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Layout Management

These classes provide automatic geometry (layout) management of widgets.

QBoxLayoutLines up child widgets horizontally or vertically
QButtonGroupOrganizes QButton widgets in a group
QGLayoutIteratorAbstract base class of internal layout iterators
QGridSimple geometry management of its children
QGridLayoutLays out widgets in a grid
QGroupBoxGroup box frame with a title
QHBoxHorizontal geometry management for its child widgets
QHBoxLayoutLines up widgets horizontally
QHButtonGroupOrganizes QButton widgets in a group with one horizontal row
QHGroupBoxOrganizes widgets in a group with one horizontal row
QLayoutThe base class of geometry managers
QLayoutItemAbstract item that a QLayout manipulates
QLayoutIteratorIterators over QLayoutItem
QSizePolicyLayout attribute describing horizontal and vertical resizing policy
QSpacerItemBlank space in a layout
QVBoxVertical geometry management of its child widgets
QVBoxLayoutLines up widgets vertically
QVButtonGroupOrganizes QButton widgets in a vertical column
QVGroupBoxOrganizes a group of widgets in a vertical column
QWidgetItemLayout item that represents a widget

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