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Main Window and Related Classes

These classes provide everything you need for a typical modern main application window, like the main window itself, menu and tool bars, a status bar, etc.

QAbstractEventDispatcherInterface to manage Qt's event queue
QActionAbstract user interface action that can be inserted into widgets
QActionGroupGroups actions together
QApplicationManages the GUI application's control flow and main settings
QCoreApplicationEvent loop for console Qt applications
QDialogButtonBoxWidget that presents buttons in a layout that is appropriate to the current widget style
QDockWidgetWidget that can be docked inside a QMainWindow or floated as a top-level window on the desktop
QMainWindowMain application window
QMdiAreaArea in which MDI windows are displayed
QMdiSubWindowSubwindow class for QMdiArea
QMenuMenu widget for use in menu bars, context menus, and other popup menus
QMenuBarHorizontal menu bar
QSessionManagerAccess to the session manager
QSizeGripResize handle for resizing top-level windows
QStatusBarHorizontal bar suitable for presenting status information
QSystemTrayIconIcon for an application in the system tray
QToolBarMovable panel that contains a set of controls
QWidgetActionExtends QAction by an interface for inserting custom widgets into action based containers, such as toolbars
QWorkspaceWorkspace window that can be used in an MDI application

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