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Qt/Embedded as a VNC Server

The VNC protocol allows you to view and interact with the computer's display from anywhere on the network.

To use Qt/Embedded in this way, configure Qt with the -qt-gfx-vnc option, and ensure that you also enable 16-bit display support. Run your application via:

    application -display VNC:0
then, run a VNC client pointing at the machine that is running your application. For example, using the X11 VNC client to view the application from the same machine:
    vncviewer localhost:0

By default, Qt/Embedded will create a 640 by 480 pixel display. You can change this by setting the QWS_SIZE environment variable to another size, e.g. QWS_SIZE=240x320.

VNC clients are available for a vast array of display systems: X11, Windows, Amiga, DOS, VMS, and dozens of others.

The Qt Virtual Framebuffer is an alternative technique. It uses shared memory and thus is much faster and smoother, but it does not operate over a network.

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