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QWSWindow Class Reference

Server-specific functionality in Qt/Embedded More...

#include <qwindowsystem_qws.h>

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Detailed Description

Server-specific functionality in Qt/Embedded

When you run a Qt/Embedded application, it either runs as a server or connects to an existing server. If it runs as a server, some additional operations are provided via the QWSServer class.

This class maintains information about each window and allows operations to be performed on the windows.

Member Function Documentation

QRegion QWSWindow::allocation () const

Returns the region that the window is allowed to draw into including any window decorations and excluding regions covered by other windows.

See also requested().

const QString & QWSWindow::caption () const

Returns this windows caption.

QWSClient* QWSWindow::client () const

Returns the QWSClient that owns this window.

void QWSWindow::hide ()

Hides the window.

bool QWSWindow::isFullyObscured () const

Returns TRUE is the window is completely obsured by another window or the bounds of the screen.

bool QWSWindow::isPartiallyObscured () const

Returns TRUE is the window is partially obsured by another window or the bounds of the screen.

bool QWSWindow::isVisible () const

Returns TRUE if the window is visible.

void QWSWindow::lower ()

Lowers the window below other windows.

const QString & QWSWindow::name () const

Returns the name of this window.

void QWSWindow::raise ()

Raises the window above all other windows except "Stay on top" windows.

QRegion QWSWindow::requested () const

Returns the region that the window has requested to draw into including any window decorations.

See also allocation().

void QWSWindow::setActiveWindow ()

Make this the active window (i.e. sets keyboard focus).

void QWSWindow::show ()

Shows the window.

int QWSWindow::winId () const

Returns the Id of this window.

QWSWindow::QWSWindow ( int i, QWSClient * client )

For internal use only.

QWSWindow::~QWSWindow ()

For internal use only.

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