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QXtWidget Class Reference

Allows mixing of Xt/Motif and Qt widgets.

This class is part of the Qt Xt/Motif Extension. More...

#include <qxt.h>

Inherits QWidget.

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Detailed Description

This class is defined in the Qt Xt/Motif Extension, which can be found in the qt/extensions directory. It is not included in the main Qt API.

Allows mixing of Xt/Motif and Qt widgets.

QXtWidget acts as a bridge between Xt and Qt. For utilizing old Xt widgets, it can be a QWidget based on a Xt widget class. For including Qt widgets in an existing Xt/Motif application, it can be a special Xt widget class that is a QWidget. See the constructors for the different behaviors.

Examples: mainlyMotif/editor.cpp mainlyQt/editor.cpp mainlyXt/editor.cpp

Member Function Documentation

QXtWidget::QXtWidget ( const char * name, Widget parent, bool managed=FALSE )

Constructs a QXtWidget of the special Xt widget class known as "QWidget" to the resource manager.

Use this constructor to utilize Qt widgets in an Xt/Motif application. The QXtWidget is a QWidget, so you can create subwidgets, layouts, etc. using Qt functionality.

QXtWidget::QXtWidget ( const char * name, WidgetClass widget_class, QWidget * parent=0, ArgList args=0, Cardinal num_args=0, bool managed=FALSE )

Constructs a QXtWidget of the given widget_class.

Use this constructor to utilize Xt or Motif widgets in a Qt application. The QXtWidget looks and behaves like the Xt class, but can be used like any QWidget.

Note that Xt requires that the most toplevel Xt widget is a shell. That means, if parent is a QXtWidget, the widget_class can be of any kind. If there isn't a parent or the parent is just a normal QWidget, widget_class should be something like topLevelShellWidgetClass.

If the managed parameter is TRUE and parent in not NULL, XtManageChild it used to manage the child.

QXtWidget::~QXtWidget ()

Destructs the QXtWidget.

bool QXtWidget::isActiveWindow () const

Different from QWidget::isActiveWindow().

void QXtWidget::moveEvent ( QMoveEvent * ) [virtual protected]

Reimplemented for internal reasons; the API is not affected.

Reimplemented from QWidget.

void QXtWidget::resizeEvent ( QResizeEvent * ) [virtual protected]

Reimplemented for internal reasons; the API is not affected.

Examples: mainlyQt/editor.cpp mainlyXt/editor.cpp

Reimplemented from QWidget.

void QXtWidget::setActiveWindow () [virtual]

Implement a degree of focus handling for Xt widgets.

Reimplemented from QWidget.

bool QXtWidget::x11Event ( XEvent * e ) [protected]

Reimplemented to produce the Xt effect of getting focus when the mouse enters the widget. This may be changed.

Widget QXtWidget::xtWidget () const

Returns the Xt widget equivalent for the Qt widget.

Examples: mainlyMotif/editor.cpp mainlyXt/editor.cpp

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