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The ActiveQt framework

These modules are part of the Qt Enterprise Edition and are not part of the Free or Non-Commercial Editions.

Qt's ActiveX support allows Qt/Windows developers to:

  1. Access and use ActiveX controls provided by any ActiveX server in their Qt applications.
  2. Make their Qt applications available as ActiveX servers, with any number of Qt widgets as ActiveX controls.

ActiveQt Modules

The framework consists of two modules.


The QAxContainer module is a static library implementing QObject and QWidget subclasses, QAxObject and QAxWidget, that act as a containers for COM objects and ActiveX controls. If built against a shared Qt library QAxWidget integrates as a widget plugin into Qt Designer.

The module also provides classes QAxScript, QAxScriptManager and QAxScriptEngine that allow using Windows Script Host technologies to script COM objects embedded in the Qt applications.

Examples include a web browser application embedding Microsoft Internet Explorer, and an address book example synchronizing the contents with Microsoft Outlook.


The QAxServer module is a static library that implements functionality for in-process and executable COM servers. This module provides the QAxAggregated, QAxBindable and QAxFactory classes.

Examples include in- and out-of-process servers providing different QWidget subclasses as ActiveX controls, as well as a walkthrough how to use those objects in a .NET environment.

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