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QStoredDrag Class Reference

Simple stored-value drag object for arbitrary MIME data. More...

#include <qdragobject.h>

Inherits QDragObject.

Inherited by QColorDrag and QUriDrag.

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Public Members

Detailed Description

Simple stored-value drag object for arbitrary MIME data.

When a block of data only has one representation, you can use a QStoredDrag to hold it.

For detailed information about drag-and-drop, see the QDragObject class.

Member Function Documentation

QStoredDrag::QStoredDrag ( const char * mimeType, QWidget * dragSource = 0, const char * name = 0 )

Constructs a QStoredDrag. The parameters are passed to the QDragObject constructor, and the format is set to mimeType.

The data will be unset. Use setEncodedData() to set it.

QStoredDrag::~QStoredDrag ()

Destructs the drag object and frees up all allocated resources.

QByteArray QStoredDrag::encodedData ( const char * m ) const [virtual]

Returns the stored data.

See also setEncodedData().

const char * QStoredDrag::format ( int i ) const [virtual]

Reimplemented for internal reasons; the API is not affected.

Reimplemented from QMimeSource.

void QStoredDrag::setEncodedData ( const QByteArray & encodedData ) [virtual]

Sets the encoded data of this drag object to encodedData. The encoded data is what's delivered to the drop sites, and must be in a strictly defined and portable format.

The drag object can't be dropped (by the user) until this function has been called.

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