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Text Related Classes

These classes are relevant to text processing. See also the XML classes.

QCharLightweight Unicode character
QCharRefHelper class for QString
QConstStringString objects using constant Unicode data
QCStringAbstraction of the classic C zero-terminated char array (char *)
QLabelText or image display
QLocaleConverts between numbers and their string representations in various languages
QSimpleRichTextSmall displayable piece of rich text
QStringAbstraction of Unicode text and the classic C '\0'-terminated char array
QStringListList of strings
QStrListDoubly-linked list of char*
QStyleSheetCollection of styles for rich text rendering and a generator of tags
QStyleSheetItemEncapsulation of a set of text styles
QSyntaxHighlighterBase class for implementing QTextEdit syntax highlighters
QTextBrowserRich text browser with hypertext navigation
QTextEditPowerful single-page rich text editor
QTextIStreamConvenience class for input streams
QTextOStreamConvenience class for output streams
QTextStreamBasic functions for reading and writing text using a QIODevice

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