API Structure Overview

Environment Classes providing various global services to your application such as event handling, access to system settings, internationalization, etc.
Mainwindow And Friends Everything you need for a typical modern main application window (menus, toolbars, workspace, ...)
Standard Dialogs Ready-made dialogs for file-, font-, color-selection and more.
Basic Controls The GUI primitives like buttons, combo-boxes, scrollbars, etc.
Advanced Controls Advanced user interface controls like listviews, progress bars etc.
Organizers User interface organizers like splitters, tab books, button groups, etc.
Help System Classes providing for all forms of online-help in your application.
Object Model The framework's underlying object model.
Abstract Widgets Abstract widget classes available for subclassing.
Drawing And Printing Classes providing drawing (and thus printing) primitives
Drag and Drop Classes dealing with drag and drop and the necessary mime type encoding and decoding.
Widget Appearance Appearance customization with styles, fonts, colors etc.
Geometry Management Casses handling automatic resizing and moving of widgets. The Qt way of composing complex dialogs.
General Tool Classes Generic collection classes like list, queue, stack, string etc.
Image Processing Digital image coding, decoding and manipulation
I/O Handling Classes providing I/O, file and directory handling.
Time And Date Classes for handling date and time.
Miscellaneous Various other useful classes

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