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An ActiveX Test Container

This application implements a generic test container for ActiveX controls. You can insert ActiveX controls installed on your system, and execute methods and modify properties. The container will log information about events and property changes as well as debug output in the log window.

The GUI has been implemented utilizing the Qt Designer integration of the QAxContainer module. Parts of the code use internals of the Qt meta object and ActiveQt framework and are not recommended to be used in application code.

Use the application to view the slots, signals and porperties available through the QAxWidget class when instantiated with a certain ActiveX, and to test ActiveX controls you implement or want to use in your Qt application.

The application can load and execute script files in JavaScript, VBScript, Perl and Python to program the controls loaded. Example script files using the QAxWidget2 class are available in the scripts subdirectory.

Note that the qmake project of this example includes a resource file testcon.rc with a version resource. This is required by some ActiveX controls (ie. Shockwave ActiveX Controls), which might crash or misbehave otherwise if such version information is missing.

To build the tool you must first build the QAxContainer library. Then run your make tool in tools/testcon and run the resulting testcon.exe.

See also ActiveQt Tools.

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