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QTimerEvent Class Reference

The QTimerEvent class contains parameters that describe a timer event. More...

#include <qevent.h>

Inherits QEvent.

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Detailed Description

The QTimerEvent class contains parameters that describe a timer event.

Timer events are sent at regular intervals to objects that have started one or more timers. Each timer has a unique identifier. A timer is started with QObject::startTimer().

The QTimer class provides a high-level programming interface that uses signals instead of events. It also provides one-shot timers.

The event handler QObject::timerEvent() receives timer events.

See also QTimer, QObject::timerEvent(), QObject::startTimer(), QObject::killTimer() and QObject::killTimers().

Examples: forever/forever.cpp progress/progress.cpp xform/xform.cpp qmag/qmag.cpp scrollview/scrollview.cpp grapher/grapher.cpp

Member Function Documentation

QTimerEvent::QTimerEvent ( int timerId )

Constructs a timer event object with the timer identifier set to timerId.

int QTimerEvent::timerId () const

Returns the unique timer identifier, which is the same identifier as returned from QObject::startTimer().

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