const QPalette & );
    QPalette &operator=( const QPalette & );

    enum ColorGroup { Normal, Disabled, Active, Inactive, NColorGroups };

    const QColor &color( ColorGroup, QColorGroup::ColorRole ) const;
    const QBrush &brush( ColorGroup, QColorGroup::ColorRole ) const;
    void setColor( ColorGroup, QColorGroup::ColorRole, const QColor & );
    void setBrush( ColorGroup, QColorGroup::ColorRole, const QBrush & );

    void setColor( QColorGroup::ColorRole, const QColor & );
    void setBrush( QColorGroup::ColorRole, const QBrush & );

    QPalette    copy() const;

    const QColorGroup &active() const { return data->active; }
    const QColorGroup &disabled() const { return data->disabled; }
    const QColorGroup &inactive() const { return data->inactive; }
    const QColorGroup &normal() const { return data->normal; } // obsolete

    void        setActive( const QColorGroup & );
    void        setDisabled( const QColorGroup & );
    void        setInactive( const QColorGroup & );
    void        setNormal( const QColorGroup & ); // obsolete

    bool        operator==( const QPalette &p ) const;
    bool        operator!=( const QPalette &p ) const
                                        { return !(operator==(p)); }
    bool        isCopyOf( const QPalette & );

    int         serialNumber() const    { return data->ser_no; }

    void        detach();
    QBrush      &directBrush( ColorGroup, QColorGroup::ColorRole ) const;

    struct QPalData : public QShared {
        QColorGroup normal; // ##### alias for active due to inline functions above, remove 3.0
        QColorGroup disabled;
        QColorGroup active;
        int         ser_no;
        QColorGroup inactive;
    } *data;
    static QPalData *defPalData;
    static void cleanupDefPal();

  QColorGroup/QPalette stream functions

Q_EXPORT QDataStream &operator<<( QDataStream &, const QColorGroup & );
Q_EXPORT QDataStream &operator>>( QDataStream &, QColorGroup & );

Q_EXPORT QDataStream &operator<<( QDataStream &, const QPalette & );
Q_EXPORT QDataStream &operator>>( QDataStream &, QPalette & );

#endif // QT_NO_PALETTE
#endif // QPALETTE_H

Copyright © 2005 TrolltechTrademarks
Qt version 2.3.10