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Reference: Toolbar Buttons


Qt Designer's toolbar buttons provide fast access to common functionality. Toolbar buttons are grouped in several toolbars. Toolbars have a handle at the left hand side which can be clicked to minimize the toolbar. Toolbars that have been minimized have their handle appear just under the menu bar; click the handle to restore the toolbar to the last position it occupied. You can drag a toolbar's handle to move the toolbar to a different position in the toolbar area. Toolbars can be dragged out of the toolbar area entirely and made into stand-alone tool dock windows. To hide a tool dock window click its close button. To restore a hidden tool dock window, right click the tool area, then click the name of the tool dock window you wish to restore.

The File Toolbar Buttons

File Toolbuttons

The Edit Toolbar Buttons

Edit Toolbuttons

The Search Toolbar Buttons

Search Toolbuttons

The Tools Toolbar Buttons

The tools toolbar buttons are available through toolbars (as they have always been prior to Qt 3.1), and also via the new Toolbox. From Qt 3.1, the tools toolbars are hidden and the Toolbox is shown. The Toolbox is divided into groups, with the first group being "Common Widgets" which contains the widgets you're likely to use most often. If you prefer to use the original toolbar setup, you can access the toolbars by clicking Windows|Toolbars and then selecting the toolbars you want to be visible from the context menu.

The Toolbox contains categories describing the type of toolbuttons you can find within each catgory. Click a category name to access the toolbuttons in that category. To use a widget in a category, click the widget to activate it. Click the 'x' in the right hand corner of the Toolbox to close it. To make the Toolbox appear again, click Window|Views|Toolbox.

The Toolbox

If you want to add the same kind of widget several times to a form, for example, several push buttons, double click the widget's toolbar button. After this, each time you click the form a new widget will be added. Click the Pointer toolbar button to leave this mode.










Database Toolbuttons


Input Toolbuttons


Display Toolbuttons


Custom Widget Toolbutton

The Layout Toolbar Buttons

Layout Toolbuttons

The Help Toolbar Button

Help Toolbutton

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