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QResizeEvent Class Reference

The QResizeEvent class contains event parameters for resize events. More...

#include <qevent.h>

Inherits QEvent.

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Public Members

Detailed Description

The QResizeEvent class contains event parameters for resize events.

Resize events are sent to widgets that have been resized.

The event handler QWidget::resizeEvent() receives resize events.

See also QWidget::resize() and QWidget::setGeometry().

Examples: mainlyMotif/editor.cpp mainlyQt/editor.cpp xform/xform.cpp menu/menu.cpp qmag/qmag.cpp mainlyXt/editor.cpp drawdemo/drawdemo.cpp

Member Function Documentation

QResizeEvent::QResizeEvent ( const QSize & size, const QSize & oldSize )

Constructs a resize event with the new and old widget sizes.

const QSize & QResizeEvent::oldSize () const

Returns the old size of the widget.

const QSize & QResizeEvent::size () const

Returns the new size of the widget, which is the same as QWidget::size().

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