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Advanced Widgets

These classes provide more complex user interface controls (widgets).

QCheckListItemCheckable list view items
QCheckTableItemCheckboxes in QTables
QComboTableItemMeans of using comboboxes in QTables
QDateEditDate editor
QDateTimeEditCombines a QDateEdit and QTimeEdit widget into a single widget for editing datetimes
QDesktopWidgetAccess to screen information on multi-head systems
QHeaderHeader row or column, e.g. for tables and listviews
QIconFactoryUsed to create pixmaps for a QIconSet
QIconViewArea with movable labelled icons
QIconViewItemSingle item in a QIconView
QListBoxList of selectable, read-only items
QListBoxPixmapList box items with a pixmap and optional text
QListBoxTextList box items that display text
QListViewImplements a list/tree view
QListViewItemImplements a list view item
QListViewItemIteratorIterator for collections of QListViewItems
QMultiLineEditSimple editor for inputting text
QProgressBarHorizontal progress bar
QTabThe structures in a QTabBar
QTabBarTab bar, e.g. for use in tabbed dialogs
QTableFlexible editable table widget
QTableItemThe cell content for QTable cells
QTableSelectionAccess to a selected area in a QTable
QTabWidgetStack of tabbed widgets
QTextBrowserRich text browser with hypertext navigation
QTimeEditTime editor
QToolBoxColumn of tabbed widget items

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