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Environment Classes

These classes providing various global services to your application such as event handling, access to system settings, internationalization, etc.

QClipboardAccess to the window system clipboard
QDesktopWidgetAccess to screen information on multi-head systems
QEventThe base class of all event classes. Event objects contain event parameters
QFontDatabaseInformation about the fonts available in the underlying window system
QMimeSourceFactoryExtensible provider of mime-typed data
QMutexAccess serialization between threads
QMutexLockerSimplifies locking and unlocking QMutexes
QPixmapCacheApplication-global cache for pixmaps
QSemaphoreRobust integer semaphore
QSessionManagerAccess to the session manager
QThreadPlatform-independent threads
QThreadStoragePer-thread data storage
QTranslatorInternationalization support for text output
QTranslatorMessageTranslator message and its properties
QWaitConditionAllows waiting/waking for conditions between threads

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