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Qt/Embedded environment variables

Variable Notes
QWS_SW_CURSOR If defined, always use a software mouse cursor even when using an accelerated driver that supports a hardware cursor
QWS_DISPLAY Defines the display type and framebuffer, e.g. Voodoo3 Mach64:/dev/fb1 Defaults to an unaccelerated Linux framebuffer driver on /dev/fb0. Valid drivers are QVfb, VGA16, LinuxFb (unaccelerated Linux framebuffer), Mach64 (accelerated for ATI Mach64 cards such as the Rage Pro), Voodoo3 (accelerated for the 3dfx Voodoo 3, should also work on Voodoo Banshee), Matrox (should work on all Matrox graphics cards since the Matrox Millennium), Transformed (for rotated displays), SVGALIB and VNC. Transformed displays have a special format: within the specification should be a multiple of 90 degrees rotation specified as Rot<x>, for instance Transformed:Rot90.
QTDIR If defined this tells Qt/Embedded to where to find its fonts: fontdir should be in $QTDIR/etc/fonts/. If undefined it's assumed to be /usr/local/qt-embedded
QWS_SIZE If defined forces Qt/Embedded into a window of <width> x <height> size centred within the screen, e.g. 320x200
QWS_NOMTRR If defined, don't use Memory Type Range Registers to define the framebuffer as write-combined on x86. Write-combining speeds up graphics output.
QWS_CARD_SLOT Tells the accelerated drivers which card to attempt to accelerate. This should be a path in /proc/bus/pci. It defaults to /proc/bus/pci/01/00.0 - the first device on the second PCI bus in the system, which is normally the AGP card.
QWS_USB_KEYBOARD If defined, instead of opening /dev/tty open the USB low-level event device defined in QWS_USB_KEYBOARD (e.g. /dev/input/event0): this is useful if you wish to run X and Qt/Embedded side by side on different framebuffers.
QWS_MOUSE_PROTO Defined as <type>:<device>, e.g. Microsoft:/dev/ttyS0. If you want to use a USB mouse directly (separate from X) use MouseMan:/dev/input/mouse0 or similar. Valid mouse protocls are Auto (automatically sense protocol), MouseMan, IntelliMouse, Microsoft, QVfbMouse (only useful with QVfb) and TPanel, a sample touch panel driver.
QWS_KEYBOARD Defines the keyboard type. Multiple keyboards can be handled at once, input will be read from all of them. Valid values: Buttons (an iPaq button device if QT_QWS_IPAQ is compiled, otherwise one for the Cassiopeia), QVfbKeyboard (only useful with QVfb), and TTY (either a USB keyboard or /dev/tty depending if QWS_USB_KEYBOARD is defined)

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